Moving to Portland, OR

Being engaged is a strange place in life. You’re no longer just “dating” and yet, you’re not yet married.

It’s a heck of a lot of waiting.

Waiting to move (more on this).

Waiting to live together (til after we are hitched).

Waiting for checks to come so I can pay off more debt (I want to pay off my car this month!)

Wait. Wait. Wait.

I swear, I’ve read more news and blog posts in the last two weeks than I have in the last few months.

I’m trying not to spend much money on my business right now, keep costs low, and profits up, and so I’m bored at work half the time. But I head to the office….because what else am I going to do all day?

Moving To Portland

I am excited about moving to Portland Oregon.

My fiancee and I will be looking for a place in the next few months before our wedding. She will live in our new place for a few months while I move in with my Mom for a few months until we are married. Free rent!

So, lots of change coming. Just. Not. Yet.

10 Things Millionaires Won’t Tell You

I read a really interesting article on smartmoney today about millionaires. Number 7 was that the median college GPA is 2.9.

My cumulative college GPA?


Ha, that made me laugh. Next time my fiancee mentions my not so stellar college grades, I’ll bring that little statistic out!

Portland Finance Bloggers

JD Roth of Get Rich Slowly fame is a Portland area blogger, but I don’t know of any other personal finance bloggers in Portland. If you know any, or are one, leave a comment and we can meet at some hole in the wall coffee place sometime and talk about the “weird” that is Portland.

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  • caroline

    oh, i really like portland. all the best!

  • Mrs. Money

    How awesome! I think Portland is a very fun, sustainable city. I hope you two really enjoy it!

  • Barbara

    I live in Portland and love it. I just hope your fiance isn’t looking for a job here. They are very hard to come by. Welcome!!

  • weston

    Not sure if it comes under your definition of personal finance bloggers but I know the Portland area is a hot bed for many interested in simple living/voluntary simplicity. If I recall correctly one of my favorite bloggers on that topic has recently moved to Portland. She blogs at

  • Ted

    Good luck on the move and marriage! We waited to move in together till after the wedding and it was great. I actually lived in a friends basement to save some cash for a month and it just made moving in together that much more special. Thanks for the links!

  • Financial Samurai

    Whatcha plan to do in Portland? good luck up there!

  • debt eagle

    Im moving to portland in 6 weeks for a new job. Good luck with that and your debt issues

  • Romario

    Saying that millionaires have median GPA of 2.9 doesn’t tell much, we need to compare to average GPA of non-millionaires. I think it is most likely lower.
    I am pretty sure that higher intelligence is correlated with higher income.

  • Ca$h Money Out

    I don’t understand why financial planners tell people to have a mortgage. I understand that buying is, in many cases, better than renting. And, I understand that most people can not afford to pay off their mortgage. At the end of the day though, the tax deduction for mortgage interest is meaningless. It amounts to spending 75 cents to save 25 cents. Granted, when you own, you are building equity and not just spending money on rent each month. But, the amount of monthly interest paid on a loan is more than the cost of rent. (This is probably a good argument for ensuring that you have a sizable down payment.) At the end of the day, if you pay off a house mortgaged at 300,000 dollars, you will save that amount in interest assuming a 30 fixed note at approximately 6%.


  • weston

    In addition to my earlier comment I believe that Katy from

    also lives in Portland.