NutriSystem Review 2011

number1picksmallMy top pick even over NutriSystem for losing weight with a food delivery service is…

So, I hate cooking. I hate cooking not because I hate food, exactly the opposite, actually.

I hate cooking because I just don’t do it enough. I eat quick, fast food, that are terrible for me. I do exercise a bit, so I have that going for me, but I’m seriously considering Nutrisystem. I think it could be perfect for the web working like myself who just doesn’t have the time to go and needs to lose some pounds.

Nutrisystem Facts

Nutrisystem is a publicly traded company. And not some penny stock crap. They have nearly a half-billion dollar market cap, and even a hefty 4.8% dividend at the time I’m writing.

But enough about stocks. Let’s get to the details of their home delivery diet.

Nutrisystem Diet

The thing that I like most about this system is that I get the food delivered too me! I love that. Yes, it isn’t cheap to do this option, but I’m a productive person, you know? Why should I waste time shopping, or in lines, or at overpriced restaurants when the food could come to my doorstep? Anyway…

The standard Nutrisystem services delivers 28-days worth of food, directly to your door. They also offer a “Nutrisystem Flex” program that is only a 5-day a week program.

Here’s some pictures of some of the Nutrisystem meals (these are from the “Men’s Menu”



There are tons more Dinners, check them out HERE.




See more Nutrisystem lunches HERE…

The Free Trial Offer (1 week of food free)freetrial nutrisystem

I’m going to try out the free trial offer they have. You basically get 7 days of food free, which is awesome.

Happy Eating, from my tummy to yours.

Click HERE to check the 7 day free food offer.

Seriously Though…

If you want to just lose weight….go with Medifast. and use these $50 off medifast coupons.

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