What is a judgement?

A judgment is simply the official decision of a court at the completion of a lawsuit. It merely indicates that the court has resolved the issues brought before it in a lawsuit in favor of either the plaintiff or the defendant.

It generally stipulates a monetary award to the winner. Where very-large awards are concerned, a judgment is frequently placed ‘on hold’ pending the outcome of an appeal to a higher court.

In civil lawsuits, enforcement of a judgment is not handled by the court that handed down the decision. Instead, enforcement is left in the hands of the parties in the lawsuit.

While most people comply with the court’s order, there are exceptions that require the winning party to take further action to collect the funds that were awarded. In addition to resolving the issues themselves, a judgment in civil cases almost always pays both damages and court costs to the party that prevails.

Perfecting a Judgment

Once a court of law hands-down a judgment, the next step is for the winning party to ‘perfect’ it. While specifics for doing this vary somewhat from state-to-state, perfecting the judgment is always the initial step. To accomplish this, it is important to make certain that the court’s written decision of judgment has been signed by the judge and actually filed by the clerk of the court. Generally, the court will retain the original and supply what is called ‘a conformed copy’ to the judgment creditor (winner).

In many states, Notice of Entry of the judgment must be given to the judgment debtor (loser). The date that the order is issued often determines the time period which the debtor has if he wishes to file any appeal.

Escape Through Bankruptcy

It is possible to discharge the amounts owed under many judgments by filing bankruptcy. However, there are exceptions, including judgments for the payment of child support and delinquent income taxes. Judgments also show on your credit report as they are a matter of public record and are usually discovered by the three main credit bureaus. They are not necessarily considered any more heavily than any other debt you owe and will be added-in to calculate your total indebtedness.

Appealing a Judgment

While a judgment is a lawful order from a recognized court of law, it may be appealed to a higher court if there is sufficient reason to believe that the issuing court erred. Ordinarily, this is a decision that requires a skilled attorney who is thoroughly familiar with both your case and the rules of the appellate courts. In some instances, new evidence may be grounds for appeal and if the appeal is granted, the original court is usually ordered to re-hear the matter. In most cases, appeals are filed only where larger sums are involved because of the additional court fees and attorney’s fees involved in a further legal proceeding.

Collecting on a Judgment

Obtaining a legal judgment does not necessarily ensure that you will ever collect the amounts awarded to you by the court. It merely gives you the right to take any lawful steps available to do so. You can get paperwork for pretty cheap using legal zoom for any legal transaction, could give you a heads up on this. This may include seizing property or other assets, forcing a Sheriff’s sale or even garnishing monies due to the debtor. Many civil lawsuits are never even filed because an investigation fails to turn-up enough assets to make the additional costs worthwhile.

As someone served by a judgement before…I’d seriously look into bankruptcy as an option. It’s really not as bad a process ad you’d think. I felt so much better after mine. Like a ton of bricks lifted off me. Here’s what a bankruptcy costs, fees, etc.

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  • http://AOL Helen Mckenna

    i have a credit card with Chase and I owe around$6000.00 the Collectors wanted me to pay $1583.00 by the end of the month I told them I get paid on the first but they insisted on the last day of the month. I mailed in a sum of what the statement asked for but not the exact amount. They said if they dont get the amount they specified they will set a judgement against me. I mailed in a thousand. Can they still get a judgement against me when I am willing to pay what I can? Why are they being so ignornat, I am trying towork with them. One day should not make a difference. If they want their money they should accept what I can pay. I am having a hardship and have been ill. Can you let me know what is going to happen and what they will do. I am not well and have many other obligations. Please help me to understand their way of working against me or for me. I want to pay as much as I can but they are wanting a larger amount then I can afoord. I told them about my other debts. How can I give them what I cannot give them only what I can. Thanks

  • Jim

    They can’t get a judgement against you without filing a law suit first. I wouldn’t pay them anything at all unless you get an agreement in writing as to exactly how much you have to pay. Also, I would send them a demand for Debt Validation under the Fair Debt Collections Practices Act to make sure they even have a legal right to collect on the debt.

  • Jim

    I should also mention, you can get an attorney to represent you for a couple of hundred bucks which may be worth it. They are much less likely to be so unreasonable with an attorney.

  • Bella

    A few years ago I was hit from the back in a car accident. I was fine but was forced to go to the emergency room to make sure everything checked out. The hospital never billed my insurance like they should have and sent the bill to a credit collection place. I went back and forth for three years between the credit people and my car insurance. It was finally paid in full and the credit agency is claiming I owe them money from a judgement they had passed against me. I never received a bill stating the amount owed and they claim they had been trying to reach me at a number I have not lived at for over 4 years. I randomly called there and they said I have to pay this money in two days. Is there any action I can take? I should not have to pay anything when its no fault.

