Turbo Tax 2013

turbo tax 2013

Turbo Tax, a subsidiary of Intuit, is one of the leading software package programs available to consumers for tax preparation.  There are different versions offered by Turbo Tax (deluxe, premier, etc.).  The software offers both Federal and State income tax return.  Turbo Tax is designed to be user friendly, making it easy to navigate and understand the different options in tax breaks for the average person.  The software takes care of the nitty gritty for the consumer instead of having to meet with a person one on one.turbotax

Largest Possible Refund Guarantee

Turbo Tax guarantees upfront that they will provide the consumer with the largest possible refund.  If a customer finds another tax service offering a larger return, Turbo Tax will provide a full refund.  Turbo Tax prides itself on being the easiest-to-use software for taxes in the industry.

Finds Deductions Easily

Turbo Tax ensures the customer detailed review of all possible deductions.  There are over 350 possible deductions offered and many people overlook or don’t have the appropriate knowledge to claim the suitable deductions.  This software will assist the customer in identifying every deduction.  It even offers a review at the end of the filing to double check for missed deductions.

Turbo Tax has a built in system to assess retail values for commonly donated items.  Many individuals have a difficult time knowing how much to claim for an item they donated months ago.  Turbo Tax makes it easy to assess accurately the first time, without question.  The software also will automatically let you know if you qualify for certain deductions on your medical expenses.

Import Data From Last Year’s Taxes

Turbo Tax allows users to import data from previous year’s tax in order to cut down on the time it would take to manually enter the information.  The software will automatically check for the previous year’s tax data file and will give the user the option of importing the information.  You can also import data from Quicken, Microsoft Money, ItsDeductible, TaxCut, TaxAct, Turbo Tax Estimated Taxes, W-2, 1098 and 1099 from most banks and any software that can export in .txf files.

Turbo Tax Pricing

Turbo Tax is free to use and will only require payment when you print or e-file your return.  The basic package is $19.95, which is recommended if you are filing with a 1040EZ or if you rent your house.  Other options are the deluxe which is recommended if you own your home, have donated to charities or have expenses for education.  The premier package is recommended for anyone who has sold investments or using real estate as a source of income (renting out a house). The highest level a consumer can purchase is the Home & Business version which is recommended for people who own a small business and file personal and business taxes jointly.

Turbo Tax offers free online support where a user can ask a question and get an email response within an hour.  Another option available for $29.95 is to ask a question via the internet and receive a live phone call with a highly trained tax professional.  This option is good for those with more complex filing.

Turbo Tax is a good product for individuals, small business owners and those with multiple exemptions.  More information can be found at www.turbotax.com.

turbo tax



More Tax Resources

IRS.gov – Internal Revenue Service Homepage

Lord knows we all need help with Taxes!

With Tax season coming up again before you know it, this guide will serve as a resource for all things related to Taxes and the IRS!

Tax Prep Companies

Doing taxes on your own by hand is insane. Especially business taxes. There are a number of companies that offer free or pretty darn reasonable tax service software online including:

  • Turbo Tax – Hands down the #1 choice in America for doing your taxes on your computer or online. I’ve used turbo tax online for the past 4 years now without a hitch. Great company too.
  • TaxCut – A good alternative option to TurboTax, see review below
  • Quickbooks

Tax Resources

The IRS is a pretty huge organization. I don’t know how many people work for them, but probably a ton. They often come up in movies as well. No one likes the IRS and paying taxes, but you know what they say about them….two things you can’t avoid…death and taxes right?

TaxCut vs Turbo Tax

number1picksmall My #1 choice for doing your taxes is Turbo Tax, not Tax Cut

For The Latest Tax Cut Updates:

Click HERE

TaxCut is software backed by H&R Block to help the average American homeowner with filing their taxes and investments.   TaxCut offers help with both Federal and State income tax returns.  It is designed for easy navigation and understandable information for the average person.  The software replaces the need to sit down with a person to file taxes.  TaxCut is similar to Turbo Tax except it does not offer year to year deduction comparisons.

