MyFico Promotional Code

You should really NEVER pay full price at

Top “promotional code”:

When you checkout at MyFico, on step 2. User Agreement, there is a “Promotional Code” box. Input the code exactly into this box to see your savings on the checkout screen.

My Fico does a pretty good job about offering decent discounts and coupons. So I will keep this updated through 2008 and into 2009. Getting your credit score in January or at the end of December is always a good option.

Please Confirm Codes

Once you’ve used these codes, please confirm them as still valid (in your comment), so as to keep a nice current thread going. Thanks! ~ DebtKid

MyFico Scores

So, what does the score report look like from MyFico? Well, I just ordered my score from them last month, and they’ve streamlined how they layout your score and report. I really like it actually. Here’s a screenshot from my latest pull on my score:

myfico promotional code

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    • Elo

      MW01 is over

    • pursuit51

      worked thanks!

    • Roz

      still working

    • joe

      still worked on september 23rd. thanks!

    • Kenny

      September 27th, still working.

    • Kat

      10/01/08- still working

    • Charlie

      Still works on October 3rd 20008

      Thanks alot guys – saved me about $10!

      By the way…..for those of you that use (which are Fako’s) My true real Fico score from was about, on average, 20 points higher on all three credit bureaus than they are on true credit….Surprisingly!

    • Jen

      Thanks! you saved me like 10 bucks or so!!

    • Dani

      Valid 10/10/08

    • Jerry

      Still works !!!

    • Jamie

      worked today! 20% off

    • KA

      worked today -thanks

    • heidi

      worked 10/22

    • Stephanie


    • T

      Still works

    • L Reese

      You guys rock.

      Working well 20% off!

      On NOv 11th. 2008

    • Travis

      the 20% off promo code still works as of November 12th, 2008

    • KCMG

      20% off promo code still works as of November 23rd, 2008

    • Craig

      that's awesome – got 20% off with this promo code – used it today 12/4/08

    • SNF

      20% off still working on 12/5/08

    • trail2tears

      Still rocking 20%

    • Danielle

      still working and got 20% off on 12/16/08

    • ds111htown

      Still work!!! 12/16/2008

    • pam

      It worked today. Got two scores and would normally cost $31.90, paid just $25.52 with the promo code.

    • realhaoren

      12/31/08, still works, thanks

    • jacko

      01/0408…still works. thanks!

    • GForce

      1/05/09….still working, 20% off….thanks!

    • Cred Checker

      1/14/09 – still works

    • Cornish game hen

      MW01 No workie "The Promotional or Gift Code you have entered is either invalid or expired."

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    • vankaype

      It worked, even for Suze Orman's FICO kit. Saved $10. (reg $49.96, actual cost $39.96). Thank you.

    • nic

      1/24/09 IT WORKED!! Thanks!

    • John

      worked….THANKS! Got all 3 reports for just over $35!

    • Rina

      20% worked today! Saved $10!!! Thanks so much! :)

    • jj's

      This worked like a charm Suszi orman's went from 49 to 39.95. beauty

    • jrrrr

      working perfectly, 2/7/09

    • leon

      Thanks! It works!

    • jose

      Worked today!

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