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number1picksmall Important Update: I recommend Zecco over Sharebuilder. If you want great service, and killer rates (like, free trades), you should really open an account at Zecco. I’m moving all my stocks over there in the next few weeks. To open an account with Zecco (my #1 online broker): Click HERE

Who is Sharebuilder right for?

Sharebuilder is perfect for anyone who has never invested before (they make the process very simple, and easy to do). Also, investors with a long-term buy and hold strategy can do well with a diversified portfolio through Sharebuilder.

Sharebuilder Promotion – $25 Bonus

Is ShareBuilder easy to use?

Yes. Oh, you want more? Yes, I found the ETF (exchange traded fund) finder very useful. They pretty much give you all the tools you need to get started in investing and make it a very easy, simple and plainless process. So yes, Sharebuilder is an easy, simple way to begin investing

My Experience with Sharebuilder

I have my Sharebuilder account setup to auto-debit my checking account every two weeks. So far, I’ve been very pleased with my Sharebuilder experience. Setting up my account was a breeze. I had my stocks selected and investment schedule setup in about 10 minutes. Sharebuilder invests at the open market on Tuesday mornings.

Account Screen

Your main screen when you login to your account shows a pie graph of the holdings in your account.

Gains & Losses Tracking

Probably my favorite feature of my share builder account is their simple gains and losses tracker. It’s powered by GainsKeeper, and shows your % gains and losses for each holding in your portfolio. It also delivers all the needed tax records when it’s that time of the year.

ShareBuilder Pricing

Share builder offers plan’s with no monthly fees. It also has plan’s up to $20 a month (that’s my current plan), that allow you to purchase up to 20 different stocks a month, or 10 different investments twice a month (that’s what I’m doing currently). sharebuilder-pricing.JPG

(I recently visited Sharebuilder’s corporate office in Bellevue. This is the story of my field trip. Sometimes I just need to get out of the house…)

Wanting to know more about Sharebuilder. I discovered that they were just across the pond (no, not London) over in Bellevue, not 20 minutes from where I live and work. So, I e-mailed and requested a visit to checkout Sharebuilder headquarters in person.

Meet and greet

I arranged to meet with Ashley, a friendly company PR spokesperson, to show me around their large warehouse office in Bellevue.

Their building was in the middle of remodeling or “Oranging” (they were purchased by ING in Dec. for 220 million) the building, transitioning from their dominant green logo to their new “orange” powered one.

Sharebuilder Lobby….nice

The office had a very friendly receptionist, and front desk and a little coffee room with a flat screen TV playing CNBC (of course). The walls were adorned with some print media ads that Sharebuilder had run over the years.



After taking a few pictures of the lobby area, I got to see the main open office area (but no pictures were allowed, sorry!) which was very impressive. It reminded me of that huge trading floor that UBS has in a giant hanger…only much smaller. Lots of room to breathe though. Probably a 60 foot ceiling at least.

After seeing the main office area, I sat down with Ashley in a conference room and went through some questions I had about Sharebuilder.

The Highlights

• Sharebuilder has a very high level of female customers. 40% compared to 20% with most brokerages

• The typical Sharebuilder customer is much, much younger than traditional brokerages

• Sharebuilder has partnerships with Walmart, Costco and others. The goal being to introduce investing to the non-traditional wall street client

Sharebuilder vs. Zecco

When I asked about why someone would choose Sharebuilder over Zecco, the response I received was essential that “we are serving different markets”. Fair enough. I was hoping for some juicy gossip, but alas, my reporting/interrogating skills were not quite sharp enough.

No blog?

I asked about a company blog (they do not have one) and if that’s something they might launch at some point. It doesn’t sound like it. Sharebuilder wants to “let customers research on their own”. They offer easy to use tools for their clients, but if you’re looking for specific investment advice, you need to look elsewhere.

“Not wall-street”

Sharebuilder is very non-“wall-street” and that is intentional. Their headquarters is in a warehouse near Seattle. They cater to new investors, even if they can only invest $100 a month (or less!). The company was venture funded, and a “Seattle startup”, but they “don’t see themselves as a start-up anymore”.

When I decided to start investing (albeit a very small amount) again last month, I knew I needed to be careful. I had lost too much money, and made too many mistakes in the past with stocks/forex.

Deciding to “invest” and not “trade” was a big step for me. I am 100% committed to long-term investing. I decided to go ahead and open an account with ShareBuilder. If you are interested in signing up for sharebuilder make sure you visit here.

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