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newegg promo codeUpdated: TODAY – Current Newegg Promo Codes

Getting up to date, actually valid promo codes from Newegg is hard on the web. Luckily we bring in the latest codes and coupons every 4 hours right here. We guarantee each code is working & valid to keep your wallet fat. Please let us know if one is broken. Check out the newest newegg promo codes below.

Newegg Promo Code

newegg promo code
newegg promo codes
During the checkout process is where you input your promo code. See the picture to the right to see exactly where to paste the code. Not exactly rocket science, but you’d be surprised how often people miss that little text box. According to the Newegg checkout page, “Stacking is not permitted. If multiple codes are entered for the same item, only the first promo code will apply.” So don’t bother trying more than one code, just pick the best code and go for it. Address
16839 E. Gale Ave.
City of Industry, CA 91745
Ref: so# (write your order number here)

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My Newegg Review

I used Newegg to buy a very fancy 24p video camera a few years ago, and the experience was very positive. 4/5 stars.


The shipping was fast. Lowest price from a reputable retailer that I could find.


The website itself I found a bit cluttered. It’s a bit overwhelming in a visual sense. It was hard to me to find exactly the product I was looking for. The packaging of the very expensive video camera was not sufficient in my opinion for such an expensive item. Luckily nothing was broken.

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Newegg now doing textbook rentals

Update August 17th, 2011 – has announced that they are now joining Chegg, Amazon, Barnes & Noble and others in offering textbook rentals to college and university students. Beginning this fall Newegg will have over 25,000 college textbooks available to rent. The market leader Chegg has really brought the textbook rental market into it’s own. When I was in college fancy-pants stuff like this didn’t exist. You bought old textbooks from your roommate or just got reamed paying full price. Oh well. If any coupon or promo codes get added for the program I will be sure to update on this page.

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  • michele michotte

    i have an account with Newegg, and was in the process of purchasing 2, for right now, 4 more before Christmas, of the TOSHIBA Thrive AT105-T108 Tablet NVIDIA Tegra 2 1.00GHz 10.1″ 1GB DDR2 Memory 8GB Storage NVIDIA ULP GeForce
    I was hoping to be able to get a coupon code towards the purchase of these items…it will be an $800 purchase now, and another $1600 in the beginning of November…that is, unless the nieces and newhews ask for this as a gift, then there will be 8 more needed, to the tune of $3,200 more. Hope that you can accomodate me, and get us all on the road to being a business and family of Toshiba Thrive owners. By the way, our business account is under National Pike Enterprises…we are new to purchasing from Newegg, and we are looking forward to a pleasant experience!

    Thanks, Michele D. Michotte
    P.S. Hope to hear from you asap so that we can get the first 2 on their way to the door!