South Beach Diet Review

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Over five million copies of the South Beach Diet book have been sold in the US.  This diet hit the streets running.  southbeachdiet When it was first introduced bookstores everywhere had a difficult time keeping them stocked.  People were buying the book as gifts, passing it around to all their friends and beginning to loose weight.  Many people who never read the book wonder why it gained such popularity and what the basic philosophy of the diet is.

Lose 13lbs in 2 weeks? Really?

One of the main reasons the diet climbed to the top of the best seller lists was because of its claim that participants can lose up to 13 pounds in the first two weeks.  It also promises the main place of weight loss will be the stomach area.  These two factors attracted the initial audience and as the results and testimonials poured it, so did the craze.

The diet was founded by a leading cardiologist, Dr. Agatston.  He created the diet for his heart patients in order to improve the overall well being of the heart health.  Although his mission was not weight loss, he soon discovered that his patients were claiming to have lost significant amounts of weight.  This happening lead to greater research and other test groups were created in order to see if the same would remain true for others.  As the testimonies continued to rise, so did the demand for a written map of how to engage in the diet.

Choose the right carbs

The diet has been labeled as a “low-carb” diet, yet it claims its focus is not on low-carbs, but rather on choosing the right carbs and right fats.  Its emphasis is on maintaining a low glycaemic index and replacing saturated fats with unsaturated ones.  In the first two weeks of the diet the goal is to remove as many carbs and fats as possible as a mini-detox and then adds good ones back into the diet as it progresses.

The theory behind the diet is that of the same as other diets based on the Glycaemic Index.  Basically, all carbohydrates eventually break down into sugar, enter the blood stream and cause insulin to be released in order to lower blood sugar levels.  When you eat empty carbs your blood sugar spikes quickly and then drops dramatically leaving your stomach empty, your brain craving and your body wanting more.  This cycle leads to overeating without ever genuinely feeling satisfied.  This cycle as a lifestyle is bound to add weight to your body especially because your body will naturally begin storing the high blood-sugar levels as fat.  When you eat the right carbs, you blood sugar slowly increases and the body is able to effectively regulate itself without the over usage of insulin.  This leaves the body satisfied and filled which leads to eating less and having more energy.

Three phase diet

The diet is administered in three basic phases:  Phase one, all carbs and high sugar foods are banned from consumption.  In phase two, some “good” carbs and sugars are introduced but the emphasis remains on eating lean meat, fish, low fat cheeses and olive oil.  This phase lasts for fourteen days.  Phase three introduces a great variety of foods to choose from and encourages participants to stick with this for life.  The diets aim is to re-teach individuals how and what to eat on a daily basis in order to change their eating habits for life.  This diet has been proven to lose weight and improve heart health.

Easiest Way to South Beach Dietfreeorange

The easiest way to follow the South Beach diet is to use their online site. You can setup a free online diet profile.  South Beach Diet - Start Losing Weight Todaya free online diet profile. 

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