How To Raise Your Credit Score Fast and Free

Raising or increasing your credit score (FICO) fast is possible.

In fact, it’s really quite simple If you follow these steps.

I should know. I was able to get over 160K in credit at age 22 because of my knowledge of credit scores and FICO.

If you follow each of these methods, you can increase your score 50, even 100 or more points in as little as 30 days.

1. Increase Your Credit Card Limits

Your “available” credit is the single largest factor that can increase or decrease your credit score. Call up your current credit cards and ask for a credit limit increase.

*NOTE: When you are talking to the credit card company rep make sure you ask if they can do an increase without doing a “hard pull” on your credit report. A “hard pull” shows up on your report as an inquiry for credit, and can result in a quick 10+ point drop in your score.

2. Obtain New Credit Quickly

When you apply for new credit an inquiry is placed on your report. What you probably don’t know is that multiple inquiries within a days of each other will only count as ONE inquiry.

What does that mean?

That means you can apply for say 6 credit cards at the same time, and it will only count as ONE inquiry against you (score wise).

Why would you want to apply for 6 cards at once? Go back at read my first tip.

Now, do you get it? If you can get 5 new credit cards at even $1000 limit lines, you’ll have increased your available credit by $5,000!

It’s all about your available credit.

To increase your available credit, you need cards with high credit limits that will approve you quickly. Here are 5 cards that all have bonuses attached to them that will approve you instantly.

Remember, finish all the applications at once! Set aside a few minutes and do a massive application spree. With all that new available credit, your score will skyrocket.

Best Credit Cards For Max Score Boost

Note: For business cards, do not put in a EIN number. You can totally get business cards as an individual (you are a sole proprietorship!), and these ones are great for boosting your score quickly.

Apply Here First!

3. Remove Negative Remarks On Your Credit Report

Once you’ve gotten as much available credit as possible, now its time to clean up any negative remarks on your report. If your score is below 640, you’ll want to start with this technique first.

First off, make sure you get your current credit score. Check my page for a current promotional code from MyFico. They have a free trial and they are the only company I trust to get real, legit FICO scores. Also if you need any other legal documents use a Legal Zoom Promo Code and save on your legal documents.

Now, removing negative remarks from your credit report can skyrocket your score.

I wouldn’t trust repairing my credit to any other company than Lexington Law. You’ll have to pay a little to start with them, but they will handle removing bad credit remarks legally and efficiently.

4. Protect Your Credit Score And Identity

Now that you’ve improved your credit score, it’s time to protect it. Especially if you have a 700+ credit score. You’ve worked hard to get or maintain that score.

The last thing you’d want is for your identity to be stolen and your credit trashed.

Sign up for lifelock. I’m sure you’ve seen their commercials with their CEO displaying his Social Security Number. Make sure and use a lifelock promotion code.

5. Monitor Your Score

Now that you’ve improved your credit score fast, removed any bad remarks, and protected your identity…what’s left?

Monitoring your new great score!

Monitoring services are cheap and another level of insurance to protect your (now) great score.

I’d recommend: FCS’s monitoring service (free trial too!)

more credit score tips


I would consider myself somewhat of a credit score expert. What I did with my credit score (getting over 100K in credit at age 23) unfortunately didn’t turn out very well for me. That doesn’t mean that you can’t benefit from my mistakes though! Here are 3 free, fast, and easy steps you can take to increase your credit score.

Increase your credit limits

The first simple and fast tip to raising your credit score is by increasing your credit card limits. If your balance is $4900 on your $5000 limit card, your balance to credit ratio is nearly 100%. By raising your limit to say $8000, your score will jump because you now don’t look as stretched on your report. You have free credit available. For better or worse, the more available credit you have, the higher your score is going to be.

So, how do you increase your credit line? Simple. Call up your credit card company and ask. If you have been making your payments on time, your request will likely get approved. One item to note: make sure and ask the customer service rep if they will do a credit check (inquiry) to approve the increase in your credit limit. An inquiry can temporarily lower your credit score, the last thing you want! Press the issue with the rep to do the increase without an inquiry. If an inquiry cannot be avoided, make sure you are getting a significant increase in credit to justify the hit by the inquiry.

When talking with the credit card customer service rep, don’t be afraid to tell them you will take your business elsewhere. They don’t want to lose a customer. If you have a higher credit limit with another credit card, ask them to match or exceed that limit.

Apply for new credit

Initially applying for new credit will ding your score. But by adding available credit, you will lower your balance to credit limit ratio (the most important factor in your credit score). Make sure and apply for all your credit the same day.

This way you’ll be more likely to be approved for all your cards as the inquiries will not show up right away on your report.

Once you get your new credit cards, make sure to charge at least one item right away. That will get the cards reporting on your credit report, along with their available balances. Now, make sure not to rack up the debt on your new cards, otherwise your efforts to increase your score will go down the drain!

Reduce your outstanding balances

The fastest way to raise your credit score is by reducing your balance to credit ratio. For example, if you have a $5000 limit credit card, but owe $4900, that will kill your score. Reducing that balance down to 0 or even $1000, would likely cause a jump of 40+ points or more in your score.

So, how do you reduce your outstanding credit?

There are a few options. The first is pay down what you can. Debt sucks (I know). If you want a quick fix your best best is to refinance your outstanding credit card debt into an installment loan. The installment loan won’t count against you in terms of the dollar amount nearly as much as having that balance on a credit card.

Also, an installment loan will have a set period to pay off the loan, thus reducing your overall debt over time.