  • Michelle

    I used to be a legal assistant for a collections attorney (less than a year ago). Here's what you do… send the collection agency a letter by certified mail (so that they have to sign for it and you have proof they received it) requesting "validation of the debt." They can't do ANYTHING to collect on that once you make that request until they comply and provide you with documentation. In the meantime, get documentation from the hospital showing that the bill was paid by your insurance agency. When you request validation of the debt, the collection agency will have to contact the hospital and get documents showing what you owe… if it was paid as you said, they shouldn't be able to do it. If they do in fact have a judgment against you (which I doubt b/c in order to get a judgment, they would have served you with papers asking you to appear in court – and if you haven't received them, they have no judgment – if you did receive them and didn't show up for the court date, they might have a judgment), then you will need to show that the money owed has been paid. They can't make you pay it twice.

  • janet

    If you have a judment against you in the state of texas can they take money out of your checking acct?

  • Sara

    I currently have a judgment going with capital one and their law offices. They got there judgement for $2400.00. They will not work with me on a payment plan and or anything. They want it paid in full or in two payments. Thats just not possible as I dont have a job. They are calling me like 5 times a day and harrassing me and saying I will go to jail if I dont pay it off and work with them. Help I dont know what to do…

  • tom

    if my contractor who build my home is now trying to sue me for extra's that he says he put on my house and he did sign at that title company that nothing is owed to him would he be able to put a lien on my home?

  • sher

    i wonder sure i filed bankruptcy.i just founded out that a credit card company is going to take me to court and file a judgment..i have outstanding credit with them till hurricane katrina.After the hurricane every thing change we are still trying to make ends meet.my balance on my card after the hurricane was 450.00 we have been displace for a while, the card is now 2000 which is interest they have added.and the times i have spoken with them they are not trying to work with me.At this point i told them take me to court,file a judgement. and when we get in court i will tell the judge,after hurricane katrina my #1 thing had been living from place to place and trying to feed my child.

  • jaye

    A law firm is trying to collect $250 from me for a doctor's office where I missed one appointment without cancelling(because of family death). Pre-judgement, they allowed an extension on payment because I lost my job. Now that they have a judgement, they said I will either be subpoenaed, or someone from the court will go into my bank account and withdrawl the funds without my permission. Will this actually happen?



  • sbdavis

    do you have to appear in court if a judgement is filed aganist you in the state of N. C.

  • kevin jenneskens

    do you have to appear in court ifugement is filed agaist you instate of colorado

  • Lynn

    I was named as a defendant in a case where my son hired Empire Carpet to replace tile in my condominium. A subcontractor (hired by Empire Carpet) was using water to cut tile outside my condo, in the common area, at the stairs. My neighbor (claims) she slipped and fell on the stairs due to water left by the subcontractor. A judgement in the amount of $57,000 was signed by the judge on 4/20/09

    My attorney said that this case is not over and they will still come after me for money. Is my attorney tring to get more money from me or is he right – can the plaintff continue with a case after a proposed judgment is ordered and filed?

  • Kay

    I owe a student debt for around $8000.00 and i called the attorneys office to make arrangemnts to avoid court levyor garnishements and all ofthe legal process , well finally that im back on my feet and with a job i called them and spoke to someone to make an arrengement on payments of $200.00 a month , after the call she told me i would be recieving a judgement in the mail because they cannot accept my payments as from what she said it is not enough to satisfy what they would like which would be $275.00 ..Now my question is that would it even make sense to make the payment or how should i approach the situation? or what can happen for a judgement***Procedure wise****. ??

  • Sarah

    I need some advice. I was past due on my car payments around Christmas time about two months behind. The company turned it over to an attorney to collect, which was happening at the same time I was making arrangements with the company to bring my account to a current standing. They didn’t advice me it was turned over to the attorney, when I made arrangements and brought my account current. I didn’t know of this, until I was served paperwork of my court date.

    My account is current and has been current for 6 months. I have spoken to the courts and the attorney wants to keep the judgement on my record , so they do not have to open a new case, if I would fall in default again. (It hasn’t been ruled by the courts as a judgement at this time…my next step is a hearing) How do I avoid a judgement on my record? Should I hire an attorney to help me clear this matter up? What are my rights in the state of Wisconsin? Any advice will be greatly appreciated!


