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Update Oct 2009 – It’s been just over a month now since my office switched to a 4-line system from Ring Central. After some setup issues, which were resolved quickly with a call to customer service, I could not be happier with our system.

Call Quality

I think the biggest difference between Ring Central and our old Vonage lines is just the call quality. I’ve yet to have a call drop with Ring Central, or a comment from someone on the end of the line saying they couldn’t understand what I was saying. That happened all the time with Vonage. I was honestly scared to do any important calls on the Vonage lines for fear of them dropping.

Our 4-line system is $99/month plus taxes. I also purchased 4 the Linksys IP Phone SPA942 for the system. The phones are a good build, heavy and well constructed.

Almost too many options

Ring Central’s website to manage all your settings is a bit overwhelming. There are just so many customization options, it’s a bit un-friendly. That being said, for a power users, spend a few hours figuring out all the settings, and you’d have a sweet setup.

Learn more about Ring Central

Learn more about Ring Central


As a Vonage customer for nearly three years, looking into Ring Central has hands down made me seriously consider dropping Vonage in favor of Ring Central.

I currently pay like $130 a month for 2 unlimited lines plus a fax line with Vonage.

For $99 a month I can get FOUR lines and a fax line at Ring Central.

It’s time for me to switch.

With my business about to expand even more, 4 lines would be perfect. Their virtual pbx system will allow me to portray a more professional image to my business.

I’ll be switching to Ring Central in a few months.

How Ring Central Works

ring central

For more info and a free trial of Ring Central Click HERE.

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  • Adam

    We have about 8 incoming toll-free numbers that we switched to RingCentral from another provider (who just messed everything up for us), and I literally couldn’t be happier. I am completely in love with RingCentral. I very, very highly recommend them.

  • Rod MacIver

    We had a very poor experience with Ring Central—dropped calls, unauthorized charges to our credit card, efforts to transfer our toll free number from the current provider were slow and the responses to our inquiries on status inaccurate.

    When we canceled the service, Ring Central advised that we either needed to fill out five forms to return the phones and get our money back, or pay an extra $200 if we wanted to keep the phones and use them. The phones were locked so that they were only usable through Ring Central. I think they were trying to punish us for not liking their poor service.

  • Michelle P.

    Our experience with Ring Central was excellent from the start. Our consultant, Sabrina, was well-informed and responsive, our implementation person was experienced and spot-on and the service and features were everything that we had hoped for. We operate a customer service center and the features and reporting that RingCentral provides us is heads and shoulders above other providers that we have tried. Definitely THE leader in cloud-based business phone systems. Higly recommended without any reservations!

  • Gary

    Don’t have this particular service but their virtual pbx w toll free number is absolutely horrible! Technology is nice but their’s is in theory only, never works and that which does is non sensical. Also, I’ve been able to troubleshoot problems, which are frequent, better myself than their cust serv reps. Of course, some will apparently never be solved!!

  • Frank

    I started my 30 day trial in February and had very good experiences with Ring Central’s customer service helping me get my Polycom phones re-programmed to work on the system. I had been told by a competitor that I shouldn’t consider Ring Central because they outsource and offshore their customer service. When I first contacted customer service I thought they were wrong about that because the representative spoke better English and had clearer diction than myself. After a session he told me he had to call back in the “morning.” When I didn’t get the call till late in the afternoon I asked why he didn’t call in the am. He replied that it was morning. I asked where he was and he answered: Manila. It doesn’t matter to me that they are in Manila…. everyone I have dealt with has been courteous and competent.

    I just finished porting my last numbers over(which was handled very well by RC)and am extremely happy with the service. I am in the Real Estate brokerage business where our business model has changed to one where most agents are remote and work from their homes and cars and their “extension” is their cell phone. Ring Central has worked out perfectly in this scenario as calls are seemlessly transferred and call quality is excellent. Our previous system had to create a conference call to connect a caller to a phone outside the office. The transfers were awkward and the call quality was terrible. Ring Central is a vast improvement and costs much less.

    After I started my trial I started reading some reviews and came across several bad ones. I’m glad I didn’t see them before I started my trial because I may have decided not to try Ring Central. That would have been a big mistake and I would have missed a great service. I don’t know if Ring Central has just improved things since these sour grapes people had their experiences or what but I have yet to have a negative experience.