Knowing is half the battle

Without knowing where your current 3 credit scores are you’ll be negotiating in the dark. (you don’t have ONE credit score, you actually have 3. One from each of the major companies, Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion. You should know all 3) Make sure and get your current credit score from a reputable source, not those “free credit report” scam sites. The place I get all my scores from is MyFico, they have the best rates, and an easy to use website to access all three of your scores. Go to my MyFico Promotional Code page for codes to use when you check out for a discount.

What about an installment loan?

Tip #3 involves refinancing your current credit card debt into an installment loan. This is more difficult than it sounds. Going into a bank and asking for a personal loan to pay off your credit card debt isn’t always easy (unless you have equity in your home and want to go that route).

I’d try a peer-to-peer loan from a site like Lending Club. You’ll get a much lower interest rate than from a traditional bank. Not a bad way to start. Lending Club only accepts borrowers with a 660 FICO (credit score) or higher. So make sure and get your scores first before you apply.

Delete bad entries from your credit report (legally!)

If you’re credit has some issues, and you want results a little faster, you might check out a credit repair service like Lexington Law. It’s not going to be free, but I’ve seen results that are pretty amazing.

What Is A Good Credit Score?

what is a good credit score? Your credit score can impact your life in several ways. If you maintain a high credit score, you can enjoy lower interest rates, access to increased levels of credit, and easy approval for apartments, mortgages, and other loans. By contrast, a low score can have the opposite effect. Interest rates that are offered to you will be higher. You may find it more difficult to gain access to personal credit. And getting approved for an apartment, mortgage, or a loan can prove challenging.

So, what is defined as a “good” credit score? The answer isn’t as simple as you may imagine (or hope). In this article, we’ll describe how scores are derived, defined, and perceived by lenders, landlords, and other business entities.

How Is A Credit Score Determined?

The most commonly used credit scores are FICO scores. They are calculated based upon 5 criteria. Your history of payments, the amount you currently owe, the age of your credit history, new credit accounts, and other factors all have an affect. Some factors (such as your payment history) are weighted more heavily than others (i.e. how much new credit you have). In the end, your score will be between 300 and 850.

It is important to note that your score fluctuates whenever the above factors change. If you max out your credit cards, your credit score will decline. If you significantly lower your credit card balances, your score will rise (other factors remaining the same).

Do You Have A Good Credit Score?

Most consumers’ FICO credit scores are between 600 and 750. These numbers require some explanation. First, most lenders consider any score above 700 to reflect good financial management. Credit scores below 600 suggest that a person has had trouble paying their bills or managing their credit in the past. The higher your score is, the less risk the lender perceives in offering you a loan.

If your credit score is above 700, you will enjoy lower rates, more credit, and greater availability of financial opportunities. Below 700, the picture becomes less clear because some lenders will be more forgiving than others. For example, assume that your credit score is 660. It’s far from perfect, but it’s certainly not catastrophic. You might have high balances on a number of credit cards, and may have even missed a payment. A mortgage lender may be wary of offering you a competitive rate for a 30-year prime loan. But, your bank may be more forgiving if you want to purchase a car.

Improving Your Credit Score Over Time

You won’t be able to hide your credit score from lenders, landlords, and banks. The good news is that you can raise it over time. Remember, your FICO score moves up and down, reflecting changes in the factors I’ve described above. If you establish a history of timely bill payments while reducing the amount of consumer credit you’re carrying, your score will gradually creep up. With diligence, it can climb past the vaunted 700 mark.

Credit scores are not complicated. But, unless your score is approaching 800, relying on a number to reflect your creditworthiness can oversimplify the picture. The important thing is that your score is largely within your control.

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  • angie ross

    How does it affect my credit score if I pay off and cancell my credit cards..

  • David Robarts

    angie — pay off your credit card, but don’t close it. Destroy the card if that helps you to keep the debt off, but the open account is availible credit (a plus) and a history of maintaining an account (a plus – especially if you never missed payments). The only exception would be if your score is getting dinged for having too many revolving accounts – if you have a lot then close the ones that are newer or have low limits first.

  • David Robarts

    BTW – citibank’s web interface lets you make such a request and get an immediate response. This saved my bacon when I accidentally went over my limit one time (I found out because my credit card was refused). I was using the card for everyday purchases and paying it off each month. Sure it’s a bit of a ding on the old credit score in the short term, but in the long term it’s not a problem at all and my card gives me 5 points for every dollar at gas stations and grocery stores – redeemable for checks made out to the holder of my student loans! Anyway, after my card was refused, I checked my account online and saw that I had spent a lot of money in the past couple of months (I had already set up a payment for the previous balance, but they hadn’t credited it yet, so I didn’t think about how much was on it at the time – it’s amazing what car repairs, and trips can do to short term finances). Since then I’ve asked for an increase every few months – such a deal!

  • Jeremy the Credit Freak

    Wow, I thought I had heard it all, but you suprised me. Most people say pay off the debt which is easier said than done. :D

    GREAT tip!

  • Jake

    Several years ago when I was having a little bit of trouble with my credit score, I tried contacting my CC company in an attempt to raise my credit limit. My request was ultimately turned down. This is a great tip if you can actually get it done, but some of us will not be able to. I had to put all my extra money towards paying down my balance. Once my debt/credit limit ratio on my credit cards got below 50%, my score jumped 30 points.

  • Jerome

    My credit score is “45″ (2) digits can you believe it? What can I do about that. It has gotten so low because I owe this kid for some lemonade I got on an IOU.