  • david

    i have to pay amedical bill of 2000.00 i have to go to a judjement can i do anygood i owe everybody how many garnishments can i get

  • Madlym

    What is the max amt. I can file with a small claims court. I took 9 pieces of jewlry to be cleaned, sizes and check mounting, The jewlar cannot find it. I took in on 3/12/09. He says he has been looking for it since I went to p/u the first of May ’09. The value of the jewlery is about 7K to 8K, My receipt does not have the name of the store, It doesn’t have the value of jewelery ( when I asked him about that when I left items, he said not to worry about tjat). Neither does it have his signature. He doesn’t deny I brought it in. He just keeps saying he can’t find them. At the bottom of the receipt in very small print, it says if value not stated, will be assumed to be less than $100.00. Whay can I do? Please e-mail me any answers/suggestions to my e-mail @ madlynmickler#yahoo,com. I am thaanking you in advance for any help and advice you can give. God bless, Madkyn

  • liz

    hi my fiance and i got our credit reposrts we know our credit isn’t really good but we wanted to know what we needed to work on so that we could get higher scores so when we received our credit reports we were very surprised and upset that he has a judgement for 400.00 dollars from a person we had tried to buy an apartment from back in 2006 and even worst because the judgement was suposedly posted in 2004 how the heck could that be so i called the court and explained to the lady that he was the one that didn’t give us all our money and that we had never heard of the judgement and that how come it was from 2004 if we hadn’t even met this guy untill 2006 she told me that the judgment was made in 2004 and that it was for 400.00 dollars and that there was nothing she could do about it and that we should get a lawyer we don’t have money for a lawyer and we don’t know what else we could do to get rid of these judgment especially since the man that put it against my fiance is now deceased. if anyone has any advice it would really be apreciated.

  • Bill

    Hi, can you email me your answer, in 2001 i was ordered by the district court to pay 45000 to the ATO, they did not mention it until 2009 january, and telling me that they want me to go bankrupt, how long after the order do they have to chase me up, i thought 5 years and it gets forgotten about, and secondly as i cant pay the money, what in the world will going bankrupt do for the ATO, they still dont get there money, all they do is make sure i have no life for the next 5 years, please reply, when i rang them up they said they will send me court papers shortly, its been 5 months since then and still nothing, i have to put my life on hold until they send those papers out, and then my life will be on hold until after the bankrupt term runs out….

  • kathleen

    I need help desperatly on a few judgements on our credit. I have tried working with the attorneys handeling the judgements, and I have one attorneys office that if i do not give them information on where our employment comes from our our yearly income what we bring in they refuse to help at all. They are digging into our personal life now. I wanted to claim bankrupcy and we did not have the sufficent income to show that we could afford to claim chapter 13. We wish t keep our home and work with all of our debts in one monthly payment and try to avoid bankrupcy. With all ofF judgements I am not sure how to do this, we need legal help and I hope not to file bankrupcy. I do not know where to turn. The one attorneys office would not call me back until I told them where my husband works all of our personla information. He was laid off for several months and we have been suffering severly. I have two judgements and i was supposed to make a payment on saturday and I was unable to due to financial distress. I want to make these payments this week what I am able to but do not like the fact they have issued judgements against us. We need help.

  • kathleen/desperatly needs help

    We need help on our credit debt, over the last few months I have had a police officer at my door delivering me judgement papers due to financial hardship which is embarrasing enough. Have seeked legal advice whilre my husband was out of work and we do not know where to turn. I ant to avoid bankrupcy we have defaulted with our morgage last year with payments trying to pay these harrasing creditors/attorney offices that were threatining us making us very scared if we defaulted on a payment what would happen. It was not fair. I have had my family called and We have been embarrased to no end. I keep hoping we win the lottery or something to get out of the situation we are in but nothing seems to happen to help us with the trouble we are in. We have three judgements I believe is correct. I was told even when we make monthly payments the judgement will remain, We have one attorneys office that was asking me private information and the women would not help us set up a repayment plan unless i gave her employer information of exacetly where he worked nd how much money we bring in every year. When I said I am not 100 percent sure of what he grosses each year she got very rude and would not help me set up a repayment plan, even thou I called back and left a message for a supervisor to call me. I am sick of worrying about further harrasement, and I have not amde my first payment to the attorney affice yet for the other to attorney offices that are willing to help. Every time I want to make a payment another situation arises/husbands car breaks down, or an illness with one of my kids or one bill I might have to pay and then I cant pay the other few that have to get paid. we need help. Morgage is working with us at 500.00 a month our second morgage will not help us without being very nasty and after august i hope our first morgage modifies our loan after the temporary repayment plan we are on is over.

  • mike

    what are the powers of a judgement, n Texas?

  • Heather

    I live in North Carolina. A sheriff came to our door with a final notice to enforce a judgment 0f over $18,000 from a failed business venture. He said he would be back in a few days to begin the sale of our property. What options do I have?

  • Aleka

    If you have a Judgment against you in the State of Florida can they take money out of your checking/ savings account? Should you even give them your SSN or bank info?