Taxcut Pricing

TaxCut is an effective program offered at an affordable price.  TaxCut’s basic program is $14.95, Premium is $44.95 and TaxCut Home & Business (not available online) is $89.95.  All versions include e-filing as an option, free of charge.  The software is available to purchase over the counter or it can be downloaded from the website.  The software also offers a business version, which assists companies (corporate, S-corp, partnership, LLC and payroll returns) file accurately.  Each year TaxCut needs to be updated in order to stay current with fluctuated laws and regulations.

Best Refund Guarantee

TaxCut guarantees the best refund you can find.  If a customer can find a higher tax return with another program, TaxCut will refund the money of the software.   The Home and Business version is recommended for individuals that desire to file both personal and business returns together.  TaxCut Premium includes DeductionPro for more specific assistance when tracking tax-deductible charitable donations.  This feature is a great benefit for those making large contributions to non-profit organizations.

All of the accounting has been done for the user.  Even a novice will find this software easy and friendly.  The user is simply required to answer a series of questions from one screen to the next.  It’s like sitting down at a tax office, and having an interview with a professional.  All the difficult and consuming work is done for the user. The taxpayer can rest assured because each return filed by TaxCut is sent through a series of checks and balances to ensure the reliability of the return.

Free Consult with H&R Block Expert

TaxCut makes it easy to find help.  Each step of the filing process is explained to the user.  The ability to ask questions and receive quick research is built into each screen.  There is also a free consultation with an H&R block tax expert that each user is able to use one time.  This software is excellent for those with questions and desiring more education on specific deductions and investments.

TaxCut Premium is enables the user to import tax data from TaxCut or Turbo Tax software.  TaxCut gives a detailed explanation of various regulations and advice on how to get the most out of the return.  The software also provides users with the tools for future planning (retirement, college savings, etc.).  Each return filed with TaxCut is audited by H&R Block to ensure accuracy and the maximum available return.

TaxCut is recommended for users that are filing a basic returns or an individual who has some preexisting knowledge of taxes.  The desktop software is user-friendly and makes filing taxes easy for the average person.  The only limitation with TaxCut is anyone who has a large amount of 1099’s, because TaxCut cannot download these forms.  More information can be found at www.taxcut.com.

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  • Elissa Paris

    My son is 18 and stil in school. He has a job and will be filing his own tax return, do I claim him as a dependant? His earnings are just under $10,000 for 2008

  • Phyllis

    I work full time and am a part time student. I received financial aid for 2008 my tuition cost was 1000 and my financial aid was 869, how do I do this on my taxes?

  • Cindy

    I recently filed my taxes using TurboTax and was disappointed to find additional fees of $45+ only AFTER I had completed my returns. I think all costs and fees should be outlined upfront.

  • Patrick Talley

    I have used Turbo Tax for many years. I have a “Drip” in Ingersol Rand stock that I began in 1992 with a $1000 investment. I invested regularly for a couple of years but then just reinvested the dividends. The stock had been up and down and I now have 444 shares. I would like to sell it this year. How do I get the basis value over all these years. Does your 2009 software explain this?

  • Nancy Smith

    What is the cost of the premier?

  • Pamela Hagood

    in 2004 I purchased a turbo tax program called “I’ts deductable” is an updated version available?? Pamela Hagood

  • michael hamer

    i need to get my federal and state tax forms for last year

  • cpa

    i don’t know about 2009 but 2008 TT Deluxe really did’t explain this except to reference IRS publication 551 basis of assets. but basically your costis your initial $1000 plus the reinvested dividends. You should be able to get the info from the reports (form 1099 or other statements issued by the dividend agent) you got each year which should detail the $ amount of reinvested dividends. If you no longer have those statements the dividend agent may be able to provide you with the info but they may charge for this. Note that over the years many company’s drip was handled by multiple agents and usually the info was noy passed on from one agent to the next (: good luck

  • cpa

    depends on where you buy it. reatil stores may run promos whiuch discounts the Intuits price. The prices vary widely if you buy it on the web.