  • Brandon


    You couldn’t be more wrong. Your pay history is about 30% of your total credit scores. Revolving availability is key to your credit score. It’s simply a game. Keep your balances below 50% of your limit, and you will be good (30% if possible). If you and when you go above 50% of your limits on your cards, it will affect you negatively, and this is the single most important factor when altering your credit scores.
    PS- Anything less than 720 score could affect you when applying for a Mortgage loan currently.

  • Tanya

    I am trying to repair my credit.I was at a 650 when I purchased my home and new car. Then after I got into the house everything starte getting behind. I just paid off 2 credit cards and called one today to reinstate my card, it was closed.My wish was granted. YEAH!!! But I was late on one car payment in 2 years and that is negative. My mortgage is showing behind. I want to increase my score and obviously keep my mortgage up to date. My question is how can I get approved for more credit cards when some wer in colelctions and my score is low???????





  • Dennis

    I am sorry to inform yu that you're wasting money paying off old credit. Credit scores are based upon the last 2 years. Pay down everything under 2 years but don't close. Don't worry about the older stuff. Then keep everything current and on time. After a year your scores will go up.

  • andy

    Hi! I have an American Express credit card. When I applied that credit card, I just have 2000 credit. I have been using that credit card for about 5-6 months. Since I am planning to let my family members to use my credit card, i requested an increase of my credit limit for like 3 times for the past few months. But, they all got denied. My question is that if I request an increase of credit too often, will that hurt my credit score? Thankz!

  • Angela

    I have a credit score of 575. My debt to credit ratio is about at 70% of my available credit. I have three reported negative accounts that are three or more years old. Everything within the last three years is current and no late payments on car, revolving credit or mortgage. Do you believe the only way to get my score raised at this point is to try to get credit limits increased?

  • Angela

    Almost forgot on the negative accounts they are for medical bills and are very low amounts all three are less than $500.00 should I pay them off or will it help?

  • Cheong

    I dun know what to do to build up a good credit history of my credit card. I am having an AmerEx credit card and my limit is 2000. I sometimes spend like 1300 for a month; should I pay more than once for that month to make my due payment LOW. Is this strategy good? Is it bad if I keep paying and paying to keep my due payment low? How much in maximum I can spend on my credit card with a credit limit of 2000? And, why it is that? Thank you!

  • Puck

    You need to get your credit report and dispute everything on there that's negative. Oftentimes, if the debt is old, its more of a hassle for your old cc company to verify the information as correct (they have to by law) than to just say they were wrong. When this happens the bureau has no choice but to remove the "false" reporting.

  • Puck

    With the new scoring system, if the delinquent accounts are less than $100 they won't adversely affect your FICO, even if they are in collections. This was one of the "perks" to consumers for the new FICO 08 system.

  • deanna

    if i make my car payments early and pay a little extra each month will this increase my score? i recently went through a divorce and now my score is about 500 because of it. now I cant get crap. how can I raise it quickly? i have no credit cards, i have my ex to thank for that. any advice would greatly be appreciated.

  • mack daddy

    shoot him

  • Bill

    great tip, the same method and debt to credit ratio trick can be applied not only for credit cards but also when you want to buy a house or get a car loan, etc.

  • ashley

    90% of my debt is school loans that are on deferment. I have one open credit card… and a score of 544. I really want to raise this.. but how? I pay regular on my card, should I open another?

  • Pingback: noxtheking

  • delawrenceblue

    You can raise your credit score from 500 to 750 in 12 to 18 months. You must watch your credit carefully and have a plan that is solid. My plan is to build positive credit by keeping my debt to credit ratio at 10 to 20% of all my credit lines. Making all payments on time by using electronic automatic payments from my checking account to my creditors. Finally, I am only willing to go into debt for a car, house or to buy a franchise business (7 Eleven or Mcdonalds).

  • Rob

    I have a 650 credit score and I have an 80% debt to credit ratio. I've not been late on any payments and have a good credit history. Ny problem was I payed off 2 cards and closed them and now my ratio is too high. Now I know I should have kept them open cause they won't increase my availablity or re-opne them I am looking to re-fi since I need to get some cash out and and a good rate%. I have like 25k cc debt and 20k on home equity line of credit. Should I borrow 15k from my 401k to pay off one of these to get my score up ? Not sure what else I can do in the short term.

  • Tina

    Is there anyway for me to purchase my home after a bankruptcy? I am in a lease to buy home now, and in the contract I have to buy in the next yr or I loose all my money down. This may will be 1 year from discharge. Does anyone know of any lenders who will give me a second chance? I want a mortgage as soon as I can obtain one if at all possible.

  • Doug

    I have multiple revolving accounts(1 mortgage, 2 auto, 1 personal, and 6 cc) with a balance close to the limits on the cc(my cc companies slashed the limit to just above the balance). I was told to pay off all but 2 cc and keep the balance under 40% and that will raise my score(which is 522, had 704). Is this true? Also, is there any other advice to raise my score?

  • JCT

    wow!!! 30 points….how long did it take it to change that high?

  • JCT

    Do you know if all credit card companies report to the bureaus at the same time? I talked to my credit card company today and they said that my particular card gets reported at the end of the month….

  • 2_Blue

    I have always had a low debt to credit ratio. Occasionally I do a balance transfer to reduce interest rates on lager purchases (such as cars). This has worked very well for me in the past. I have no negatives on my credit reports, however, American Express recently reduced my credit limits to almost nothing on all 3 accounts. One of the accounts was a balance transfer only debt. The other two were paid off. I had the transfer paid down to about 40% and always paid 30% or more above the minimum payment. Since the reduction, I am at a 90% ratio on one of the cards that was reduced. I haven't checked my current score, but I lam sure this will effect it.
    Is it better to close accounts that aren't being used, or will this further lower my score? If this lowers my score, how do I raise it again and how long will that take? I NEVER had this problem before and want to prevent it in the future, but I can't control the economy.