  • Tara

    could you please let me know what happened,as capital one is after my husband now. thanks

  • pymt09

    i have a judgment filed against me and I am getting ready to file bankrupcy; can the creditors put a lien on my car and take it even if i file chapter 7?

  • http://MSN Ann

    Hi. I too am a victim of Cap One Credit. I had a small credit card of about 800.00 which for NO reason the interest rate went up and beyond reason along with my other cards during this credit crisis. I called and called and explained that they new my story and I was injured by medical malpractice and in the hospital having urgent repair for many a months and the on home health for a long long time. I am going through hell with what has happened and after I came home we were forced to take a second out and then I had to use my credit cards for medical supplies etc. that ins. did not pay for and high cost of medicines. I explained this all to Cap One and I paid on time every month and then they raised the rate and it all started to sink me due to the rates. They have served me with papers from our court and harassed us in every way possible, there lawyer. They would not even work with me at all. I got a lawyer whos tried to talk to the lawyer and were told I have ten days to pay or lein my house. Unbelievable! If they would have reduced the fee’s as the debt was 800 and now is 2000, but there atty fee’s etc. they now want 5500 plus!! I feel Cap One is goinf after people’s homes, assets as a cause of the credit crunch. Why In Gods name would they not work it out with you and lie and say they sent letters non stop? Never did I get anything on being served until I went and signed for it and at that time they saud I had 10 days!! I feel my rights have been violated really bad. My bankruptcy attorney wants me to pay for an urgent BR in two days!! and ofcourse pay more money for that! So what am I to do? can anyone give me urgent advice? Goodluck to all in this position! I wish everyone luck these days as I was NEVER late, yet punished with outrageous APR’s. Thanks!!

  • Tenko

    Sorry to say but he swindled you. He’s just saying he can’t find it because it’s been working this long. As soon as you confront him and demand repayment for your stolen jewelry, he’ll tell you that you don’t have a receipt and you can’t prove that you left the jewelry with him. And then you’ll know for sure exactly why he told you not to worry about the fake receipt he gave you.

    I really don’t know what you could do to recover your property. Filing criminal charges for theft, or even suing him for losing your property and not paying you back, requires evidence (a real receipt). Maybe if you stood outside his shop telling everyone that he stole 8k from you, he’d eventually refund your money or fear losing his business?

  • elaine

    I just had a judgment file against me from a payday loan (ACE). I need to know the initial process of a judgment in tx. I got caught up in the payday loan process and now have several and can’t what they all want at the same time. I have worked out plans with some of the others but I have let what they say is the statue of limitation run out on me with. Do I receive anything stating my options once this has been done? I want to clear this up an don’t know what to do. They told me to get an attorney and they will be contacting my employer and the payroll dept. to let them know about the judgment. What do I need to do?

    Help feeling desperate

  • elaine

    When you find out, please email me and let me. thanks and God bless

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  • http://www.debtkid.com koby101

    I just recently received a phone call about a possible judgement that will be filed against me if i dont repay the loan back. well i received a payday loan and never paid it back because i lost my job.but the people who i got the loan from haved turned my case over to an attorney said that if i dont payback they will garnish all wages,income tax return, seize assets because the loan was not paid back. and if i dont have the money in the bank by a certain time they would automatically file a judgement on me..my question is WHAT AM I TO DO WHEN I STILL DONT HAVE A JOB TO REPAY THE LOAN BACK BEFORE THEY FILE SUIT AGAINST ME?

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    I just had a judgment file on me for $ 11000 and I am 73years old and not working my only income is a S>S and Pention . state of Illinois will they take my income I have about 2000 in my check account will they take it.

  • cj

    i bought a truck from a local dealer. now i can’t pay for this truck. they carried me to court to a crimal court,my question is: if take a judement can thaey take privte on property and make sell it to pay off this truck.

  • cj

    why haven’t anyone address my problem

  • cathy

    I have a court date tomorrow on a judgement. I have already paid an attorney in full for a bankruptcy, they haven’t finished it yet and i don’t think they will have it done today. What can i do? I don’t want my pay to be garnished or my bank account drained either.

  • jonathan

    i have a judgement against me for legal fees in a divorce case for 60,000 for my wifes attorney,i just recieved a letter demanding three watches i own ,if i declare bancrupcy do i have to comply with his order or can i give it to my attorney to turn the watches over to a trustee for other debts i owe?


    We are living on my unemployment of $316.00 wk. We have to pay $300.00 mo for cobra. Besides normal living expenses we only have medical expenses. We both have chronic health conditions, We do not own a home. The only thing we own is a car, (old) work van and work tools (even though he has not be able to work). We have $2000.00 in the bank right now for rent and insurance and a $5000.00 401k that we have to make withdrawls from to help pay bills and buy medication. Can my bank account have a lein placed on it for unpaid medical bills? Also, my unemployment check is direct deposit. We live in Wisconsin.

