Love Sac Review

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love sac

I’ve had a LARGE love sac for over a year now. And by large, I really mean, like 1/4 the size of my living room.

This thing is incredible. Easily the best piece of furniture in my apartment.

First things first, the Love Sac is not for everyone. My grandparents would never want a Love Sac. It’s not something that works for everyone.

The Love Sac is always the first thing that people in my place comment on that haven’t ever been to my pad. It’s that noticeable and immediately I tell them….”go jump on it!”

They do, and they all go….”ahhh….it’s called a “Love Sac?”

Yes. Slightly dirty name, or maybe it’s just your dirty mind.

I use my love sac for reading, chilling, and cuddling. Yes, I said cuddling. Get your mind out of the gutter : )

Love Sac’s have inspired dozens of knock-off’s, but don’t be lame and be shy of the real deal because of the price. Yes, they aren’t cheap, but if you think about how many years you’ll have this wonderful thing, it’s totally worth it.

If you use this link, you can get a free cover for a super sac (HUGE, still only their 2nd largest sac. This is the size I have), or a movie sac (3rd largest size). Another nice love sac review...

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  • Noah

    Sorry man but I don’t agree. I do love the idea of Love Sac and all their innovative ideas, and when one person is sitting in it (not like in their pictures! this is not comfy with 5 people! or even 2). But my experience has been a nightmare. I think I seriously hate Love Sac although I still use it. My number one problem is smell. I feel bad for anyone who has to go through the pain I did. People need to know about the extremely strong “memory foam” like smell. Matteraffact it’s worst than most mattress toppers (which I have had 2 of). This smell is so bad that when I lay a pillow on it for a minute and take the pillow off the pillow will smell like memory foam. Recently I had gotten sick after sleeping with my nose on it face down. I thought all those memory foam stories about getting sick were fake. Well think again. Email me if anybody has any questions! This is not fun, and smell is only one part of it.

  • JD

    noah you are ghey.

    i sleep in mine because it is more comfy than any bed i have ever slept in. im 6’3″ and 220#’s and i bearly fit on mine.

    i am actully selling my bed atm….

  • CVG

    I’d have to partially agree with Noah. I just bought a Pillowsac and immediately notice my bedroom stinks like this durafoam. I washed the cover and am contemplating removing the foam and washing the khaki sac. I’m going to Frebreeze the heck outta it first. They sure are comfortable though. Email me if you have any solutions to rid the smell.