Mortgage Rates

Mortgages aren’t a dime a dozen anymore. In fact I wouldn’t be surprised if you were here for leasing or refinance questions, because new mortgages are difficult to get. Here are some answers to mortgage, loans, credits, affordability and everything in between.

Current Mortgage Rates

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  • Gary Frazier

    Hi, I have an installment agreement with green tree for a double wide manufactured home. My credit rating is very good, I haven’t any other credit cards, etc.. I have been unemployed and have been collecting unemployment this entire year. I have been using my savings to help pay my monthly payments on my house and lot rent. As of December I will no longer be able to afford to pay my payments on my house. I have spoken to green tree and all they said they will do is review a purchase agreement when I sell the house and then have their recovery department get in touch with me to collect the remaining balance that I owe on the home. I owe 37k and comparable homes in my area are only selling for 27 to 30k. Why won’t green tree work with me? How can I ever plan ahead on paying the remainder of the balance when they won’t tell me how much? and would they sue me for the full amount all at once? Will they let me make payments? I don’t want to just walk away from my house. I am trying to do the right thing, both for green tree and myself. What am I to do? What should I do? Haven’t been late on a payment on anything yet and don’t plan to. Sincerely, Gary

  • Jorge Diaz

    I want to know the Mortgage rate and the APR, every day that ofer Bank of American.

    Thank you.

  • Jorge Diaz

    I want to know the Mortgage rate and the APR, every day that offer Bank of American.

    Thank you.

  • Laura Morton

    You are correct. New mortgages are difficult to get. However, with careful planning a borrower can still score a good deal. First plan your every move. Expect delays, unanswered phone calls, sometimes avoidance, and anything that will frustrate you. So give yourself about 6 months to close a transaction.
    Next get all the paperwork together.

  • Birdman

    My wife & I were scammed in an attempt to do a mortgage mitigation which caused us to lose our home. The one good thing, kind of hard after we lost our home, was that one of the things we were doing, to hopefully get a lower rate, was a consolidation type pay off for all of our credit cards. So, while we had to let things go a little for the cards, caused more credit problems, we will have the cards paid off. The question is, are there any mortgages/programs for those that have been foreclosed on? Prior to the scam, we were always on time with our mortgage payments, things would be tight from time to time but we made our house payment. Is there anything out there?