  • sonia

    The Arbitrator has passed a judgement in favour of my previous landlord and I have to pay him $4,200. Which I can’t afford. I don’t work. I had made 311 and 911 calls for harrassment. The HPD had 9 violations filed against the landlord. I had all the paper work. And had paid cash in one months (security) rent. I simply can’t afford to pay. I don’t know what do.

  • Margie

    I have an unsecured SBA loan with Chase they have doubled my payments and i can’t afford to make these pmt’s i don’t have the business anymore since the economy took a dip so they have informed me that they are going to place a judgement, i have tried to work things out with them but they are just not having it worst case what can happen and what should i do?

  • dd

    No one can get a judgement againt you with out going to court first. A debt collector is NOT for you!! I repeat NOT!! they will say anything to work on your emotions. They can not have you arrested, take your children or your house. They simply can annoy you to death until you break and send them what they want….YOUR MONEY. The least you tell them about yourself the better. I have found them to be low life scum bags. In fact you don’t have to talk with them. You can simply tell them this is not a good time and hang up or don’t answer the phone. I sent them all a ceist and desist letter (which you can find on the web) this does not relieve you from the debt but it does stop them from calling you. Be sure to send it registered mail. It is always a good idea to keep a log book of their phone calls, get their name and what was said. You may need this later. They have codes of conduct that they must follow ( but don’t). Do not let them intimidate you, and they are good at it. I am not a lawyer, but I have recently been through this. I started doing research and had a consultation with an attorney, KEY..is…knowledge!!!! read up on fair debt collection act. Good Luck!! JIM has some good thinigs to say….

  • sara

    I had a judgment wrongfully filed against me.. and the judge in error let it stick.. my ex bought a mobile home about 3 years ago. we lived in it together for a while .. last year in feb him and i split up i moved out he stayed in the mobile home.. then in dec of last year i recieve papers in the mail .. the people he was actually renting the lot from were taking him and i to court for rent he had not paid..now there was no long term lease other then a month to month.. he hadnt paid in like 6 months.. i lived elswhere and could not understand why i was being sued.. i got rent reciepts from my landlord and the judge acknowledged that they couldnt sue me.. but when i recieved the paperwork.. my name was on it too.. and not it has been a few months and there is nothing i can do.. i own nothing of value so i dont worry to much.. but can i sue them back for wrongfully suing me.. ?

  • http://DK Rebecca

    They cannot take you to jail ! That law was revised in 1833! Capital One is known for harrassing people!

  • H

    I recently recieved a request for a response from a collection attorney through the civil court. I have been paying this collection company through Care One Credit for some time and I filed my timely response to request a hearing. The attorney spoke to Care One Credit and told them the judgement had already been filed against me and that they would not file wage garnishements if I agreed to continue my payments and pay their attorney fees. However, when the attorney sent me documents, he has requested that I sign in agreement for the Motion for Judgement against me. It did not go through the actual court and basically they want me to sign as guilty then send it to the judge. Is this normal practice?

  • brandy

    You need to answer any paperwork you get from the court and it is in your best intrest to show up at all court dates. My mom is going through the same type of thing.

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  • Trudi Albrecht

    Not her money their money

  • Sandra

    My uncle got a judgement from some lawyers who represent The Homeowner’s Association of Hampton. Problem is my uncle is mentally handicapped ,I’m suppose to be the power of attorney,for my uncle. I assume I just carry on as if I was my uncle,and go ahead and answer the judgement. (which I really need help with) Would this be the right way to take care of this? Thank You Sandra in Michigan

  • Heather

    A few years back I had a credit card and ended up not being able to pay it off. The amount owed was less then $2000 and it went to court first and I was unable to get there. Then a judgment was made.
    How can I resolve or get this off my credit report? Is it on for good? Should filing bankrupsty be an option? I also owe back taxes and have a payment plan set up but its going to take time to pay that off. I feel like I cant get ahead..

  • http://skirt.com/namahari Auto News

    Cool blog I will certainly come back again soon.

  • Sherwin

    A judgement was made, the judge awarded cost to the other side, and so I am supposed to pay $30,000.00 The bill was said to be taxed, I was not present at the taxation, nor received any of the notifications concerning same. The other party proceeded to apply to the court to order the sale of my property to pay that debt. The Allocator first wrote a letter stating that the bill was taxed on a certain date with a figure, the Allocator then wrote another letter stating that that letter supersedes the first one,but this second letter stated that the bill was taxed two days before the first letter and the amounts differ.

