The Best Broker For Penny Stocks

Trading penny stocks or OTC stocks is a different animal than “normal” stocks.

It also requires a different kind of broker. Some online brokers are more geared towards the penny stock trader than others. Little details in how the broker calculates commission can make a HUGE difference when buying millions of shares.

The biggest requirement of a penny stock broker is that you don’t get screwed for buying millions of shares (which you often do when buying the best penny stocks).

The second requirement is fast execution of your trades.

Looking at those factors, there is one clear winner of the discount brokers that is good for the penny trader….Zecco

If you haven’t heard of Zecco before, where have you been? No, it’s OK. They are a fairly new company, but word is starting to get out about them.

My Recommendation For Penny Stock Trading

Hands down. Zecco. Account setup takes 10 minutes, no paperwork to do, completely online.

Why This Penny Stock Broker?

  • No minimum deposit.
  • Easy 10 minute online sign-up
  • $4.50 for 1,000 shares. $4.50 for 1,000,000 shares. Same Price. Boom.
  • Slick interface, nice social features
  • 10 Free trades a month with $2,500 min. balance.
  • I use them! So should you…
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  • David

    Can you enter a limit order down to the $0.0001 on ANY exchange? My current broker only allows these extra fine limit orders on NASDAQ and OTC, not AMEX or NYSE

  • Dirk de Vries


    I live in Canada, could I use Zecco as my broker, to buy and sell penny stocks?

    Dirk de Vries

  • Michael

    Hey it doesn’t matter where you live if you have access to the internet. You could use Zecco from the moon if you could get online. Be careful not to gamble with money you cannot afford to lose though. Penny stocks are extremely risky and the majority of people lose all their money. If you’re not going to do a lot of research (or even if you are) on which stocks you buy it is similar to going to the casino. Although you do hear of random success stories where someone bought a penny stock and made a fortune in one night. If you have money to lose, are young and can take the likely possiblity that you will lose everything, go for it and good luck! Also the terms of Zecco accounts changed and to get the 10 free trades a month you have to maintain above 25,000, not 2500. Although each trade is still 4.50 which is much cheaper than many brokers. Hope this helps.

  • negranil

    Having trouble with the broker I’m using. None of the penny stocks I’ve looked at seem to be available in pre-market extended hours trading via ArcaEx. If I wait till market open, the run up happens before I can execute an order and I miss it. Catch-22. Any advice on how to get into a penny stock before market open? Is that a function of broker limitations, or am I doing something wrong?

  • http://Yahoo vishv

    Market Information

  • Chankumar

    how can make prifits from penny stocks.need more informations.thank a lot.

  • Don Noel

    Can I get in and oput of trades fast with Zecco?

  • S.Beeman

    Would request a phone number. I do not give credit card info on line.

  • Bomble

    I live in the UK can I trade with Zecco?

  • john

    The Zecco rules might have changed because when you fill all the form for your subscription, there is a place where they ask for your country and it says that if your country is not in the list. they don’t allow you to open an account and………Canada is not in the list!

  • tony odeh

    im loocking for stock brocker

  • Drodre

    hey guys i live in France right now, i tried to open that zecco account and when i got to the form where to fill my FRENCH bank account information they ask for a ABA ROUTING NUMBER i dont have any idea what it might be on a FRENCH CHECKBOOK i have tried my IBAN but i can only fill in the account number case, im stuck there i dont have any idea what an ABA ROUTING NUMBER is on a FRENCH ACCOUNT NUMBER please help

  • Jen

    FYI – Zecco won’t accept account transfers or physical stock certificates of pennystocks.

  • ucly

    1. can i trade 1 cent , or 0.0001 cents stocks (or penny stocks) at the pre market and after market?
    2. can i set sell stop for 0.0001 cents stocks(or penny stocks)?
    3. how much is a trade at pre or after market for buy or sale 20000000 share at 0.0001 ?
    4. how much is minimum to open an account (or short sell account?), and what other fees i need to pay for my account?
    5. how many ways i can open my account?
    6. how much is 1 trade?
    7. can I short sell penny stocks?
    more detail is better plaese.

  • zidon

    pls can some one residing in china trade penny stock with zecco? and also can i make a bank wire transfer to fund the account?