  • chris smith

    I have been trying to get on your official website to get a copy of my 2008 tax returns and every time I go to it the sever does not seem to work. Can I have a copy -mailed to me. It is very important.

    Thanks in advance.


  • Canh Tran

    I had a rental property for 6 months, then I sold it at a loss (compared to the value when I bought it a few years ago).
    Which Turbo Tax should I buy in order to cover the rental income, expenses, selling and loss. Thanks

  • Caroline

    Do I have to purchase Turbo Tax every year or can you update the program yearly?

  • http://www.debtkid.com debt kid

    You have to purchase each year.

  • loren miller

    How doI get a copy of my 2008 tax return.

  • Thedore W Schmidt

    I have used Turbo Tax for 4 years, retired ‘ quite a simple return. Will I qualify for fee turbo tax? Have limited income; retired, Income is SS and less than $10,000 in income from mutual funds. This is for a married couple filing joint return.

  • globeman

    Visit your local IRS office with photobid and proof of social security #.

  • fran t

    I am a recent widow and need to know how I list my social security benefits, as income with my work income. DO I HAVE TO CLAIM ALL OF IT AS INCOME.

  • Stuart

    I have a small corporation in the state of PA. It is not an s corporation or c corporation, just a standard corporation. What does Turbo Tax offer for tax reporting and also for the state of PA? Not sure what produce to buy and does it also filter into the state return.

  • Al Nelson

    I have used the premier turbotax edition for several years. In those years, I could always do my aged mother’s taxes in addition to our own, but this year, it appears that one can only do one, repeat one, state return; if you do more, there is a substantial fee for an extra state return. I have contacted turbotax about this change in policy; no response yet. Is this a change to the use of the federal/state package? If so, it was not clear that this change was noted in their advertising.

  • adunlap

    I need to do a enjured spouse foam this year. can I do this with turbo tax. if yes could you tell me how. thankyou!

  • Doris & Charles Stinson

    I would like to know the status of our 2009 tax return ASAP. I have kept watching by back accoubt and my pc with no word from you, I am geting very worried since this is the first time we filed this way. Plesase contact my ASAP.

  • Paul Puccetti

    I have heard that the 2009 version of TurboTax is not compatable with windows XP. Is this correct? I don’t want to purchase it and find I can’t use it or am being forced to change my computer to do so.

  • jose galicia

    to whom it may concern i need to get my agi from 2008 to complete thi s year

  • carol

    I foreclosed on a property, can turbo tax walk me though this??

  • Linda Dennings

    I filed my taxes on line and I printed my taxes but I exited out to early how can I fix this ?I was not done with the rest of my taxes yet what do I do? So I dont know if the IRS has recived my information ? I tryed to log on to my account but got no where please help me? Thanks

  • Rudolph R. & Barbara A. Staudt

    I filed my return thru your company on January 8, 2010. The IRS says that they never received the return. What can I do?

  • Sandra L Till

    need to figure my taxes

  • n gresham

    look at the bottom line of the first page of your federal return from last year, it says “adjusted gross income” (agi).

  • Jim

    Am I responible for my spouse students loans in default can I use form 8379 injured spouse or the innocence relief form 8857

  • rachel

    I get unemployed benefits a year with out drag tax , i would like to know if i can get Tax- free for tax return ?

  • http://freeturbotax2009 Betty Morena

    i have windows xp and for some reason this will not work. i tryed following the pack of the package for windows and this won’t work for me
    what is wrong.


  • Charlene Kenny

    Is 2009 turbotax compatible with windos xp? Why are people having problems?

  • dena mercer

    i was unemplyed for several months last year, if i itemize someone said i could list $63 weekly in gas for job searching, is this true, where can i read more about this

  • lydia

    Lisa, you cannot claim your son if he is claiming himself on his own tax return.