  • Christina

    Hi, Im sure im not the only one with this loooong list of credit problems, but I have 6 accounts that are negative closed accounts on my credit report, for overdraft in a bank as well as a macy's card, a student credit card, and an old phone account. I know this must look really irresponsible when applying for new lines, but this was over 5 years ago for pretty much all of these accounts. I have a score of 569, and cannot get approved for anything, not even a student credit card. I am 24 years old now, and have the cash to buy a home, but not the rating to get me approved for anywhere near a decent loan or apr. I really want to try and purchase a home in 2009 so i can qualify for the homebuyer's tax credit but don't want lose all the money I worked so hard to save… continued

    Thank you!

  • Christina

    The last comment cut me off so I've continued…

    I've got only about $700 in debt now, and heard that to close all accounts before buying a home would maybe not be a good idea. Also, i have no revolving accounts right now that can help me boost my score, no credit cards, no car in my name, and remember cannot get approved. How will a company like Lexington Law or any other credit repair company be able to help me with my score when I am not really in debt anymore? If anyone has advice for me I'd be happy to hear it.

  • Sue Grendall

    I have a home in Phoenix, Az that I am letting foreclose. We have one of the worse markets in the nation. I can't sell or rent it. I lost my job and have moved back to Washington State to my daughter's house. I have excellent credit with a score of 745. I know this is going to hurt it a lot. I have a car loan and many credit cards. There are only balances on 2 of my credit cards. I am current with all of them and plan to stay current and pay them all off. My question is once I have a foreclosure on my report does the credit card companies cut off my credit cards?

  • Tara

    I am 22, have never owned a credit card, car nor home. I have one eviction from when I was 18. I just cannot get approved for anything! I believe my score is around 540. And I seem to find no way to help me raise it. I have been paying collections for about a year and a half and done well on making each payment. How can I raise my score and get a credit card so I can finally start building?

  • Emily

    Yes, the credit card companies will reduce all your credit limits. I had my home foreclose in September 2008 and each month after that my CC limits were reduced. As a pay them down they continue to reduce the balance to equal what I owe on them. If I do not have a balance on them or have a very low balance they still reduced the limit or closed the card on me even though I had an excellent credit history with each company for over 5 years. I went from having a 750 score down to 500 simply because of the foreclosure.

  • http://[email protected] Sue Grendall

    What I am finding out now is some of the credit card companies want to raise my interest rates. I have had great credit and have always paid them on time and more than the minimum due. I feel they are going to force me into a bankruptcy when I just want to be able to pay off my credit cards but if they keep raising their interest rates there is no way I can pay my cards off

  • Rina

    I have a credit score of about 649, and I just want to know if that is good? I have four credit lines open, one a school loan that is defferent because I am still in school. I would like to know how to increase my credit score?


    I have a horrible score of 540 I have removed 2 negative accounts on my credit report and disputed just about everything to make the credit bureaus check the terms and conditions of my cards. I have a job interview coming up and I am scared to death they won’t hire me. What can I say or do? Help!


    Does anyone know if a potential employer won’t hire you because of bad credit? I have 23 years of experience in the field I am applying for. If anyone has any experience or knowledge regarding this can you e-mail me back. Would greatly appreciate!

  • claudio

    How many times can i fix my credit score?

  • Jason Kurtz

    I have bad credit how can I get a credit card like you said if my credit sucks? What would I have to do to get one?

  • Carrie

    Not but 4 years ago my credit was in the 780 range. Is it just me or are the credit card companies screwing those of us that had good credit at one time. First they slowly lower your credit limit, so
    that 30% balance everyone talks about goes up higher than you can pay it down. Before you know it your debt to income ratio looks really bad. Then inbetween all of that, they raise your percentage rate without notifying you. Then when you think it couldn’t get any worse, they close your account. So my wonderful 780 credit score that I had and worked on my entire life was just ruined by the credit card companies. When the credit card companies get back on their feet and they want to raise my credit limit and send me special offers, I am going to tell them to ^&&*((*^ OFF!!! Don’t apply for any credit if you don’t have to. Don’t give them a dime more than you need to, right now they don’t care what they are doing to us. As you can tell, I am a little upset about what has happened to me. I haven’t been late on a credit card or loan in 12 years and look what they did to me. Screw them.

  • ROB

    Here’s where I stand:

    1. I checked my credit rating three months ago, and it was, I believe, 480.
    2. I have 25000 cash.
    3. I have 10,000 in debt on five credit cards and one revolving credit account.
    4. I want to purchase a home within the next three to six months.

    QUESTION: Should I pay off the 10,000 debt (but keep the accounts open) so that my credit score is better, or keep all 25,000 in my accounts for a down payment?

  • Shell

    Sorry, but my credit score was 600, I did exactly wahter you are talking about above, applied for 6 credit cards in one night online – Sears, Wal-Mart, Target, JCPenney, Kohls, and Old Navy. My credit score DROPPED TO 544. I was furious and still am. This was in March 09, it is now end of May of 09, my credit score is STILL 544 with only one current delinquent that was on there before, so this is not any different. I will never apply for multiple credit at once.

  • joe

    Yes, pay off the cards but do not close your accounts.

