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image Constant contact is an emailing marketing, and online survey tool for businesses. So whether you’re looking to send an email newsletter, an email promotion, or event invitation than constant contact can help. It can be a fruitful asset for any business. Probably the most important part of a small business or association is being able to connect to customers, clients, or members. Constant Contact champions the needs of small companies and gives them an easy and affordable way to build relationships. There are some great benefits to using Constant contact, and some services you should know about.

Benefits of Constant Contact

Email marketing and online survey tools can help in market research and efficiency in any firm. Constant contact will also help you create professional looking email newsletters and insightful online surveys that will help in dialoguing with your customers about your certain product or service. Are they email spammers? No, they only send the emails you list to be sent to your customers. The platform and application is easily manageable across services. Today more than 300,000 customers use Constant Contact to help them connect to people around the world. It is worth the price of admission to “speak up” and “listen up” to customers needs and demands. They offer a 60 day free trial as well, to see if Constant Contact is right for you.

Services of Constant Contact

Prices of Constant Contact depend on size. For example if your email list has 500 people in it, Constant Contact charges $15. So your monthly fee is based on the number of email contacts or survey responses you have that month. You can conduct as many surveys or email lists you want that month and get tons of help when you need it, for free via phone, chat, or email support. Here is a list of constant Contacts services.

· Email Marketing

  • templates
  • list management
  • delivery and tracking
  • email wizard
  • formatting
  • Anti-spam check
  • anchor links
  • etc…

· Survey’s

  • templates
  • creation
  • tracking and reporting
  • polls
  • support
  • etc…

· Coaching

  • daily live demos
  • step-by-step help
  • learn through high-impact live webinars

Make the decision to try Constant Contact. It can drastically benefit your business and customers. Their services are some of the best in the industry and customer reviews are outstanding. I pick Constant Contact as my top pick for online marketing and survey tools for business integration.

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