Netflix vs. Blockbuster Online – Who’s #1?

Renting movies at home has become a vital part of the home entertainment world. Netflix came up with a simple and effective way to get movies to your door soon after its conception in 1999. You can rent DVD’s by mail for a flat monthly fee of around $9.99 per month.

To compete with Netflix brilliant plan of not leaving your home to rent movies, Blockbuster started their online success with Blockbuster Total Access.

Who wins Blockbuster or Netflix?

Both plans have their pros and cons, but I have decided on a clear winner, and Ill layout both plans in detail. Before deciding on a winner yourself, ask yourself a few questions. How many videos do you rent on avg. each month? Is driving to a movie store a drag? Once you’ve answered these questions, picking the winner Netflix or Blockbuster is a synch. Let’s see if I can’t sway you toward my home rental service of choice.

Blockbuster’s In-store Returns

Netflix cannot compete with Blockbuster’s in-store exchanges (except with what I mention in the next paragraph). With free unlimited exchanges at any local blockbuster store, you can rent online and still have that urge to watch a movie the same day it comes out or change movies the same night. Netflix rental queues are great, planning ahead on the movies you want to see and reserving them. But, the convenience of next day delivery has been matched by Blockbuster, and with 2,000 locations, you can return them almost as easy as putting them back in the mail. Something you have to look out for is fees. While blockbuster online has no late fees or return dates, as well as Netflix; if you return your movie in-store you may be have a return date depending on the release of the movie. If visiting Blockbuster store fits into your schedule, then it is a more convenient and viable option.

Netflix Streaminng – Incredible

Netflix counters and seriously kicks Blockbuster’s rear with their online streaming library. They have thousands of movies available on demand to stream to your computer or TV with a compatible device (xbox 360, etc). This is my favorite feature of Netflix. I just finished the 1st season of the O.C. by watching it online with Netflix Watch Instantly. Love. It.

Blockbuster Fees vs. Netflix Fees


And the winner is….Netflix. No Contest.

While it’s great to be able to exchange movies in store. The whole reason I got Netflix was to AVOID the store. And with Netflix Watch Instant’s huge library, there are thousands of movies and show’s for me to watch, at no charge.

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  • Jared Conley

    It Really Comes Down to Just One Thing:

    And that's whether or not you like the convenience of in store returns. BB has made it very easy for in store renters to try out the occasional online rental. Netflix edges them out in most online rental areas (except the throttling of new releases), but can't compete with the physical locations of BB. I've used both and am a current Netflix user, but finding myself at Redbox a couple times per month when I really want to see a movie.

  • steve krapov

    rubbish ! Blockbuster is weak . Only certain store take back the movies. The movies selection is lower .

  • Erik Green

    Peesonally believe Netflix is a lot better more bang for your buck, also Blockbuster has way too many hidden cost main reason I left them.

  • Cynt Humphrey

    You cannot beat the online movie streaming that is INCLUDED in your plan.Blokbuster charges extra for that. I have my puter hooked up to my flat screen. It’s a no-brainer, and Blockbuster does have hidden costs. I was with them for 7 years.

  • Hi

    Peesonally, i peesonally believe peesonally is not a word. I mean, peesonally, learn to spell!