  • the food dude

    well i am getting ready to jump on board with RC, but reading the comments above, very mixed, please someone let me know your honest thoughts on this system, for a travling sales rep……………………………….HELP ME………………………

  • Jason

    They are mixed everywhere but who knows which ones are from competitors as well. I would suggest the trial to see if you like it and how the service is, that’s what I am going to do.

  • http://www.debtkid.com debt kid

    I’ve had Ring Central for about 9 months now, and nothing but positive things to say. Every once in a while, the call quality will be a little funky, but it resolves quickly. I love the ability to forward calls during certain times of the day to any number, as well as the iPhone app.

  • Steve

    I have had RC for a number of years. I love the service. They do have a lot of ‘bells and whistles’ which takes time to master (at least for me) , but after that, smooth sailing. The customer service has been adequate. Due to life changes I plan to port a couple other phone numbers to them to cut my costs, etc. They are a great value. You may contact me if you wish… I’m neither an employee or a compeditor.

  • SS

    I had RC for a few years and even added a fax line this year. Then, out of nowhere, my 800 number stops working. They have had zero representatives that have called me back to help and just continue to say that their “Engineers are working on it.” I am not a competitor but I would strongly suggest going to one who can answer questions about why a phone number, which is the lifeline of my small business, is all of a sudden down. There is no excuse in a business that provides phone lines, to not understand why the line is down. Not to mention, to have one down for weeks with no response or customer concern or customer support providing either a new phone line or explanation for the problem. 0 stars here and scary to say the least that this could happen to your business too.

  • gri

    Ringcentral is ok. The main reason we got it was to help us record and manage our callers. Well the call controller do not have a record feature with mac users. So We do not have recording capabilities. But Really we should be able to record all our calls with out pressing a record button if we could program it…right? Ring central is not there yet…they don’t have the bandwidth or server capability …or desire to do it. I’m not happy.

  • Brian

    I have mixed feelings on what I am reading. I am small accounting office – 1 employee and tax time 1 part time employee during tax season. I teach at a local college. I need a way to have my faxes along with calls fowared to myself or my part time employee. I do plan on growing of the next few years. I need some honest answers. RC sounds great, I understand every company has minor issues, however during tax season I can not afford to lose calls.


  • Brian

    Good Evening,

    I am in the same boat as you. Did you recieve any responses? if so, what where they?


  • http://na jason

    I’ve used RingCentral for a year or so. Service has been good. Customer service is terrible – not sure why.

  • jc

    Setting up a new account appear to be very complex in ringcentral for me. He ere is my final letter to RingCentral after my new account setup was not completed in a month.


    I have been trying for nearly one month to setup my virtual phone number with ring central. Over this month I sent CCAF forms twice and called ringcentral 4 times but still it is resolved.

    Sorry to see Ringcentral providing new customer such a careless service. I have never encountered such a delay and complexity in setting up account with any other organization in my professional life. Moreover, you are now informing me that the number I registered is no longer available.

    I am taking my service to one any of the reputable online pbx provider.


  • Rod

    This is the worse service that you could ever have. The support is clueless and the service is poor at best. They consistently have outages. We have had at least 10 outages due to them. They promised our company credits – NEVER RECEIVED. They offer an unlimited package. But, if you make too many calls – they then charge you for usage. BE CAREFUL – THEY BAIT AND SWITCH. Best of luck

  • Christoff Severnson

    I have been a RingCentral Office user for the past 6 months. In the past 6 months there have been ZERO outages. They offer 24/7 support although Tier1 support is located in Manila, Philippines and, honestly, they are extremely knowledgeable and helpful. For those of you who simply will not deal with overseas support you can request to speak to Tier2 support based in the States. RingCentral’s service is unmatched by any other competitor. They offer all inclusive-pricing so your monthly bill won’t get jacked-up by 50% a month or more by unforeseen costs incurred by features you need but later found were optional, as with competitors. Their unlimited plan is guided by something called “fair usage” which ends up being something like 10,000 minutes per user/line per month. There is no provider anywhere that would offer actual “unlimited” minutes… this would be a goldmine for fraudsters.

    Bottom-line, I have been undeniably happy with RingCentral. They have saved me $$$, made by company look more professional, and also more efficient.

  • GN

    I just switched my company over too ring central, i too was wondering how good the service would be. I looked everywhere on the internet to find some reviews but they all seem fake! So i’m trying out the 3o day trial. So here are my first impressions.