    The other party used the second letter with the higher figure to claim for their cost, and attached it to their application for the sale of my property.

    After research I found out that the second date which they entered as the date of judgement from the second letter is incorrect. They swore affidavit that that was the date of judgement. There was no judgement on that date, the bill was taxed on the date of the previous letter. They also allowed two years to pass to get interest, and thus more money, and it worked against them for now they cannot change the judgement date which was registered.

    Can I apply at the court to have their application for the sale of my property struck out? On the grounds that the date being incorrect, no judgement was entered into on that date?

    If so what will be my arguments legally?

  • JLynnH3

    debt collectors are the “low life scumbags”? Who is the one not paying their bill?

  • sissy

    i have a judgement against me can they garnish my wages and they are saying about a sheriffs sale . i went threw a dept settlement program. and the creditor was suppose to have settled

  • popy

    when you go to heaven

  • vanessa

    I also rescently found out that they cannot contact you more then once. If they call you about anything involving your debts just tell them that they need to stop contact you and if they want the money from you then just take you to court. They cannot harass you. They did this to me and I am finally learning the ropes. Also the abusive people who are calling are collection agencies. Try contacting the creditor directly and explain what is happening. If neither avenues help, you have the legal right to ask your senator or govenor to get involved.

  • Selina

    I have a $1,000+ hospital bill that went to a collection agency then on to a law firm. I have been paying $40 a month on this bill to the lawfirm. I just got a warrent in debt in the mail. The lawfirm says that the collection agency is going to file a judgement because I didnt pay the bill in 3 months. Can they do this?? I was told to keep making my payments as usual but that they will still take me to court!

  • Donna

    I owe a private hospital money. I have been paying $10/month. They say they will only accept $50/month, however they have cashed my checks each month.

    I just received a letter from a collection agency they are filing a judgement against me unless I pay this in full, which I cannot.

    With Medicare cuts, everything is costing me more and my income is not increasing.

    What can I do?

    Thank you for your help!

  • sonia

    I have a judgement against me for $10,000.00 I never went to court because I never gotanything in the mail. However , it was a car accident in1998/99 at the time of me purchaseing the car I was told I can get full coverage, so I thought it meant everything was taken care of until I had the accident. I found out I had no boidly injuriy coverage & I don’t know what to do or where to turn for help. I am not employed & have no source of income. I can’t get my drivers licence, because of this judgement. I. Pray that someone out their can please helpmeet or a pro binoculars attorney can please help me. My # is 239-204-8820 my name is Sonia. Thank you in adwance

  • delicia

    My son was killed in a car fire, Ford recalled my car 9 months later for cruise control switch fire risk. The experts found the switch, it was xrayed etc. and found to have internally failed. I sued Ford Motor Company. The passenger’s family received a settlement of 500K. I received sanctions from the Detroit Courts, of approx $150,000. Ford Filed a Judgement against me in Texas. I recieved the paperwork, but never a notice to appear in court.
    I own my house and I am disabled, what do I need to do?

  • Russell Alexander

    My ex-wife got approval from her insurance company for a gastric bypass. She had the surgery, two years ago. Now the hospital has a judgement against her for $35,000 (including $7000 in “interest”) because the insurance company would not pay. They claimed “pre-existing condition”, in that she had to switch insurance companies on January 1st (her company made the change.) But there was no lapse in coverage, and she has proof of that, so they are obligated to pay. Now they say the hospital didn’t submit in a timely manner.
    1. How the heck can they have a judgement against her when she never got to tell her side of the story?
    2. If it’s anyone’s fault, it sure isn’t hers. She got approval, double checked, everything was in order. They did the operation. Now they’re saying “cough up $35,000 – NOW”.
    She lives on Long Island, NY. Forgot to mention – she has pretty much no income. Trying desperately to get a job, no unemployment, can’t get public assistance because she owns half the house she and the kids live in. I pay her monthly child support, and she has a great boyfriend who helps with the rest.
    Is there any way to make the insurance company pay up?

  • Russell Alexander

    Update: wrote to our Assemblyman, our State Senator, and our Congressman. So far, heard back from the Assemblyman who wants her to contact his office. They also mailed instructions for filing a complaint with the consumer protection board. I’ll also have her send a complaint to the BBB, the Attorney General, and any other agency that has anything to do with insurance.

  • wt

    I was awarded a judgement against a man who lives in Mi ( i live across the country) How can I find out where he works or how can I collect on this judgement? Can I file it with the credit bureaus or the IRS or state of Michigan?

  • Diane O’Malley

    I live in P.A. and there is a collection agency who is also based out of P.A. who supposedly won a judgement for them, against me. How long do they have after judgement is made to have a sheriff’s sale or to try to collect any money. And what rights can someone in my positions? I am a single mother, collecting approximately $450 a month until I find a job, and I think the rest might be obvious considering m income is so low.

