Citibank Mortgage Rates

Citibank has had a rough last few years. The company had to take billions from the US Government. They nearly went under at one point in early 2009. Their current mortgage rates are low like everyone else.

Current Citibank Mortgage Rates

30 Year Fixed Interest Rate:
15 Year Fixed Interest Rate:
5/1 ARM Interest Rate:

Your rate for refinancing or purchasing a home will of course depend on your credit score, among other factors (location, income, etc). Citibank rates are worth checking out, especially right now.

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Citibank Mortgage Review

What’s been your experience with Citibank Mortgage? good? Bad? I don’t think they would be my number one choice for a mortgage, but what do I know?

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  • Herbert E McCord Sr

    I have a triple wide 1998 manufactured home on 10.2 acres very nice place well groomed. Do you finance these areas and if so. what would the Interest rate be?

  • Herbert E McCord Sr

    I have a triplewide manufactured Fuqua home on 10.2 acreas would you refinance this?

  • David&Debra Schley

    You are forcing me to purchase flood insurance I do not or will not ever need. Wehave lived in this home over 25 years, and 11 years prior we lived just a 1/2 mile up the road and never experienced any flooding problems. When you and F.E.M.A.put your two heads together it has spelled diaster for us. I dont think anybody ever physically looked at our property,and if you did I or my wife was not present. I have been mowing the neighbors property where it boarders ours out to his fence to help keep our property looking better,so maybe you are not familiar with our property lines. Maybe it is his property that is in this so called FLOOD PLANE. What I do need to do is pay for my physical therapy treatments from two shoulder and two feet surgeories in the last two years. I have to pay for is my wifes chemotherapy and radition treatments, the deductables for these surgeories, and the medications that she needs to take on a daily basis,I do not need flood insurance. Several times this year I have gone to the ATM to withdraw some cash, only to find there is no money available. I mow lawns and wax cars for people to have a little extra money. If you are going to charge me some outrageous rate for this flood insurance or add it on to our mortgage you might as well forclose on us now so we can start looking to live somewhere else, OR sell this mortgage to another company and do yourself a favor by getting rid of us. The Federal Government bialed out your company with taxpayer money, so why cant You bail us out by just dropping this stupid notion that we need flood insurance. If we lived in Louisianna I would have flood insurance. As a child living at home we lost everything during the 1972 flood caused by hurrican Agnes so I know how important flood insurance is, but Ido not need it, nor will I ever where I live, but if you feel so strongly about it, why dont you buy it, then if we are ever flooded your investment in our home will be covered.

  • Dick Loscheider

    David & Debra,
    I have also experienced Citibank’s “let’s get some more money scheme”. I have had three different banks cover my mortgage prior to Citibank. None of them considered my house in a flood plain. I have a FEMA approved document that says I am not in a flood plain…yet Citibank insists I am. I asked them to send a rep out and look at my property…”we don’t do that, we decide if you are in a flood plain, not FEMA” Then another time they told me they bought the flood insurnace to protect their investment…fine…but don’t charge me for your protection racket. I found out that they use their own insurance company. No one who answers the phone can or will answer a question. They just talk around it, none will give a last name so I keep talking to the same person…one even hung up on me saying tough, if you don’t pay, we will charge you interest & not release your titile until you do. The bank is a very poorly run entity with no customer service ability. Do not buy the insurance from Citibank. I called my local Farmer’s insurance rep. The cost for a year was less than one month with Citibank. Why is it so much cheaper, because I am not in a flood plain. Call your local insurance companies, get quotes, you will find a much lower premium to satisfy the BS that Citibank is putting you through. Don’t bother calling Citibank insurance…they know nothing, can’t quote you a proper rate, will not return calls or emails for assistance. If I ever get another loan through a broker, it will be written that they can not sell it to Cititbank…or I will look elsewhere. By the way, you are the third person I have found that has Citibank pulling this scam with.

  • Dawn Neal

    I have been searching for the actual short sale package for CitiBank and have had no luck. Anyone out there know where I can retrieve one?
    Any help would be great!

  • maurice gagnier

    CountryWide 2010 taxed for 322 N. Sage Lake Hale Mi?

  • Melba Medina

    Dear Dawn Near,
    I am also searching for short sale package for CitiBank. Can you help? I appreciate any help you can offer.
    Melba Medina

  • Seeta Mahabir

    I realized that I am not the only person looking for a short sale package from you. Do you have a request for short sale approval package
    that a realtor can submit on behalf of a client. How do I go about initiating a short sale with your bank. Thanks