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QuickBooks, a subsidiary of Intuit, has been in business for the last fifteen years.  QuickBooks has a proven track record of reliability and quality when it comes to making accounting easier for the business owner.  Every year QuickBooks introduces new, upgraded software making it more and more effective.  This year in 2008 the software was improved in regards to accountants, making it easier for businesses to share information with accountants.

Using Quickbooks

The home page organizes the business in the form of a flow chart, accounting every transaction for a quick overview.  When the user moves the mouse over the separate areas, the QuickBooks Coach will give more information about how to use the flow chart more effectively.

The help section of QuickBooks is an extensive library of never-ending information.  It is recommended to leave the window open as the user works for quick referencing.  An even greater feature is the left sidebar because it will provide continuous help as the user works.  This gives greater ease when working so the user doesn’t have to switch back and forth from window to window.

Older versions of QuickBooks did not allow the user to continue working while an accountant was reviewing the files.  In the latest version this kink has been worked out, allowing more time to get more done.

Invoicing with Quickbooks

QuickBooks will automatically send invoices via email from Outlook, Outlook Express and Windows Mail.  A record of what was sent is stored in the email sent folder for future reference.  Once the email is received, the customer can pay directly from the email by clicking a link.

Time Tracker is another aspect that makes QuickBooks stand out from other accounting software.  Time Tracker allows employees to record their hours worked, making it easy at the time of payroll.  Employees are also given the capability of submitting billable time through Outlook which automatically will transfer into QuickBooks.  This feature cuts down on the time taken to gather and review employee hours.  This feature is optional but is available for a 60-day free trial period.

QuickBooks also has the added feature of Google Maps.  This feature enables customers and the business owner alike, to find addresses easily.  This information can be sent to a cell phone to help customers, employees or vendors find their way.

Quickbooks & Turbo Tax

One of the most convenient features of QuickBooks is the ability to interface with Turbo Tax.  When Tax time comes, the hassle is already taken care of and perfectly organized to get through the end of the year with ease.

QuickBooks Basic has been discontinued.  The available basic version is Simple Start but does not import data from higher versions of QuickBooks.  QuickBooks Pro is recommended for small businesses as it provides the necessary tools and features specific to small businesses.

QuickBooks is highly recommended for simple accounting practices.  The software takes care of the grueling details of financially running a business.  QuickBooks will save any small business owner time and money.  More information can be found at www.quickbooks.com.

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