  • shana young

    I have a lawsuit against me for a hospital bill that has been turned over to collection agency. I had been paying them 10 dollars a month. I missed a payment that was due Dec.30 2011. I sent in a payment Jan.13th 2012. They said that because I missed a payment,(2 WKS LATER) they filed it. Can they do this, even though I missed 1 payment? I’m going to speak with a lawyer Jan 16th, to talk about maybe filing bankruptcy, the only problem is, can I file medical only? The collector told me that my bill is now 3000 dollars for attorney fees and that they will garnish my check.I don’t want them to try and go after my husband being that he is my spouse. Can they do this? I am the responsible party not him. I only make 187.00 a week after taxes, I looked on the internet and found out that if you bring home less than 217.50, they cannot garnish your wages. If this is true, what can they sue me for?

  • fanana mphosela

    Renderd a service for this department of sport arts & culture in 2010 in oppenheimer stadium for 20.000 people in the stadium I qoutet the department 614,000.that money includes the performance the profesionsal artist.so they did gave me the letter that says;we aknolage that u have renderd a service for the deprtment sport arts and we are buzy processing your claim withing 21days till now they haven’t paid me and its two years,so my question the lawyer said he’s going to apply for default judgement course they where not replying to letter of demand and the summons so can they oppose this course I have full evidence that they owing me.and how do I going to put my interest if we get a court order angaist the department who is going to put interest for me is the clark of the court or magistrate or my lawyer? Course I deserve intrest course its been long

  • LIS

    My company is being sued by an ex employee who claims we owe him money, which we do not. This is a bogus lawsuit and i would like to know how to file a complaint against this bogus lawsuit. Thank you for any help you could give me

  • steve

    i was involve in a accident 1992 with no insurance i recieved a ticket and paid it i recently went to renew my license and was told that louisiana put a block on it because a judgement was filed against me in 1992. i never recieved anything from the courts informing me of this judgemet and now the other party has been deceased for aleast 5 years. what can i do to get this cleared from 20 years ago.

  • Wally Miller

    Me and my ex wife have been divorce 1 1/2 years. I was awarded the house 1rst and 2nd mortgage. Was ordered to have her name removed within 6 months of the divorce which i failed to do due to credit problems. Am in the process of having it refinanced finally getting approved. Found out today she has been sued and there is a $60,000 judgement against my home!! Is there any hope of getting this off since i was awarded the house??

  • jeanette

    I have a judgment against me from BOA for 24,000, now the attorneys are trying to collect.
    Will I have to go to a dispostion to verify my income and assests for them to collect?

  • amanda

    I need help 4yrs ago i was in a accident there were 4 cars involved i was the 3rd car i was given a ticket that i took to court bc it was not my fault and the depty did not show so it was dismissed. well later i was served with papers that i was being suied by the the cars in front of me one was for 2,000 and the other was for some amout i cant remember well i never showed up to court bc i was stupid and didnt even pay attention to the papers then i got served with papers again for a judgment on me for 55,000 dollars which is so crazzy bc my car was the only car that was totled and i was the only one that was take to the hospital where i spent 2weeks undergoing lots of surgies from the accident so this amount is just crazzy. i pay on this judgment every month and when i miss a month they suspend my lience. Are there any other ways i can take care of this and get it off my credit besides Bankruptcy?

  • Margo

    Jim.. Can you or someone assist me in getting information on how to collect court ordered money from my ex husband? We divorced in 2002 and he was ordered to pay 1200 a month for 5 yrs. As rehabilitative payments to me. He has paid me a total of about 2000 so there is a huge balance owed. The time period is up but the payments were not made. He owns property and is paid from his job..so is there a way they can place a lein on that or?? He says because the divorce got filed in his state he was living in.. Texas..and our home is in North Dakota ..where we are from and raised our family that it goes by Texas laws and they will not enforce those payments against him?? What the heck is that about?

  • b Johnson

    I filed bankruptcy in 09 an was ordered to pay court trustee 5000 out of my income tax return an was 6 months pregnant just the time well long story short they took me off work for almost a yr due to complications of pregnancy so i had to use that money to live on an take care of my children. So now they revoked my bankruptcy an stating that i owe almost 7000 now my question is can the courts take my tax return this yr? Or put a hold on it thru the irs?

  • Trish

    In a civil court where there was pieces of property being sued for, one of the items was never brought up in court and is not on the judgement. Do i have to go back and sue again to get this item back if the other party refuses to give it back?

