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Rosetta Stone

Regarded as one of the world’s most popular language learning software tool, Rosetta Stone combines audio, text and visual images to accelerate the rate of memory retention.  Rosetta Stone was recently acclaimed and endorsed by Michael Phelps on Fox News.  The software has been widely used, test and has proven to effectively teach the common person a second language.  rosetta stone

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The human brain learns the best in real life situations.  This is why a person can learn a language in less than two months by submersing themselves in another culture.  Rosetta Stone’s software mimics everyday interactions with the use of audio, visual and repetition.  The program associates real-life photos with the sound of the word in the same way the user would hear it in everyday life.  The basic premise of the program is teach the user a second language the same way they learned their first language.

The program display’s various photos accompanied by the spoken word.  The user has to choose the correct photo that correlates with the word spoken.  If the user doesn’t choose the correct answer, they are permitted to continue trying till they get it right.  This is an essential part of the learning process.  Using trial and error the user builds the strategic network of words needed to learn the language.  Users tend to remember words more when they get them wrong as opposed to getting them right.

As the program continues, the simple words are added to other simple words to make phrases.  The phrases then progress into more complex phrases until the user is talking in sentences.  The same is true with the photographs; the images progress into responsive recognition, and then into simple concepts and eventually into complex ideas.  The software never uses English which reinforces the philosophy that the best way to learn a language is to submerge the mind in it.

There are many benefits to the Rosetta Stone software.  The user can always go back in the learning to review areas of weakness.  There are added exercises the user can use to strengthen the basics of the language.  There is also a voice recognition feature that enables users to practice the pronunciation of the language.

For years the software was only available for purchase in the store.  With the growing advantages of the internet, Rosetta Stone’s software is also available online which makes it easy to subscribe to.  The online subscription allows people to access the software at a discounted rate and from the comfort of their own home.

Rosetta Stone is the number one recommended software for learning the foundations of a second language. The system is proven effective, the software is easily acquired by purchasing it in the store or subscribing to an online version.

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  • Carmen Nunez

    I am currently working at a law firm. Although I am Hispanic I do not write nor read much in spanish only the basics. It is in my best interest to learn how to read, write and speak in spanish to further my career. Is this program beneficial to someone like myself.? Also will I be able to download the program to several computers, like my home computer and my office somputer as well?

  • bigappledebtor

    I’d say it was beneficial. You can only put rosetta stone on up to 2 computers…. i use it for french and it will help your writing a bit.

  • Robin

    You can never get rid of this item. Even if you never used it, never registered it, you cannot sell it.

    In my case I bought ($500) it for a job I was looking at in India, never used the item, didn’t take the job.

    Rosetta Stone refused to take it back or even trade it for a different language, and when I tried to sell it they had the listing pulled for ‘copyright violation’. After conversing with the company I learned that they buried a clause in their license agreement that the item could never be sold and they don’t take them back.

    So buyer beware, once Rosetta Stone has your money they have it forever and you are stuck with this item forever.
    A very expensive doorstop that’s not a very good doorstop.

  • Mark Stivers

    I was never a good Spanish student in high school. But with Rosetta Stone (especially their online sessions) I am well on my way to mastering the language. I don’t think I could gotten conversational any other way. It is expensive, but includes so many different tools for learning the language: the main course, online games, online chat, online lessions, audio CDs, and iPhone apps. I give it an A+. It’s not as good as real immersion (nothing is), but it’s the next best thing.