MyCorporation Review 2011 + Coupon Code

I love anything Intuit touches.mycorporation

No seriously, they are one those companies where everything they do rocks. TurboTax? Killer. Quicken Online? I use it.

Now from the makers of those find products comes another quality company:


As you can imagine from the title, MyCorporation helps you incorporate your business simply, and easily, online and for significantly less than you’d pay anywhere else.

Hands down, if you’re going to incorporate your business (which you should! for many reasons. See their website for better info on that), you should go with MyCorporation.

Free Filing Offer

MyCorporation is offering “Free for December” where you can file at MyCorporation for FREE.

Corporation pricing varies depending on which state you are organizing your corporation in. California for example has a slightly lower state fee than say, Nevada.

Free Shipping

MyCorporation offers free shipping on all products.

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MyCorporation Coupon

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image Intuit, creators of My Corporation have done an amazing job with TurboTax Quick books and now have outdone themselves with MyCorporation. With a My Corporation coupon you can get the raved Intuit service for less.

I have searched the web for the best My Corporation coupon and this one tops them all. The coupon above is always updated and current. There are so many great deals around, you just have to know where to look. It looks like you came to the right place.

With this coupon you are guaranteed to get a great deal including free LLC and Inc. I don’t think you can get that with any other company on the web. I think Intuit is the best. I just did my taxes with TurboTax online. It was free, simple, and I got money back. Great services for even better prices

About My Corporation

My Corporation gives you the means to successfully run and protect your “corporation” or business. They help business men and women save on taxes and get liability protection as well as professional assistance if you need it. There are no hidden costs or fees for their service. They have been around for 12 years and continue to set the bar for great, affordable service and products.

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  • Michelle

    They're offerng FREE incorporations & LLCs AGAIN – in December…it seems unbelievable – I trust them, though – they're owned by Intuit, and Intut is awesome! If you don't want it filed until next year, ask for "delayed filings" and they can hold it for you until next year. You can also rush it so that it's filed really quickly in 2009!

  • Brenda

    This is a great opportunity to begin the incorporation process! You can even choose the delayed filing option and MyCorporation will hold off on filing until the new year (so that you do not get taxed for this year). It is wonderful to see Intuit giving back to the small business community…especially during this hard economic time.

  • Madison

    This is perfect for anyone who is thinking of starting their own business. It's great that MyCorporation is offering FREE incorporations and LLCs again…this way more people can take advantage of this special offer.

  • Marilyn

    In this economy, I do not know if my job is secure, so it is a good time to start my own business, just "in case" . This FREE offer is timed perfectly for me! Now, I can protect my personal assets and incorporate my new business.

  • Deborah

    Just be careful if you plan on starting a business you dont have a business plan for. Some states will hit you with franchise taxes even if you dont business with a corporation or LLC. in CA its an $800 minimum even if you dont do any business. oh and remember no such thing as a free lunch. be careful.

  • Jean Paul Carufo

    We attempted to use My Corporation to register our LLC early last February. We waited so long for their filng that we went ahead and filed with the State of Oregon ourselves. When My Corporation finally got around to filing our LLC in mid March, Oregon refused their filing stating our LLC already existed. My Corporation then cancelled our order, but never again contacted us or refunded our money. In January of this year, while preparing our End of Year Report, we realized that we had never received anything from My Corporation. I contacted My Corporation Customer Service and was told they had cancelled our acount, but needed to do a little more research about our account status. I was guaranteed a return call by their ‘customer service lead’ the next day, but it never happened. I called back over a week later only to be again told that our account had been cancelled by them and they would now process a refund to our credit card (only AFTER my call) in 7 to 10 days. What can I say, terrible customer service. My advice if you know you need a LLC filing is to do it yourself! Both the Federal EIN and your state buisness name filing is typically on line and only takes minutes. Save yourself some heartache and money by not dealing with My Corporation.

  • Dana Case

    Thank you for your correspondence, Mr. Carufo. I would like to start by apologizing. We seek for every customer to have an extraordinary experience at MyCorporation, and because your experience was not to your satisfaction, we apologize. With that said, our records demonstrate that when your order was placed, the name you sought to register was taken with the Secretary of State. It is our process to ensure the name is available prior to submitting it to the state so as to save you the filing or ‘rejection’ fees in the event that the name is not available. Our records further show that we reached out to you on multiple occasions to obtain a different corporate name that was acceptable by the state. It has come to our attention, however, that you filed the paperwork – which is the reason that the name was not available when it was ordered last February. We maintained the file ‘on hold’, and immediately refunded your credit card (in takes 7-10 days for the credit card companies to issue the refund) upon communication from you – even though the communication came almost a year after you placed your order. Again, we would like to apologize and would be happy to offer you a complimentary additional service at no cost to you. We seek to maintain 100% satisfaction of our customers and look forward to working with you to make sure that your experience is extraordinary. In addition, we wish you the best in your business endeavors.