Wells Fargo Mortgage Rates

Wells Fargo was one of the smarter big banks that stayed completely out of the sub-prime or even Alt-A mortgage rate market in the past few years. They have always focused on the prime market of their own bank customers.

Wells Fargo Mortgage rates have been dropping this year along with every other major bank. Interest rates are near all-time lows, and along with the first time home-buyers tax credit, more people are starting to apply for mortgages again.

Current Wells Fargo Mortgage Rates

30 Year Fixed Interest Rate:
15 Year Fixed Interest Rate:
5/1 ARM Interest Rate:

Your Wells rate will of course still depend on your location, income, and especially credit score. But if you are a prime borrower, their rates aren’t bad.

Bank Mortgage Rates

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Wells Fargo Mortgage Review

What’s been your experience with Wells Fargo mortgage? Good? Bad? I remember their documents being pretty simple.

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  • Christina

    Oopppss.. Ada, filled the comment part out wrong.. But im sure you understand now..

  • M Monroe Racz

    new purchase

  • allend dollie

    I want to know can a person be in modification of payments and do a short sale at the same time?

  • Nicole Vaught

    The bank will not let you do both at the same time but if you are in modification and are not going to be able to make it work for you then you can then do a short sale. Find a good agent that has experience in doing short sales, they are extremely hard and take alot of time and dedication. I have been doing them for over 5 years now (before they became so popular).

  • joe singh

    after 8 months wells fargo says they can’t locate the original workout modification agreement and because of that my loan is now classified as a discrepancy, until we submit a new modification which entails notarisation again and signatures .I am very frustrated and and was’nt pleased with the modification ,this is something i neverwanted to see again, and nowwe are being forced to deal with it .The house is worth about 55 0/0 may just give it up

  • Evelyn

    Hi guys,
    If you need help doing short sale, call me or email me as I have worked with Chase, Wells Fargo, PNC, credit union and other banks. We will make this transaction smooth and easy for you. Debt forgiveness and short sale deficiency will end December 31, 2012 unless this will be extended for another year. Call me at 951-201-4978