    As far as the customer service its ok. My rep ,Reese, has been very helpful and when i need to speak to her regarding anything, she has responded quickly. But the “office advisor” or implementation advisor that i spoke to yesterday HORRIBLE!! I was trying to use the softphone that is free to test out the systems before purchasing any equipment but i couldn’t get them to work. So I called the number they give you to talk to the “office advisor” and i talk to some guy who seemed annoyed by my questions. Instead of helping me he made me more confused. They charged my credit card 27 dollars for every line i wanted to use a sip phone, which supposedly is free. So i called my rep , Reese, and she apologized because she didn’t explain how the process worked so she said i would get reimbursed for all the extra charges.
    So far i’m skeptical and nervous that they won’t refund the additional charges.

    I have a feeling i will be switching over to another company soon, I’m just glad i haven’t ported any numbers over. Does anyone recommend any other provider? I have been in contact with two Jive Communications and Fonangle but i’m not sure how good they are.

    Feel free to email me if you have any questions regarding ring central or if you have any suggestions on a pbx provider.

  • Jake Hofer

    Yes I Love Ring Centrial Fax Got Nothing To Complain Works Most Exllent For Me I Got Atleast 500 Pages Per Month Out Going And Incomming Auther FAx Is A Joke Versises $150.00 Per Month Per LAndline Verses $90.00 Per Year Start Thinking I Like It Verry Much Thanks Ring Centrial

  • Jason

    I have had Ring Central for over a year and love it. I have a total of 11 lines with Ring Central; a mix of local voice, toll free and a couple fax lines. Tier 1 with EVERYTHING is overseas. Work with them for a few minutes and if you have trouble, ask for tier 2. They will try to tell you they can handle it but just demand tier 2. You then will get Denver or California.

    As for the level of service, I have over 30 employees which user this service. They are very good and no one can beat the cost. I believe they save money because tier 1 is overseas, so that keeps their overhead down. You really however don’t have to call them that much, unless you are too lazy to read their help docs on setting everything up.

    If you are considering them, give em a try. There is a good free trial and I really love their service. I’ve moved all of our analog lines to them, and plan on adding more as we add more remote employees.

  • Frank Bequer

    I signed up for Ring Central two days ago and I have never had a worse experience with a company. Their customer support is not helpful at all, any question you ask they put you on hold to go ask a product specialist. I would not use their e-fax services under any circumstances. They failed to mention that you must have an account for 3 months in order to send out more than 30 faxes at a time. Very difficult to import contacts into the database. Overall terrible experience, would not recommend working with Ring Central.

  • Tom H

    I just got off the phone with Ring Central. I have had the service for 1 year and just paid my renewal. After paying my renewal, I noticed that my sevice for both years was $299.90, yet last year it cost me $305.00 to pay them the 299.90, and this year it cost me 327.oo to pay them 299.90. In trying to get an explanation over the phone, I heard no good explanation and am convinced that they just ad erroneous fees to renewals because they can. Another internet scam. There is one fee on my bill for $12.00 called the RingCentral Compliance and Administrative Cost Recovery Fee that did not exist on my bill last year. I was told that ” it is only $1.00 a month.” My response was if it is “only” a dollar a month, why don’t you pay it? They had no answer. I will be searching today for a neww 800 service and cancelling my account. SCAM, SCAM, SCAM, stray away from Ring Central.

  • Jessica Morrisen

    @ Frank: I use RingCentral’s internet-based fax solution and I must say that you are 100% wrong in your comments noted here. I use the Fax1000 plan and your “must have an account for 3 months in order to send out more than 30 faxes at a time” is completely wrong. You can begin sending outbound and receiving inbound faxes immediately once the account is activated. Fax broadcasting can be initiated right after activation so long as you complete the required form.

  • Brian S

    I have used Ring Central for over a year and been very pleased until recently. They send me an email telling me I was a power user and they were changing my plan from unlimited to some $.029 a minute plan. They say I am in the top 98% of Ring Central users….yea right, 1 person????? I received the email and I have been waiting for over 3 weeks for someone to call me and explain it. I call every other day and I have not yet received a call back. Worst customer service I have ever seen from a company. I tried to call the VP of Sales, Ryan Azus, and left repeated messages. He wont call me back either. I am looking for another provider as we speak. Doing a trial on Majic Jack and $40 a year to use to make outbound calls. Be careful when signing up for Ring Central if you have alot of phone traffic. I am not sure what ALOT means, but to them it means they can try and get more money.