  • Shelly Hawthorne

    My husband has a $1,000+ hospital bill that went to a collection agency. He has been paying something each month to the hospital then all of a sudden he gets this letter from a collection agency stating they may file a judgement against him. Can they do this?? He has always sent them something each month. We live in Texas if that matters. Can’t he just call the collection company and try to work out payment arrangements?


    I just found out over the phone with a deputy sheriff that there has been a judgement put against me from 10 years ago. I knew nothing about this and was never served any papers of any kind telling me about such a judgment from that long ago. I live in a different area completely but in the same state. Is that judgment legal since I was never served any papers?

  • Angela

    I am a cosigner for someone on a bond in Texas… The bailbond guy says he can press charges against me.. is this true? I can’t make the guy do anything.. please help so lost… what can he do to me I heard a judgement..I don’t know

  • Guera

    I have a court order issued to me back in Jan 2011 with no end date. I was wondering how long a court order stays good. It’s not for any type of payment, debt, support or so on. My lawyer I had at the time it was issued was a public defender that did as little as she could to help. I don’t know if the court order still stands since there was no ended date.

  • Mary

    I got a judgement against me in June of 2007 by my lender, and now they have sold the bad debt to a Collections Agency. What exactly can the Collections Agency do to me? Can they have my wages garnished? The date of my last payment is nearing 7 years which is the Statute of Limitations in IN. It is a large loan, so I would like to just let it go, and focus on my smaller debts that I can pay off; however the Collections Agency is frequently checking my credit, and I don’t want them to do anything to further hurt me if they see I have started making payments on other accounts. I also have received a good job offer, but I need the money to support my family, so I need to know if they will be able to take 25% of my pay. Please help! Thanks!

  • Linda

    Can a judgement be allowed on my credit report without me being notified of it or
    The court date? This happened with Bank of America that I had just paid the total balance and then I get a notification that it has been added. Is this legal??

  • Suzan

    The previous owners of our house were sued by the neighbors claiming the shed he replaced was encrouching on their property. Long story short, the judgement was settled and the owners of our house moved the shed, the gutters and roof overhang. This was 9 years ago. We have been in the house for 6 years. Now the neighbors attorney sent us a letter stating the foundations and footings are encroaching on their property. Do they have any legal rights at this point since this situation was already settled?

  • Shell

    I filed child support against my kids father in one county and he was issued to pay an amount. The kids father made up cases to cps and the police and a different county stating i abused our sons. I had to get away from him due to he has 1,2,3 abuse, Domestice & child abuse on him in the past were i live but the judge never look into anything in the past history. She never looked at me in court she went on the fact that I punched my son like the father said. I have several people that have seen the father beat the kids like they are grown men and this man lies on me. Even when the judge ask is there any child support cases going on he said no and i had the paper work she never looked my way or at the papers. I don’t understand how a judge can not look out for the best of the kids safety. My kids are also on meds for their disorder and the judge dose not even care. What to do any one know about this.

  • Sandy

    We are refinanciing our 12 year old house and in the past we have refinanced several times this same property. This time the title company search my name and found a name just like mine and she had a judgement against her. I told the title company it was not me. It was clearly obvious that the address she had it was not my address. Without going any further they called me and said I had a judgement. I told them I did not. The next day I got a letter from the title co asking me to sign an affidavit to get notarized that I didn’t have a judgement. I thought that was the title companies job to search and make sure the title was clear. If they looked to see what this woman’s date of birth was it wouldn’t have matched. I don’t think I should have to get this notarized. Your thoughts?

  • Dee

    I received a demand letter/threaten with a Judgement from a lawyers office(Jenkins and DanYoung/Lubbock,Texas) who represent a collection agency (Equitable Ascent Financial, LLC) for a credit card(chase) that was in collections.
    I call to make payment arrangement and settle , I was given 4 months to pay an agreed amount, which I paid out in 2 months. This was 7 months ago now that I have proceeded to straighten up my credit I have learned the a judgement was place on me.
    I never went to court a non-suit was issued, there is no judge signature recorded at court house nor was a judgement granted.
    I called lawyers office who told me the debt has been settled and the file had been set back to EAF,LLC . I called EAF,LLC who told me that the debt is settled . How in the world would a judgement be put on me without an abstract from court house if there was no court date no judge signature ? I have a letter from lawyer stating the balance has been met as agreed, but I understand the lawyer does not report to credit bureau and I need a letter from EAF,LLC to get this debt off my credit . When just happen to be on my credit twice for the same debt under 2 different names Equitable ascent Financial ,LLC and EAF,LLC
    And has not been reported correctly . Do you think this is slander of credit??
    Help !!!!
    I have waited now 7 month to now find out I am at square one. How do I get this off my record .
    I understand even if it is taken off it will always show on there in the future. Should I get an attorney ?