  • Erin

    my husband and I need to improve our credit as quickly as possible in order to qualify for a first time home buyers program. our current score is 580 – we need a 620, we have no credit cards, should we open one and pay it off every month to improve our credit?

  • Cindy

    I am looking to buy my first house. I just found out my credit score is a 629. I have no credit cards and i have just 1 open account for a car and 1 for a furniture store none of these are past due. I have 3 medical bills on my credit, 2 under 100.00 dollars and one that is about 400.00 dollars. And i have an old cell phone company bill from ’05. I dont want any credit cards so how do i raise my score? PLease help me with any info/ advice you have… thanks

  • Chris

    I’m in the same boat as Cindy…
    I have a credit score of 613 EESH SO CLOSE!!! I am franticly trying to raise my score to 620. I have just applied for a secured credit card with a balance of $200. I used Orchard Bank. I put about $50 on the card and now am waiting to see if that does anything.
    I have also enlisted the help of Lexington Law. In just over 2 months they have 6 errors under review, as of right now, one of them has been deleted from my report.

  • Libby

    I had awful credit. It is now over 700. If you have ANY negatives on your credit report use Lexington Law, they are great. They are super easy to work with and I have had 16 items deleted from my credit report in the last 12 months. My score has increased tremendously. While working with Lex. Law I have worked hard on paying down debt, recognizing that this process was going to take about a year to resolve. Patience and hard work, and the good advice of a loan officer (he suggested Lex Law) have really paid off.

    Potential employers may ask to run a credit check on you and, if they do, they are probably the kind of company that will not hire you if you have negative credit. You have the right to refuse to let them, stating that you wish to be hired on your ability to do the job and your job history/references. Their argument is that credit shows character, which as we know, is not always the case (divorce, etc). You can let them know that you prefer to stand on your employment record. This works more than not. Good luck with that one.

    Something that really worked for me, as well, was to be put on a our company card. I saw that the increased credit “line” took my score up about 30 pts. BUT when our office traveled and put about 10K on the card my score fell. Beware. If your company (or whomever you “piggyback” on) cannot pay off the debt quickly your score will plunge.

  • Martina Perry

    You should pay the credit cards down to at least 30% of the balance and that should increase your score greatly.

  • GJP

    I am currently attempting to get house and i was on a strong track until today. I was fighting to get my mid credit score up to a 620 it was at a 617. I was approved for a new credit card and i accepted it under the idea the more credit i have available the better my score will increase. Well it had the exact opposite reaction. Nothing new posted on my credit report besides that and my mid credit score dropped to a 570. What did i do wrong? I am exactly where i was right when i started initially.

  • Brandon Roe

    I have a question this a hard one! I have a brother that is trying to raise his credit score . I have no idea how to tell him how. My parents placed things in his name and basically they charged off , he had a car that he signed for and with my cousin and the car was repossesed within 2 years, and basically he has no open lines of credit so he cant build any credit. I told my brother about lexington law to delete bad credit but i dont know, he is 22 years old and he wants to start building credit now, but everywhere that he tries to apply they turn him down and i feel soo bad for him, i also advised him to go to the social security admin to see if he can get a new number but I do believe that he would have to press charges on my parents since he knows who did it can someone help me figure this out !!!!

  • Reina

    We are wanting to buy a house so we are working on our credit. This is the issues The score is 569 and we need it to 620 but I only have one debt on there which is 400.00 once i pay that off what will happen the only other thing on there is a 13,000.00 loan but it is in good standing and has been. What do I do next.. Please help

  • Angela

    Im using lexington law firm they deleted 4 things from report negative items and score dropped 24 pts

  • april

    Brandon I was in the same boat as your brother, the first thing he needs to do is go to annual credit report . com and get a copy of all three reports. All of the stuff listed as negative dispute based on no knowledge of account. He does not need to go to lexington law or any other credit repair specialist he can do it on his own for free. i have had reposessions and old credit card debt returned checks and everything else removed from my credit simply by disputing stuff online myself. after he has done this have him call up a few small finance companys in your area and ask then to do a rebuild your credit loan. they need to stay on his credit at least 6 months to a year and they make it very easy to refinance and will tell him a bunch of junk about how it looks better on your credit if you keep rifinancing. that is a straight up lie DO NOT refiance and loan from a finance company it drop your credit score. Pay it off on time and then apply for new creidt else where. It is a slow process but it is the only process that works.

  • april

    Unless you have tons of money, and in which case if you do then you shouldnt have badd credit, time is the only way to raise your score dramatically. I am so tired of these so called credit repair specialist charging a fee for what we can do for free and then telling us to pay off all bad debt. Well hell if i had 5 or 10 thousand dollars laying around just to use to pay off bad debt then i wouldnt have any bad debt to pay off. BEST SOLUTION obtain a copy of all three reports. Once you have your electronic report you have the option of disputing inaccurate information. Dispute EVERYTHING that is or may be a negative item on all three reports. You can also mail in a dispute but hey we are trying to raise scores and save money as well its all free to do it via online disputes. This takes about 30 -45 days for the credit bureas to investigate and up date your reports. But it does work I have had repossessions, charge offs, returned checks and everything else removed form my reports. And be aware inquiries on your report effect your score greatly. dispute all of those on the equifax report based on the fact they did have your permission. it will raise your score 25-45 points. I had 37 inquires removed and raised by score 32 pts. Keep all current debt current and be patient

  • Lori

    i just payed off a loan that was just reciently sent to the credit bureau how do i go about getting them to take it off my report. i was told by someone that the bank would ha to fax documents stating that the loan had been payed in full. is this correct?

