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image In today’s market foreclosures are becoming far too common. However there are ways to benefit from these foreclosures and lost real estate market. One way is RealtyTrac. RealtyTrac presents itself as a data service that provides detailed information to subscribers who are interested in buying property that has been foreclosed. These properties can also be from banks or trustees, and RealtyTrac has listings of over a million in the U.S.

“Now is the time to buy Real Estate. With RealtyTrac its easy and affordable”

This article will focus on the 3 main areas that Realty Trac focuses, notice of defaults, foreclosure auctions, and government repossessed property. I’ll lay out the benefits of the RealtyTrac website and show you why its worth the subscription.

Notice of Defaults

Very few places on the web offer listings of these type of properties. Some are government websites, others out dated, and none free. ReatlyTrac isn’t free but what they offer is substantially better then the other domains out there. Notice of defaults have become far more common in today’s economy. With that said, it brings more opportunities for new buyers to enter the market at low prices. RealtyTrac of notice of default listings in an easy to use interface and search capabilities.

Foreclosure Auctions

image Probably the most popular form of real estate mavens and buyers, is foreclosing auctions. Foreclosures are one of the best ways to find great deals on a home. Banks and Institutions are looking to great rid of the property that is losing them money, or the buyer just cant pay the mortgage anymore. It is sad, but a great opportunity for buyers to make a move, and get a property/house for a great price. No one is better than RealtyTrac in keeping these listings up-to-date and concurrent with the industry. By searching a zip code, or city, RealtyTrac can find a property anywhere in the United States. In today’s market you are guaranteed to find at least a few in your city.

Government Repossessed Property

This is the last type of listing Realty Trac has. They offer other benefits like loan advisors, real estate opinions etc… Government Repossessed property is similar to foreclosures, however RealtyTrac shows you the ones that have already happened as well as in the process. These listings are the ones that have already foreclosed or been possessed for other reasons. It is a good resource to have for buyers.

Benefits of RealtyTrac

RealtyTrac is not a scam like many of the listing prices. Some people say it is not worth the price, but they have tons of promotions and deals that make it more then affordable. It is worth it to find a home that is auctioning for $10,000. If getting your Real estate empire started is something you aspire to but have never started. now is the time to get with the program. More and More, homes are going to foreclosure and ready to be purchased way under value. Choose RealtyTrac to search for these listings and you will be a happy camper.

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  • Parker

    This sounds like a paid advertisement for the company, not an independent review of them! They charged my credit card for products I didnt aouthorize and, after making many attempts to reach their customer service, they argued with me when I asked for my money back. A poor customer service experience at least. Their data is no different than others. I have since switched to another foreclosure listing service and am very happy…RTrac has spent lots of $$ on their brand, but they dont’ really deliver. There are many better alternatives out there. You should review more foreclosure sites and see for your self.

  • Larry

    I’m with Parker on this.

    This company offers a 7 day “Free” Trial. I signed up late one night. The next morning I got a call asking if I’d like to try their “agent section”. I said “yes” not realizing or being told, that with this action, they felt authorized to void my 7 day trial and start billing me $49.95before I even got a chance to determine weather it was useful.

    The site is loaded with inaccurate, old or expired listings. As a broker, I was seeing properties listed on there site as active that I know for a fact have been sold for many many months!

    If you are considering using this so called “service” I’d suggest you Google them first and see that they are infamous for this type of thing and that the complaints on them are staggering.

    I have very little doubt the glowing review here was left by someone connected with that shameful company.

  • Donald Smiley

    My thanks to Parker and Larry. (The 2 comments before me)

    I am glad I came upon their comments about Realty-Trac. Since there was no other comments about them, I am satisfied that regardless of how their site looks, they are not worth doing business with them. Sure wish they had mentioned the other alternatives out there to save me a bit of time. But, I guess their saving me money, will have to be good enough. Thanks again, boys.

    Donald G Smiley
    Goldendale, WA 98620

  • kathryn

    My friend found her house on realtytrac and it wasn’t even in foreclosure. It makes me wonder how many listings are falsified.

  • kathryn

    My friend found her house listed on realtytrac and it wasn’t even in foreclosure. It makes me wonder how many listings are falsified.

  • Mike

    What foreclosure listing service did you go with, that you’re happy with?