  • lydia

    Loren, a certified copy costs $57.oo . A transcript of your return: $0o.00. Visit irs.gov. It has a link on how to request a copy of you tax return (separate forms for transcript or certified copy).

  • lydia

    fran, Social security benefits are taxable (as you already know). Report it on line (not sure if it is 19 or 20) . If your adjusted income is $32,000.00 (the amount for 2009 tax return may be higher), you do not have to pay income tax on your SSA benefits. Take a look at the 2009 income tax instructions in reference to SSA benefits


    Got my card a couple of weeks ago but no information on where is check. Can you help me as my mom did it for me and now is out of town. Please respond as soon as possible.

  • joy swan [jacqueline]

    I have had the same accountant for several years. He has retired -and- i do not have another accountant. We hav e two rentals, I will not get a refund as we do not have enough income. I want to know if I could do my own taxes. At this late date I hate to start looking. i have all of my income and payouts. I do not want to get into trouble. What is your answer? thanks, Joy Swan

  • Ernest F Heyl

    let’s get going

  • Earl Skovsgard

    Are Turbo Tax 2009 compatable with Windows XP ?..please send answer to [email protected]–thanks

  • charles lau ricella

    I did not receive any stimulus check in 2009 and have just heard about something called schedule M. Am I eligible for a refund in from 2009? If so. what do I need to do to claim a refund? charles

  • Lin

    I purchased turbo tax last year, to do 2008 tax forms. Do I need to buy another package to do 2009 taxes?

  • Sandra R Milteer

    Do i need to order turbo for my 2009 tax.

  • shirley

    can I claim my 25 yr old daughter on my income tax? she only worked 3 months, broke her foot, and I supported her the rest of the year.

  • John

    Uninstall and re-install the software and complete another one!

  • gail e stewart

    i gail e stewart is having a problem wit my taxes being sumitted to the i.r.s fedreal it will not let me feill by mail or print it out it keep rejecting my refund so i relly need to get this done thank you gail stewart 3/25/2010

  • jdorfman

    We have turbotax2009 on line almost completed. Please let us log into it.

  • kit miller

    already e filed….made a mistake. forgot to include dependent…can we amend our tax return now? if so, how do we amend?
    Thank you

  • Laura J.

    I have a friend living with me for the past 5 years. About 6 months ago she started
    recieving disability payments from Social Security. Would I qualify for some type
    of deduction for the year(s) I’ve supported her?

  • Paulita

    Why are questions not answered here? I have several questions to ask that have already been asked here but no replies!

    1. Does Turbo Tax need to be purchased in the box, or can I buy it online and begin using it online at the same time.
    2. Does Turbo Tax 2009 accept Windows XP?

  • andy

    1. You can purchase online, with no need to download anything.
    2. Yes

  • andy

    log back into turbotax and select “amend a return.”

  • andy

    OK you are cleared to log

  • Gary W. Lyons

    The program covers most common problems.

  • earl b jones

    I submitted my return last year and printed the return but somehow it did not go thru. What do I do n0w??

  • Darrel

    I have a friend who’s mother decided to give her part of her future inheritance early. The amount she received is above $10,000.00 and she received it in 2009. IS THIS TAXABLE INCOME, OR CAN THIS AMOUNT BE OFFSET AGAINST THE TOTAL EXEMPTION SHE IS ENTITLED TO ?

  • Anne

    I file with TurboTax every year. I need to access a copy of my 2009 return, and I need it fast! I misplaced my copy. I have tried obtaining it through the site over and over and over, with no good results. How can I see/print/save/access a copy of my 2009 return? Please help!

  • Zaida Z Giler

    I filed my 2009 taxes on the free online tax return today but when I was transmitting it got interrupted. Now I can not access the website to finish my efile. Does this have anything to do with the fact that I am filing late?. I need to do this inmediately because my due date for the extension is tomorrow

  • http://furnituresearch.tumblr.com Maryln Collier

    With regard to the title » Free Turbo Tax 2009, it sort of took me aback for a while but now I get what you’re trying to say. I’ve been pondering similar stuff at my blog http://furnituresearch.tumblr.com. I’d honestly appreciate your input on what I talk about. Maryln Collier

  • Kelly Wilson

    I need a copy of 2009 taxs for FAFSA

  • shirley /Karl Shook

    I need copy of 2009 taxes Internal revenue

  • shirley /Karl Shook

    I need copy of taxes for 2009

  • Shirley Mitchell

    I can not find my taxes that I file with turbor tax.

