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I have received some comments from a reader concerning the change of focus of this website. I would like to address it here directly. The original comment itself was a bit colorful and I have decided not to publish it on the site.

As you may have guessed, the founder of, Scott Mitchell has moved on.  His last update, Still Making Progress on My Debt, was on May 12, 2012, about a year ago. As far as I know, he is busy with some other business adventures and has officially passed the torch to me.

At this point, almost half a year after I took over the site, I am still not sure whether I am qualified to carry on the task.  First of all, I am not familiar with WordPress and the technology platform it is built on; the learning curve has been bumpy and I am just slowly getting my hands around it. Secondly, I am not a kid anymore, and at no time in my life, I have incurred $300,000 debt without the assets to back it up.  I am in my mid forties and have kids going to college. I have different experiences, challenges and insights from what Scott has.

The original has been and still is a great resource for people struggling with their debt problems.

As much as I want to build on that strength, I am limited by my life experience and simply not able to do an adequate job.

What I say in my bio that is attached to each of my post is true. I came to this great country as a student about 20 some years ago. I hold advanced degrees Electrical Engineering and Business Administration.

On the asset side, I do own a few rent houses, a couple of websites, and a very concentrated and low turn-over stock portfolio.  I rake in 15-20% on my investment on my houses each year; the websites I own were bought at very reasonable prices; and my stock portfolio has returned 14% each year in the past 10 years, according to my broker’s report.

On the liability side, the pressing need is the three tuitions that are coming online in the next couple of years. Of course, I fell in the same trap as everyone else does in this country — it seems the purpose of our life is to save enough money so we can retire.

My cultural upbringing dictates that I spare nothing for the best of my kids.  I know this might be somewhat different from the common practice in this land, but my parent did not their best they could for me and I will do the same for my kids.

In the future, I plan to write about my experience with money matter, my business, my investment, and where I spend the money. Having seen what my kids going through in the education system of this country, I know a lot more can be desired in teaching not just our kids, but also adults, about financial responsibility.

If you press for some kind of mission statement for this website, I can tell you this, I am burdened to make the future a resource for people to become financially responsible.

Now, I am not that much a communicator, oral or written. My foreign-accented English gives me away even when I write it out silently. I will try to do better. One of my kids, however, is the nation’s best debater this year. So I concede error-free English might be something one has to grow up with.

But being financially responsible is something we can all learn. If you want to join the effort, write to me. There are things we can do together.

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