  • Faithhopelove

    When are in that situation, it is best that you get a secured card. If you continue to try for a regular credit card with bad credit not only are you being to continue to be denied, but your credit score is going down because of the inquires. With a secured card, you put a deposit in with a bank as collateral. Your credit limit is worth whatever the amount of your deposit is. Most banks require a minimum of $300 as your deposit. Make sure you get one with a reputable bank such a Wells Fargo, Bank of America, etc. that is FDIC. Also, make sure the bank reports to all 3 bureaus and that they don’t report it as a secured card. Typically you will have to pay an annual fee, but there are some banks that don’t charge a fee. Obviously you could save yourself money if you get a low annual fee and keep in mind that the APRs are going to be on the higher in, but I suggest you use the card to charge a small amount and pay it off right away before the bill comes. Don’t use it regularly as some would do with regular card. Finally go with a bank that will offer you a regular credit card with them atfer you establish a good paying history with them (usually 12 months)

  • Faithhopelove

    I understand why you are angry. It’s not right for them to do customers like that, but honestly you have to remember it’s all game. It’s all about money. Not only that, but they can get you with loopwholes and fint print. You may not have been late with your payments that you are aware of, but did you know that if they receive just one payment 1 day late, (not even 30 days) or even 1 minute late that they can charge you a higher APR. In additon to that, any other credit cards you have can charge you a higher APR as well as a result of being late on any of your credit cards. As much as it sucks you have to stay on top of your game. You don’t want to just write them off because number one you need good credit in this day in age to get just about anything you want or need. You might feel like you don’t need credit now, but at some point in your lifetime you or someone in your family that you need to help like your spouse, children, etc might need your help will need credit. Number 2 if you close out this account or any others it could really hurt your credit score even more. Closing out your older or oldest accounts drops your score like a ton of bricks. It’s best to keep your oldest accounts and only close out the newer ones if you absolutely have to close one. Don’t use your credit cards regularly. Purchase a small amount amonthly to keep your account active and listed as good on your credit report and pay it off in full before the bill even gets to you (carrying a balance isn’t good for your score). If you don’t already, pay it online to avoid it getting to them late in the mail or lost in the mail, etc. Finally when you do get your score raised, ask to have your credit limits increased because it will raise you debt to credit ratio and in turn shoot your credit score up even more. Google raising your credit score and you will learn so much info that you might not be aware to get your score back up quickly. Hope this helps.

  • Faithhopelove

    Even though it’s kind of a tough call because I know you would like to keep the money for the down payment, the truth is with a credit score that low you’re not likely to find a mortgage company that would be able to work with you or a finiancial institute to give you a loan. You are going to have to use that money to get that debt paid off and raise your credit score. I know you want to get a home in the next 3 to 6 months, but you might have to slow down a bit if you can because the better your score 750 or more, the better off you will be with your home loan, APR, etc. Not only that, but you can raise more money so that you can have a down payment. Keep in mind that just paying the debt off doesn’t guarantee it will raise your score significantly. I don’t know the status of your credit card situation such as if any are in collections, how high your debt to credit ratio is on them all, how old your accounts are, etc. Not only that, but there could be other things that have contributed to your score being low. Without knowing the whole story, all I can tell you is that if those credit cards are still open and have not been sent to collections, talk with the credit card companies to agree to either remove the negative debt once you have made payment or reage your account so that again that negative info isn’t showing. PLEASE GET ANY ARRANGEMENT/AGREEMENT IN WRITING BEFORE SENDING ANY MONEY. Once you are back in good standing with them wait about a month or two and ask them to increase you credit limit (this will cause you to have a higher debt to credit ratio and shoot your schore up). Keep in mind don’t use your cards regularly and only use a small amount that you can and will pay off in full every month before the bills even comes. Google raising your credit score quickly and you can get some really good info that you may not be aware to help you raise your score more quickly. Hope it helps.

  • Faithhopelove

    Anything is possible, and I say that as a disclosure because of what I’m about to sad. As you well know negative info stays on your credit report for 7 sevens. What I hate to tell you that even if you pay off the debt it stays on your credit report for 7 years. It’s unfair, but that is how it goes with credit reports. What is best for you to do if you ever find yourself in that situation is to make an arrangement with the creditor that in exchange for your payment (full amount of settlement) they will remove the negative info off of you credit report. ALWAYS REMEMBER TO GET THINGS LIKE THIS IN WRITING BEFORE YOU SEND ANY MONEY. I say anything is possible because there is a small chance that you can negotiate with the creditor to remove it since you just paid it off, but don’t be surprised or upset if they don’t do it because they have already gotten what they wanted…the money. If they don’t do it, it’s one of those life lessons that we learn from experience. Always research ie. on google, etc and learn more about your credit report, bureaus, raising your score and much more so that next time you armed with knowledge. Hope this helps.

  • Traveil

    hi, I have a Credit score of 535 and i never even had a credit car. The only thing i have had was Cell phones and house phones and Utilitys in my name also i have had bank account that have been charge off. and one repo. I would like to know how to i raise my credit score if i cant get a credit card for nothing in this world every time i apply i get denied how do i fix this i am ready to buy a house and this is ruining my life please help me please

  • Above600

    Hi, I am trying to buy a house and I need to raise my Credit Score from 603 to at least 640 within the next 2 months. I have 3 CC and owe about 75%, also I have 2 car loans which I owe under $7,000 on…. I have about $5,000 in medical bills which range from 2003 – 2007. What is the best way to raise my score and should I bother with the medical right now?