  • ralph courter

    I need a copy of my 2009 taxes.

  • Robert Edwards, Jr.

    I am unable to pull up turbo tax files from 2007 throguh 2009. Turbo Tax is not responding.

  • http://att.net Maggie J. Burroughs

    Need to pull up taxes from 2008

  • Sabrena Sanders

    I need a copy of my 2009 tax retuns





  • George Warren Kinerson

    Ralph, I have to laugh at myself because as stated below, is the reason I need a copy of my 2009 taxes.
    I can not find my taxes that I filed with turbo tax, and I really do need a copy.
    Thank you Ralph

    George Kinerson

  • Becky Trusty

    I completed the 2009 Free Turbo Tax form in February , but for some reason I forgot to file my taxes. I have tried to locate my information and I am unable to do so. Can you help and do I still qualify for the free Turbo Tax?

  • Pedro Barrientos Segura

    Did not recieve refund fqr 2009 taxes what happened.

  • http://Yahoo Billy L Adamson Sr

    My Wife used turbo tax to file 2009. She is not with me now and I need a copy?

  • http://N0ne Lillian B. Jones


    I’m 86 years old. In 2008 I had approximately $40,000 in the stock market and loss about $20,000. I didn’t think I needed to file taxes–so I didn’t. In 2009 sane thing hapened–didn’t make any money. Didn’t file any tax return. Now, in 2010 I have made 22 percent on 27,000 YTD.
    Much below standard deduction. Do I have to file a tax return?

  • jessie sanchez

    If you need copies of a previous tax return or other important tax information, you can go directly to the IRS website. It’s entirely free and has alot of information that you could use. Just log on to http://www.irs.gov and click on “individuals”. I hope this helps you.

  • jessie sanchez

    I thought this could be helpful. If you need copies of a previous tax return or other important tax information, you can go directly to the IRS website. It’s entirely free and has alot of information that you could use. Just log on to http://www.irs.gov and click on “individuals”. Good luck.

  • Mike

    I have payed H&R Block to do my taxes every year for the past 24 years. However, over the last five years I have paid more than $200.00 to pay for my taxes. This is the first year (2010) I’d like to try and do our taxes myself. Can any of you please tell me how your experience has been with Tubotax? I mean things like ease of use or refund, Is it all the same stuff? I’ve allredy created a user name and entered our basic information but I’m waiting for the mail to bring me all our w-2, interst, tax, mortgage, tax, etc. I’d really like this to work because I have always told myself I would one day love to learn to prepare my own taxes, not just to save money but to be more hands on and to understand the process a little better. Thanks.

  • http://same veronicahornbeck

    were is turbotaxhere in pullman waso i can get a how much do i get back on it ok.

  • http://same veronicahornbeck

    this is my first time ok

  • bernard canady sr

    i need a copy of my 2009 yax return thank you

  • http://debtkid.com/taxes/turbo-tax Charles W. Balnis

    I am retired and in 2010 I sold my Fidelity funds (apron. $35000.00) to purchase a home with someone and when I sold the funds Fidelity withheld apron. $10000.00 for my Fed. taxes. My check from Fidelity was about $25000.00 for the purchase of the home. I am an American citizen and live in Mexico full-time and live on social security and have no other income. Can you help me file?

    Thank You

  • Ron Christensen

    I need to file income taxes with two states. Does the Turbo Tax Deluxe edition allow for this?