  • http://www.stormfixer.com Mark H

    Yes, I too have fallen victim to the “power user plan”. I informed them that my usage that month was higher than normal and they still won’t switch me back to my original plan.

    The email I received said “We have converted your account to a Ring Central Office Power User Plan. If you do not wish to continue your subscription, you can port out your numbers immediately and cancel your RingCentral account. Please know that we will NOT be terminating your service. Only your service plan will be changed.”

    They really do seem like they are focused on just trying to charge me more money at this point. I am very upset because I have been a customer since 2006 and have collectively paid them over $4,000 dollars.! This is my treatment after being a loyal customer? This is how Ring Central rewards a loyal customer? Not to mention, I have dealt with the sub par customer service at Ring Central. The support is all overseas (Philippines) . These people they have hired are very friendly but not very bright when it comes to helping with tech support issues. There is nothing more frustrating then having to sit on the phone with tech support for over an hour (this is the normal tech support call and has become a running joke with my office) while an agent keeps trying the same thing, over and over. They really do need to do something about their customer support, when asked about it they agree that there are issues with their support and area working on it, but they have been in business since 2006, it should be fixed by now. The only thing that Ring Central has going for them really is the price. Yes, maybe there are a lot of features, but if you are a business and they switch you to their “power user plan” like they have done with Brian S and our company then you are better off setting up your own hosted pbx solution. You can use Free PBX and host it on a VPS. The features are much more robust and you can find voip carriers that provide per minute rates much lower (around 1.2 cpm) than the quoted 3.9 cpm that Ring Central plans to charge.

    If you are a small guy looking to get started, and want to look like a big boy, then Ring Central is OK as long as you don,t need to use it very much. If you plan on actually using their service for more than a couple of thousand minutes per month per line, then look elsewhere. Trust me, it is Thanksgiving, and instead of hanging out with family and watching football, I am scrambling to set up my new PBX IN A BOX.

  • Jim B

    Hey Jim,
    The Administrative fee is a scam, but you can’t blame RingCentral for that one. Thank the government. They mandated it :(

  • Tammy

    We ordered their phone service in October, received the phones and needed help because we were having some problems with the set-up. Dealing with their “Customer Service” almost killed me. They are simply the worst. It took over one solid week and they kept saying they were “escalating” our unresolved issues, but that never happened one time. Every time we called back we had to start at square one. Not to mention there was a VERY big language barrier due to them being in Manila. You know what? I do not care where they are located, IF they could have helped us. But all we had were problems from the very beginning. Funny thing is, the sales person that sold us the system was great, but after that it was dreadful. Good luck to anyone that goes with this company. We returned everything to them via an RMA and have been credited back for the phones. We still get billed every month for their service and have to call and dispute it. It has been a total nightmare dealing with them and ultimately cost us lots of extra money because we had to switch and have our number ported again. Horrible, horrible, horrible!! Try calling 877-510-5787 and you get a recording an you are automatically popped on hold for, oh, I don’t know, I’ve waited up to 11 minutes to no avail. The worst part is, we actually got the California office to help us out and they PROMISED to call us back in ten minutes. It’s been almost three hours and when you call them you are on hold forever. I think this company is a total sham.

  • Aiden

    My company had been a customer of RingCentral’s for almost a year and I can honestly say that switching from AT&T to RingCentral has been the best business move to-date. Not only do I save about $600 on my monthly telco bill, the system also seamlessly ties my main office with multiple employees working remotely from their home offices. I hear people referring to power usage plans. They are probably running call centers of some sort which is against RingCentral’s terms of service. Read the fine lines guys!

    I have 10 “Users” which costs me $230 per month. Minute-wise it equals out to 50,000 minutes per month. I would say that $230 is pretty darn good for all features you get + 50k of talk-time!

    Give ‘em a try… There is a 30 day money back guarantee so there is no risk involved.

  • md

    RingCentral is a voip company Based in the Philippines, they are “NOT” an American based Company-(they have a dummy address in the USA). I used thier service until they jacked my rates without telling me, and then i played hell trying to get them to resolve the situation! (Which they gave me thier song and dance rights to do as they did.. Read the fine print!) Then i did a thorough research, after which i opted to do my business with Nextiva…md

  • Brian

    RING CENTRAL is HORRIBLE!! We have been in business for over 20 years and never have had a phone system fail as often as this one does. From day one we have atleast 2-3 major issues a month with dropping calls, not recieving calls, or transferring calls to extensions and not being able to talk to them (muted). Look to another carrier, DO NOT USE THIS SERVICE!!