  • Above600

    yes they all are reported at the same time

  • Angela

    My fiance and I are trying to buy a house. After the first pull of credit we saw that his credit score was too low. We paid off 5 out of the 6 cards he had open. We did not close them. Some of them, he had missed a payment. I understand why his credit is bad. It has been close to 60 days, and his credit score has not improved! It doesn’t even show that we paid the cards off! What should we do now?

  • Branden

    I recently paid off a few debts. It took around 3 months (90 days) for this to actually show up on all 3 of my credit reoorts. After my score jumped almost 100 points!!

  • Mia

    I am in the process of cleaning up my credit and I don’t have any revolving credit. What credit card company should I start with? Last month my fico was 649, but I have paid off a few more debts since then. I did read your advice on how to build my credit score in little or no time, but again, which company do you suggest I begin with?

  • Terry

    I paid off my car and a personal loan, over 75% of credit card debt…. MY SCORE CRASHED!! 100 points

  • Lori

    My fiance and I are trying to buy a home.. Well we located a morgage company and we told them we where intrested in buying a home, well she ran my fiances credit and she said that it showed that he had some items out that where past due, we had no clue what she was talking about.. Well we called the company where these items where and we where told that his x wife took items out under his name.. We made a report, but what can we do credit wise cause it has dropped his score quite a bit..

  • Erin

    My husband and I just found that we have No credit score and have found the home of our dreams. While we see the benefit in starting out with a clean credit slate, this home will not be available for very long. What can we do to build our score and FAST? very fast!!! please help

  • Jamie Alkire

    i have zero credit…what can i do?

  • Bummed

    We have found the home of our dreams but my husband has a 531 credit score and a good income. We have a small credit history and small down payment. No one seems to be willing to go out on a limb and loan us the money. I can see the dream home from my back door and it seems I am watching in get further and further away. Help, what can we do.

  • Cinnamon

    My husband and I went to get a loan for a house. I knew we had no credit but hoped sense I had enough cash for half they would loan the rest. Bank got back and said we each had a negative 99 credit score so denied us the loan. We have tried to get credit cards but always denied because of the lack of it not because of money owed.Now we have a neg because we pay everything with cash. Help what can we do.

  • tim

    get a “secured” credit card and keep a balance of approx 15% of your limit on the card at all times for a couple of months and that will help build up your score.

  • tim

    not they dont all report at the same time. they usually report at the end of every statement cycle. you can always try to call, mail, or email the credit card company and ask that they update your info. Chase is really good about it if you get the right person, I had a 21 point score increase in 4 days because they update the balances to the bureaus. you can always file an “online dispute” through the credit agencies and dispute the account balances. this will push through updating the info sometimes faster than the credit card company.

  • JEN

    I don’t have a credit score at all. Where do I begin?

  • salva

    my credit score is 603 i have one credit card and some medical bills i want to pay them off but the account were closed i want to improve my credit to buy a house next year i dont know what to i want to call some agencies that help you pay your debts but i was not qualify for the program what to hel my credit .

  • http://[email protected] Mark

    My wife and I have made great improvments in our credit scores we have pay off everthing and have not been late with anything in 14mos yet we were still denied a home loan are there any banks out there that will work with us plesaes help 1st time home buyers who just want a small peace of the amriecan dream.

  • Jana

    I am going through credit repair now and it doesnt really matter when the card company itself reports the burrows all report any activity on the 25th of every month.

  • Catherine

    actually get two if you can—I am working to improve my credit score this way. but beware there are fees and some that advertise as secured are actually prepaid and there are certain ways to build credit that way.

  • Catherine

    no not all companies report to all three bureaus

  • Roseann

    I just got a $25,400 auto loan but had to put $5000 into a savings account that i cant touch and the bank cant touch until i bring my credit score up and qualify for the loan on my own but the money i put into that account was my year worth of payments, so now i have to come up with the payments out of my paycheck but i also have a family to take care of. they told me i need to open up two more lines of credit buy some stuff make the payments on time then keep checking to see if i qualify yet. i keep getting denied credit cards so now what am i supposed to do???????HELP

  • JJM

    Open a secured credit card I was denied one at my own bank but was approved for a capital one secured mastercard the terms and fees suck but its the price you pay for a credit rating.

  • lis

    hi my name is lisa and iam a high school graduate who is trying to attend college but is unable to get a loan due to my bad credit. my credit score is 515 which is horrible and iam only 19 years old. so now iam unable to get a loan to help pay for school. and the messed up part about it is that i only owe 600 bucks!!!…soo i need to know after i pay that 600 dollars how long will it take for my credit score to rise and what can i do to make it go higher???

  • camie

    Now that you’ve paid off some of your credit cards try disputing with the tree major credit bureaus, they should all come back paid in full and should raise your score..

  • Stacey

    i’m trying to increase my credit score and i have two collections that i didn’t know about. but i paid them. will that increase my FICO score? and i also have department credit card that i paid off awhile back, but i don’t use them anymore. and there close. should i continue to use them or reopen them? or get a new credit card and charge it alittle and pay on time? what should i do? i’m lost.

  • Pamela B

    We went through the same exact thing, or we are going through it right now I should say. Although my fiance’s credit is 587, we have pretty much lost hope. What did you and your husband end up doing?