  • sharon helmueller

    we purchased turbo tax software again this year. i live in wisconsin and work in minnesota. starting in 2010 they started taking out taxes for both states. how do i do file this. under the federal portion there is a place to indicate more than one state withholding. do i do the federal and one of the states and then do it all again using the second state. when i did the federal it goes right into the state. it shows a refund for state but how do i know what state that refund is for.

  • http://mozillafirefox lilapritchard

    need help with my taxes befor i go out of town

  • http://mozillafirefox lilapritchard

    need help on taxes befor i go out of town can you please help

  • Tom

    My disk won’t load, loads only to 29 percent and then stops, error code is 1603, what is that???

  • Harold Strain

    Unable to make copy after filing.How do we get copy.Has this returned been files??l

  • http://turbotax regina plummer

    turbo tx site is not coming up it keeps saying waitone moment but never comes up

  • http://explorer roger l mays

    i need a copy of my of 2010federal tax returns

  • http://pasttaxprep alicia a. magana

    can i get a tax prep from the last three years back so i can compare taxes

  • Alan Hilmes

    I have used Turbo Tax since 2006 and felt safe in using them to prepare my taxes but this year with their new program I don’t have the same feelings. The new program has some major bugs the continue buttons don’t work. Makes it hard to advance too the next page and you wonder if the information is being saved kept telling me to upgrade for more help

  • Raymond C. Briggs

    I have been trying to start a new account with your turbletax and it won’t let me in

    I try to enter the name of my frist car but it has no place to put it

    plese call me at 515-707-7192 or 5152-66-6450

    thank you Ray briggs

  • Timothy C. and Len H. Wilson

    I would like to retrieve copies of my 2008, 2009, and 2010 Turbo Taxes. I need printed copies. My copies are missing and its believed someone took them. Please send me copies of them

  • carol p. payne

    , I AM A 73 YEAR OLD WIDOW – DO I NEED TO FILE AT ALL IF I RECEIVED LESS THAN $14,500.00??hortense thompson

    thank yoyu

  • pat defazio

    can I file 2009 with 2010 return with turbo tax what edition do I need?

  • crina

    I need to do my 2009 taxes, i have not done them yet, can i do them on Turbo Tax/

  • Deidra Ann Powell

    Hello. My name is Deidra Ann Powell. I am currently working on my 2010 taxes using Turbo Tax.
    All the information including Social Security Number, address etc. is the same. The IRS is stating
    that I have not filed for 2009. I desperately need help to retrieve these files for proof.
    Thank you


    I was filing for my grandson who worked parttime for me during the summer, he made less than $2000.00 all year.
    I clicked on free file, at first they said he would get $77.00 refund. Then, somewhere down the road turbo tax said I had to upgrade. When all was said and done he owed, [you guessed it] he owed $77.00, with all kinds of threats to collect.
    I will never recommend Turbo Tax to anyone.

  • http://Yahoo.com LaVette R. Kelly

    To Whom it May Concern:

    I LaVette R. Kelly filed my taxes throw turbo taxes and didn’t finish fileing my taxes for the year of 2009. If there any way possiable I can get a copy of what was filed.

  • Debra Laughlin

    I need a copy of my already turbo tax filed 2010 federal taxes but when I go to the site, there isnt any option to print them. I need them for school and need help in getting a print out ASAP!

  • vickie johnson

    I need to fill out my 2009 taxes and 2010 which program do I use? i

  • vickie johnson

    already submitted

  • http://yes Vera Binns

    i need to print 2009 tax return

  • smay

    Can you print out a profile of all the information entered such as account numbers/amount/addresses, etc entered for the various dividends entered portion- look for one sheet or several that has this information just in one spot.

  • jackass

    Turbo Tax sucks. Worst tax prep ever. They will leave part of your money on the table for IRS. I think they are working together. They won’t respond to email. Jackasses

  • http://www.financialcrisistoday.org/ Patricia

    I have used previously TaxCut every year, which was H&R Block’s DIY program. This year I tried TurboTax. I have to say I liked TaxCut much more, found it easier to use, provided better explanations, better “interview question” — but that’s just my experience.