The Cookie Diet Review

cookie dietMedifast is my #1 pick over the cookie diet


Yes, you heard correctly, a cookie diet.

This diet was introduced in the 1970’s by Dr. Siegal and has helped over 500,000 people since loose unwanted weight.  This Miami based doctor developed the diet to help people shed the pounds while enjoying the simple pleasures of life; cookies.

The cookies are low in fat, high in fiber and protein which all lead to filling the stomach and sending signals to the brain to cease hunger.  The cookies have a low glycaemic index, which allows them to break down slowly into the bloodstream.  This will make you feel full longer and leads to less dreaming about food and more activity.  The cookies are made with a secret recipe of various amino acids that suppress the appetite.  To this day Dr. Siegal claims to mix up the batches of cookies, bake them and distribute them to clients around the world.

The Cookie Diet has a participant eat six cookies a day, which breaks down to 800 calories and 70 carbs.  At the end of the day you are allowed and instructed to eat a sensible dinner that consists of six ounces of lean meat and one cup of veggies.  The diet also is a strong proponent of drinking at least eight glasses of water daily.  You are permitted to drink coffee or tea but are encouraged to stay away from any other drinks.  The cookies are produced in five varieties; they are made in banana, coconut, chocolate, blueberry and oatmeal raisin.  You can mix and match them throughout the day or week.

The diet is open-ended and is left to the users own will.  Someone who wants to loose a lot of weight quickly should exclusively eat the cookies, nothing else.  Others may want to incorporate the cookies into a current diet to curve hunger.  Another option is to purchase other products by Dr. Siegal, such as his shakes and soup products.  All Dr. Siegal’s products work together to support healthy digestion and overall satisfaction.

The Cookie Diet suggests that someone who follows the diets parameters will easily loose 15 pounds in the first month.  The diet does encourage its participants to incorporate a healthy amount of daily physical activity.  There are no specific details on what kind of exercise or how long one should be active; it simply states that exercise should be incorporated into any diet.

The diet may sound too good to be true, but it has been proven for over 30 years by a half a million people.  It’s a small investment compared to other diet plans in the current market and you get to eat cookies!  If you’re looking for a diet that is affordable and will take the weight off quickly, this may be the one for you.  Talk to your doctor before starting this or any diet for that matter.  If you have any health complications, be sure you are safe to participate in this diet.

Celebrities on Cookie Diet

These celebs have used the Cookie Diet:madonnacookied

  • Madonna
  • Jennifer Hudson
  • Kelly Clarkson

The cookies are available online here.

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  • Admin

    The Cookie Diet is a fantastic way to lose weight. It doesn’t matter whether it is Dr Siegals or Dr Sassons, these cookies are nutritionally balanced and calorie controlled to help you lose weight safely and quickly. Combine it with exercise and you will achieve a healthier slimmer, you. I should know, I am one of the success stories :)

  • Estelle

    I recommend the R&D Diet Cookie program. They worked great for me. I lost 40 lbs and have kept them off for over a year. They taste better and are MUCH cheaper than the other cookie diets.

  • Beverly

    I can verify what Estelle said. I made a promise to R&D Diet Cookie that if they worked for me I would tell everyone I could about them so that is why I am here! They even throw in free cookies so that you end up paying only about $5 for a 2-week supply of cookies.

  • Julie

    The R&D cookie diet is the 1st thing I’ve tried that has actually curbed my appetite. I’m on my 3rd day and am not hungry. Also have already lost 2 lbs!!!!

  • Georgeann Wenner

    I didnt lose anything in 2 weeks and I was very hungry and miserable. Dont waste you money. Company states ” it doesnt make you lose weight”. Stay away from this one.

  • Ken

    It’s common sense, CALORIES – I was and still use R and D Cookies to maintain my weight lose – ” it doesnt make you lose weight” ITS NOT A DRUG – I a very low calorie / low carb food thats good for you That keep your CALORIE IN TAKE DOWN, and STOPS your cravings – so you can lose weight. THE Dr’s and Experts say exercise and eat right. “EAT RIGHT MEANS LESS CALORIES. SOOOO
    the cookies are not going to do you any good if you still eat 10,000 calories a day.