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I just recently got signed up with Lexington Law in February. I signed up over the phone, and the whole process took about 15 minutes total.

I think the biggest hurdle for me to get over was the price. $99 is a good little chunk of change to get started, you know?

Then I thought about how awesome it’s going to be when I can get approved for the Honda Pilot I want to buy. Or that house down the street that I know I’ll have the money for soon. Just not the credit score.

Anyway, getting setup at Lexington Law was a breeze. I got a credit report (had to pay $9 for that, but that’s cool), and I can’t wait to start seeing my credit score back up above 700 again!

I haven’t been with Lexington Law long (see 9 month update below!)….but so far, if your credit score is below 700, I would highly recommend trying them out. I’m already up 50 points since I started with them across 2 of my FICO scores.

Click HERE to start getting the credit you need.

Credit Repair Service or DIY?

There are many credit repair services out there. Most are scams, some are legit,. So far in my experience Lexington Law has been very legit. Credit repair is something you can do on your own, but it’s very time consuming and from what I’ve heard, very frustrating. I’ll leave it up to my lawyer at Lexington Law to figure out.

One of my goals this year is to again try and buy a house. It will probably end up being a small place for my mother, but don’t tell her that yet!

My Experience with Lexington Law

To hit that goal, I need to have much better credit scores. I pulled my 3 scores from MyFico yesterday and the results aren’t pretty.

These are from January, before starting with Lexington Law…

TransUnion: 518

Experian: 578

Equifax: 610

Updated – May 2009 – After 3 months with Lexington

TransUnion: 571 (+53)

Equifax: 644 (+34)

Update – September 18th 2009 – After 7 months with Lexington Law

TransUnion: 622 (+122) WOW!!!!

Equifax: 663 (+53)

Needless to say, I’m very pleased with Lexington law so far!

Rebuilder Credit Cards

I got approved and received my first two credit cards since my bankruptcy about a month ago. I got my first statements this week, and so far everything looks good. The credit limits are terrible ($300 and $600), but hey, it’s a start. See my page on bad credit credit cards.

Rebuilding my active credit and building more available credit will help raise my score back up to the 700′s where it used to be before I went and screwed it all up

Started with Lexington Law

I approached a company I’ve seen advertise all over the place, Lexington Law, to see if they would be willing to offer their services to me for free in exchange for me writing about my experience. Well, they agreed and I got signed up with them yesterday.

I called into their office over the phone, and the whole process took about 15 minutes total to get setup. I already knew pretty much how they work, so I didn’t have many questions. The two guys that helped me (Jake and someone else), were very friendly.

You can find out more about credit repair from Lexington Law’s website here.

A good credit score is important to me again

For future business ideas, for low auto loans, for buying a house…a good credit score is important. I used to think I’d always be a cash person from here on out. But I trust myself now to wisely use any credit I might get in the future. No more day trading, none of that crap.

Getting my credit back on track is just one part of a long journey here.

Want to repair your credit? Click HERE to get started with the leader in credit repair, lexington law.

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  • Julie Green

    I've used Lexington and they were able to help me raise my score from mid-400's to the high 600's. I'm still working with them and hoping to break the 700 mark soon! They work quickly and effectively