Options Express (OptionsXpress.com) Review And $100 Bonus


$100 bonus – Is back! You must make 3 trades to receive your $100 bonus in your account! Sweet. click here.

Important Update: I can no longer recommend OptionsXpress. If you want great service, and killer rates (like, free trades), you should really open an account at Zecco. I’m moving all my stocks over there in the next few weeks.

To open an account with Zecco (my #1 online broker): Click HERE

I love Options Express. options express

Well, it’s actually OptionXpress, but no matter. Options Express or OptionsXpress, they are still hands down one of the best online brokers. Especially for, obviously, Options. Better IMO than Zecco.

OptionsXpress Options Trading

The best part of trading with Options Express is there myriad of tools for the options trader. Really ridiculously useful tools too. I still have an account there, back from when I used to trade options quite a bit. I won’t tell you how much I lost trading options (alot), but it wasn’t because of the broker. That was all me.

Commission Rates

Options rate start at $12.95 for up to 10 contracts, and $9.95 for up to 100 shares.

Options Education

Options Express also offer a huge variety of Options Webinars on topics including:

  • Managing “Greek” Risk
  • Trading Options on the VIX
  • Options Pricing
  • Covered Calls
  • Many More
  • Intro to Futures


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