  • Brian

    Hey buddy(debt kid), dont you run this website?? Everyone look at the bottom right hand corner of this web page and DebtKid is listed as the copyright…hmmm. SCAM

  • jj



  • Cindy Kible

    I would not reccommend this company to anyone. I signed up for the trial period, and found out after loading the software on all of my work stations, it was not compatible with my medical software. Not ring centrals fault. I called the next day and canceled my service. I received a email confirmation that my account was canceled. Two weeks later my fax line was transfer from my current carrier to Ring Central, even thou my account was inactive. There were no signed documents requesting the transfer. After numerous phone calls and having to reactive the account to get the problem resolved. It took two more weeks to get my fax line tranfered back to the original carrier. Ouch!!!!!

  • Marc Richards

    As a happy RingCentral Office customer for 2 years new I see A LOT of misinformation here in the comment section. RingCentral IS a US-based company. They have 100 employees based out of their San Mateo office. First-line support is based out of Manila, but every time I have called in they have been extremely helpful and resolved any issue I had.

    - I’m saving 60% over my previous Verizon bill
    - More features + functionality
    - They do not charge per minute for inbound toll-free calls
    - Smartphone integration

    There is a 30 day money back guarantee so there is no risk involved with switching. I would highly recommend RC to any of my colleagues.

  • Robin

    I had a Ring Central account that was paid for one year in advance. After 6 weeks of total run around and NO service. I NEVER got to use the service. I am sure the service is fine as long as you do not experience and issue. The customer service support team is outsourced and it is unbelievable the lack of support provided. After several days of trying to cancel my service – I had to finally get a ‘sales’ rep in California to shut off my service however, it was stated – I could NOT get a refund. Let me remind you that I NEVER used the service due to issues on their end. My response to the sales person ‘I don’t care’ you have already cost more than the year that I paid in advance. The sales team makes the sale and their job is done and you are passed off to an outsourced team who has no real investment in the customer. Good Luck to those who have not yet experienced an issue and hopefully, you have a back up plan.

  • http://www.easyofficephone.com Gerald

    I have been using Easy Office Phone for a while now and I can say that I am happy with the customer service. I would recommend them.

  • http://www.scamsareus.com Another Unhappy Customer

    FYI I am sure most of the positive feedback on this is SHILL. I will never do business with Ring Central again. They are definitely not “there yet” in terms of providing a true virtual PBX/cloud service. Under no circumstances should anyone consider it seriously. Do not ‘go there’, people!

  • Happy RC Customer

    I have been RC customer from 2006. I used to have a incoming only system (Currently it is called RC Mobile) in the beginning. It was a great service and we are quite happy with the system. Later when they implemented outgoing system also (Called RC Office), we added 4 lines and cancelled all of our Vonage accounts. Saves us money, but more importantly helps to centralize the billing for our 3 office locations and easy to administer the account. I agree that RC has interface with lot of feature and I am happy because I use all of them to connect my various office locations.

    If someone has multilocation office, this is a great option before you become 100 line company with lot of agents. Then it probably better to go with inhouse PBX system. This is way better than Vonage and especially very useful for Business lines.

    The agents in Manila are one of the best agents that I came across among all outsources agents that I dealt with so far. (Credit card companies, computer tech support etc etc.)

  • DON’T DO IT!

    Was looking for something to send and receive faxes from anywhere since I travel a lot, found THIS GARBAGE on the internet and tried to download it. Their “ring controller” kept freezing up, I called and the girl on the phone in Manilla tried but could not find the problem. She then put me over to some guy who was very unpatient, I made the mistake to let him take remote controll and before I could say “stop” he went into the registry and screwed everything up.
    Next day I hired a technician to repair the damage he had done for $ 200.00.

  • Cynthia Jones

    I used this company for a year and it was the worst service I ever had. Cancled and still they charged me. They refuse to hire American workers and I will not support thridworld countries that steal jobs from American citizens. DO NOT USE it is not worth the $57 a month.

  • http://www.ringcentral.com Divine Cabalfin/RingCentral, Inc.

    Sorry to hear that, Cynthia. We would like to take a closer look at your concerns and determine how we may best assist you. Please email us your RingCentral account and preferred call back numbers at [email protected], so that we may reach you. Kindly indicate the link on this page on the email you send us and your post name as “Cynthia Jones”, so we may use this post as starting point. Regards, Divine Cabalfin/RingCentral, Inc.