  • justin

    I JUST CAME OFF ACTIVE DUTY have a horrible score and owe several different companies but dont know how to contact them because i have move so much my mail never get forwarded i need to know a completely free websiteto get ahold of these people not just a trial then pay website please help

  • T. MONEY


  • http://[email protected] Carlton Craig

    1. you mentioned that there are 5 credit cards to apply for to raise your credit , but fail to say who they are.
    2. my score is in the high 500′s,so how do i get my credit raised if no one will give you me a credit card. the only debt i have is a wal mart card and a car and i am on my wife car as a co-signer we are in an appartment and want to owen our owen wife makes 96-100 k yr and i make 60 k. and her score is in the mid 600 what do we do or can we do.

  • Didi

    Will paying off a revolving credit card boost my credit score higher then a normal credit card?

  • Leslie Card

    I am trying to erase m credit card debt as well build credit and raise my
    credit score.Please help me

  • Leslie Card

    what are he unsecured companies that will help me build up my credit

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  • Moria

    Ok I have a credit score of 380. That’s right 380. We had decent credit, but my husband had to retire due to medical reasons. Now we have so much debt. We make our house payment every month and even pay extra. The bad thing is that it is an owner financing. It doesn’t report on our credit. We have pulled our credit reports and disputed everything bad. Yeah that didn’t work. I signed up with a credit monitoring program and it showed everything I disputed was put back on as if it had just happened. That lowered my score even more (380). It was a 510 before that. Now I don’t know what to do. We are trying to buy a little bigger home as I have 2 children a boy and a girl and they need their own bedrooms and we have a 2 bedroom place now. Does anyone know of anything that can help? Oh and I tried lexington law. I will never go back to them. They took their sweet time bout doing anything with negative items and we paid them a lot of money and they never removed anything.

  • Mary

    I’m a college student, age 23, and have never had a credit card. I still live at home with my family. I have applied a few times for a credit card, and I’ve been denied because I don’t have any previous credit. What should I do?

  • Joe160

    Alright so between my wife and I we are about 4,500 in debt mostly medical bills. We didn’t pay on most of them for over a year and now we are paying 160 a month between all 6 bills. My credit is 577. I’m trying to start a small business NOW this summer so i can save up for this winter when i get laid off. I need in between 20-30 grand to start up. What are my options? how can I get a loan for that amount with a score that crappy?

  • Larry Hinderliter

    I went through a bad divorce 7 years ago and found out that she had 2 credit cards in my name. This was done after the separation. I called the credit card companies and I told them that I did not sign the original forms. They said that I owed them 8000 on one and 6000 on the other. I sent them letters disputing this and they said that because at the time that they were filled out we were married and that I am responsible for the bills. They are still on my credit report. My score went from 780 to 560. I gave them her info and they told me that I am responsible for the cards should I settle this for a smaller amount and request that they remove it off my report. I really need this off my report. Please Help Larry

  • Earl Smith

    It took me a little while to build my credit as well. Once I started getting more familiar with how the whole credit thing worked I became more cautious as to when I paid my bills and how I paid them. I now have a new delima. My wife and I both have scores over 750 and have really good jobs. We are currently trying to purchase an inground swimming pool and cannot get a loan. Seems that every bank is wanting to use our Equity for the loans. Well, with the economy the way it is, we lost all of our equity. So now what do you do. We are at the point where we feel we work really hard for nothing. We did find a lending company but they denied us because of too many inquirees in the past six months. Not sure where that came from. We recently refinanced our home and searched around like we were supposed to to find the lowest and best rate. We were always told to inquire all in the same week and it will not affect your report. WRONG!!!! Those were the only inquirees and we still got denied. Anyone know of a pool lending company that can help people in Ohio??

  • Mr Bob Diamond

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  • Mrs Ruth

    Hello every one,
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  • Tony

    Get a SECURED credit card as YOU can deposit YOUR money and set YOUR credit limit.
    Hope this will help!!!

  • Jess C

    I hope to god you didn’t close accounts! That dings your credit score! I found this out the hard way.

  • Debbie

    My husband is the one with the good credit. We recently bought a new car and are closing on a home in a few days. His three credit scores when we were approved for the mortgage were 756, 670 & 668. So he applied for a personal loan today and was denied for “too many recent credit inquires”. His income is $43 thousand a year and the only debt is the car at $360 a month and a student loan for our daughter totaling $5 thousand. So I know the debt to income ratio can’t be a factor. Any ideas of where to get a loan and how? We want it for new furniture, etc. for the new house.

  • Gabriella

    Applying for that many cards at once shows that you are intending to take a large risk. This shows the credit bureaus that you are not sure that you will be able to pay them back. I was rejected the first time I applied for a credit card, but had a parent with good credit co-sign for it. Within 3 months, I received about 50 offers for other credit cards.

    I was then able to establish a great credit over a few years, and then went looking for a new car. When the dealership checked my credit score, it was a hard inquiry, which, in the same light, showed that I was getting ready to take a large risk, so my credit then took an 18 point nose dive. Luckily, about 4 or 5 months later, it went up 23 points.

  • Gabriella

    Get a friend or family member, with good credit, to open a credit card with you. You have to make all payments on time though or your loved one’s score will be negatively affected.

  • Shampt

    I have a score of 658 with a few negatives on my report, I paid one off cause it waas fairly new(cell phone company) and another I am disputing,(old medical bill) which have been paid off by the insurance co. for two years. The rest are all paid and just hanging around for the 7 yr. time frame. Will this affect me in anyway on applying for a morgage loan? I only have 1credit card witha small limit.. but I have taken out a small secure loan and paid it in full yo help boost up my points.. I’m trying to avoid paying a co. to repair my credit cause it is so costly, What do you recommend in my situation.

  • charles_scherer

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    Make sure you accurately compare lower down payments and lower interest


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