  • McLuvin’

    Hey Michael…you can’t trade from anywhere. Zecco has to be licensed in the area you wish to trade. I had a Zecco account in the states and when I moved to Guam and updated my address they closed my account. The were not licensed to trade stocks in Guam, a U.S. territory. So don’t reply until you know what the hell you are talking about. Just because you can access Zecco online, that doesn’t mean you can necessarily legally trade from wherever you are.

    You more than likely can only trade from the United States and that’s it….maybe Puerto Rico but definitely not Guam and the rest of the world. Your advise is horrible…

  • Mary Ann Januszka

    Iwould like to purchase some penny stock. This is my first attemp at this; I would like to know your fee for the purchase of stock. I really do not know how to go about purchasing on on line. I need a few pointers. Ido not have a web site.

  • Margaret

    I want to start small as I am new at this. I do not want to invest $2500.00. Is there anyway to start at say $250.00 .

  • Harding

    Hey do you have an affiliate sign up link? I’ll use it to say thanks for the info when I sign up

  • THI HA

    Hi all,
    I need a partner to trade penny stock from US. I am an Asian student who study in UK. I have seen the way how to get high profit by trading US penny stocks. I am trying to open account with zecco , choictrade and others. But they do not accept my citizenship to open account. I know very well how to pick up high profit penny stocks. I use day trading strategry. I prefer the person who already have day trading (margin account) to co-operate with me. If you interest or want to know detail, you can send an email to my gmail ([email protected]).com.

  • Shaun

    As of March 2011 here are some answers. I recently called Zecco as I’m looking for an online broker. This is what I’ve found:
    - no minimums, inactivity fees or annual fees
    - $4.95 per trade (unlimited # of stocks), stocks under $1 trades cost $6.95 (unlimited)
    - broker assisted trade $19.99
    - mobile app available, cannot trade w/ this app at this time, update will be available this year for trading

    Hope this helped

  • yoko ishii

    Can I buy following Over the counter penny stocks, I LIVE IN TORONTO ,CANADA?


  • Harinder

    visit this link for most of the answers

  • james

    Zecco was great but now they have raised there rates. They now charge more to place A penny stock trade. $4.95 for A regular trade and $6.95 for trades on stocks costing less then $1.00 per share.

  • Jeff

    I have free-trade certificates for an OTC, Pink Sheets stock; who will accept them? I have not been able to find a firm that accepts Pink Sheet stock? Please Help!!

  • Dbazi

    if you hear of any firms accepting paper certs for penny stocks, please let me know. I can find no one in either the U.S. or Canada willing to accept these certs.

  • Charles Salisbury

    I have 15,000,000 shares of Green Star Products, Inc to sell GSPI Can you do the trade for me? I have three certs of 5 mill shares each

  • Danny

    Zecco now charges for penny stocks. I use Zecco and just got of a live chat with them. They stopped excuting my trades recently and when I asked, they said the message I now get says they charge up to $700 dollars for these trades and do them by phone. Is there another stock broker that trades in penny stocks as good as Zecco was?

  • http://centurytel Mike Lane

    What is the min. to open an account? Do you have like a checking account that I could have funds deposited in and withdraw from? Am interested in getting started. Best time to catch me is e-mail or late evening if you call phone number is 4175433713. Thank you Mike Lane

  • keith brooks

    i would go with suretrader. if u have $500 which is there min then use this broker. recommended by tim sykes. if u dont have $500+ then use zecco. plus u can short penny stocks with suretrader and no day trading rules.

  • Grant

    ZECCO be careful they deal in NON dtc stocks and if you purchase stocks that are not DTC your fees will be $700 per trade

  • david saenz

    hi i have never traded before i want to learn and i need a broker who is willing to let me know what is going on along the way! I if posible i would like to meet in person and one last thing “I Dont like BULLSHIT!!!! and i am not someone to mess with! I do understand that there are “risks”! what i mean about Bullshit is that i better not get BURNED or taken advantag of by the “Broker”

  • aneela mahew

    Hi david, did you find any good broker. I am in the same boat but hav been burnt out by many brokers like EZ trader, traderxp. Let me know if you find one. Thanks.

  • David J MacKay

    I am looking for a Canadian Penny Stock Broker who deals in OVC penny stocks. I live in Winnbipeg Manitoba and cannot find one here.
    Thank You
    David J MacKay