Short Sale Leads For Real Estate Agents

This program has been suspending until further notice. Please see this thread.

Hey Real Estate Agents!

If you have experience doing a short sale, I’d like to get you some more business. After going through a short sale myself to avoid foreclosure, I know the expertise and wisdom an experienced short sale agent can bring to the table. I never would have got my short sale done without my agent.

I get allot of visitors to my little blog here that are looking for short sale information. I’ve seen a pretty dramatic uptick in short sale interest in the past few months.

So, me being in mounds of debt, I should try and make some dough here right? Yes, so long as these visitors get connected with someone who can truly help them.

So, if you’d like more short sale leads, I can provide them. They are qualified and will be e-mailed to you the instant I receive them here. They will be towards the tail end of their research process and looking to partner with someone who can guide them through their short sale. I’ve seen other sites advertising short leads for $500! That seems crazy. So, I’m going to provide the leads (for now, this may change at any time) at $99 a piece. Even if you convert just 10% of the leads, on a 500,000K house….well, you know the math, it’s a good return for you.

I’m only going to partner with one agent per major market area (major market being a city or metro area with 100K residents or more), so once I find a quality partner in that area, it’s taken.

You must have completed at least one short sale to make my list. No exceptions. If you refer an agent here, I’ll give you a one lead ($99 value) credit. Gotta be in a decent sized market though!

OK, that’s the program. If you’re interested, put in your details below. Invoices will be sent out once a week and due on receipt. Lord knows I don’t have cash flow to float any net at the moment!

Here is an example of what information will be contained in the lead:

I look forward to working with you, and I am confident you will be happy with these leads!


The DebtKid

To get started in my short sale lead program, please fill out the short form below.

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  • Ericka Nichols

    I was inquiring to see if you will be allowing additional short sale specialist to join the network anytime soon?

  • Dave

    That brings up a question, what is the value of a short-sale lead? Using your example of selling a $500,000 home and assuming a 2.5% commission of $12,500 (no expenses), it would have cost you $990 to make a $12,500 commission or 7.92% of the sale, not bad. So a short sale lead for this type of property is worth $990. Even a $200,000 sale isn’t bad at 19.8% So I guess to answer my own question, a short sale lead is worth $99 if you can convert 10% of them to a listing that sells for $200,000+. Am I talking to myself again:)

  • Irfan Nazir

    I would like to get short sale leads for the southern california area
    please let me know


  • Jessica Sulliman

    interested in the metro Phx area

  • Brian Borneman

    Looking for Phoenix, AZ metro area leads

  • Mick Weiss

    I am a List Broker and I work with many companies that do “Short Sale” process.

  • Mick Weiss

    Irfan Nazir……….I’m in Woodland Hills, CA. and I would be interested in speaking with you about Short Sales. My number is (818) 206-5200

  • Saul Zenkevicius

    I am a short sale listing broker in Chicago area. I’ve closed 30 this year. Looking for more leads.

  • jim whiting

    we have had great success with our short sale model and “need to feed the machine”. are you workinig with anyone in colorado? Specifically parker, aurora, highlands ranch, elizabeth, kiowa, franktown, castle rock?


  • Joshua

    Interested in short sale leads? Let me know what you can offer….

  • tatyana

    I do the marketing for Mrs. Strum and would like to make an inquiry. Please let me know if you are interested in farming the Colorado market.

  • Dave O

    Looking for short sale leads in Mass.

  • Nicole Pitteloud

    Doing short sales in the sunny San Diego area ! thank you !!

  • tyrone moore

    need ss leads for st.louis,mo/call tyrone314-454-1198

  • Megan

    Looking for Short Sale leads in Vegas – closed 8 out of 8 from April to December ’09. Thanks! Curious to see what you have to offer. Thanks!

  • chad

    We do short sales and mortgages in massachusetts and rhode island, please give me information on leads and or marketing

  • jerry

    looking for leads in California


  • tim schmitz

    I am interested in the seattle market and am specializing in short sales.

  • Chris

    I have sold several short sales and interested in the Tampa market. Please contact me.

  • Jeff R.

    Northern CA market.

  • James

    Looking for some short sale leads.

  • Andrew Sawyer

    I have done over 40 short sales in Las Vegas and Phoenix. I close 95% of the deals.
    Hope we can work together.

  • marrio

    I have closed several deals and look foward to working together. Looking to offer my services in southern states. I hope you can provide leads. Thank you!!

  • Candice Kelley

    I have extensive experience in closing short sales both with a without a professional short sale negotiating company. I am interested in your leads. I am licensed in Arizona, California and Illinois. I am interested in leads in any of those markets.

  • Sonia Gonzalez

    Looking for leads in Southern California

  • john

    Interested in leads – currently closing short sales and listing REO

  • Chris Andries

    How do I get started on getting leads? I am in the Los Angeles…. (South Bay) Palos Verdes, Lomita, Torrance, San Pedro, Long Beach area. Thanks!

  • Matt Beach

    I am interested in Las Vegas. 702-883-4221

  • Keith Houtz

    Please forward any inquiries that need assistance and free consultation in the Tampa Metro Area of Florida. Serving Pinellas, Pasco, Hillsborough, & Hernando counties. Any city within the mid-central Florida area. Our contact information is Keith Houtz, Weichert, Realtors Day & Associates, Realtor / Owner, 727-415-4982, [email protected]. Over 4 years of personal short sale assistance, we handle them directly and not just put you into a que with a title company or some other agency that does not give you the cooperation that you deserve. Short selling your home is stressful enough, you need to be able to have someone that can take over the details and let you get back to looking forward.

  • Matt Pernice

    Hi, I am a broker in the Los Angelos area and have closed more than 40 short sales in the last 3 years. Email me if you can provide leads.

  • Mohammed B.

    Hi! Looking for Short Sale leads in New York (Brooklyn, Queens, Nassau County, Suffolk County, Manhattan). Very experienced and I do negotiations myself. 516-849-6153

  • Keith Coley


    We are very good at closing Short Sales. Our Broker, Jeff Coley, has over 20 years real estate experience in the Southern California areas, and is working on the frontline as a “Short Sale Expert” for the past few years. He is very good at negotiating with the the banks as well. We can handle more and ready for more listings. Contact us at (949) 922-7063.

  • Julie Le


    I serve southern CA short sales. I have done over 30 short sales. Thanks.

  • Scott Douville

    I serve the Phx area, My annual avg is around 40 – 50.

    Scott D

  • Cody Wass

    I am in norther California and between my partner and I we have closed over 30 short sales in the last 12 months. Please contact me with any leads in Northern California.


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