How to Choose a TV Deal

When choosing between different TV packages, such as FIOS, Cable, and Satellite TV, there are many important things to look for. First, you should understand what each of them offer.

  • FiOS is a bundled Internet access, television, and telephone service. It stands for Fiber-Optic Service and it operates over fiber-optic communications network. FiOS was introduced most recently in 2005 and popularized in 2010 when its prices decreased. It is the most recent and the fastest TV programming a viewer can buy, but this all depends on the area of your home. FiOS is extremely fast because it works over fiber optic networks, which carry light information signals. These cables are made from hundreds of hair-like strands of glass, which carry pulses of light to carry data directly to a home computer or television. As FiOS is becoming more and more popular, it is also able to reach more and more areas.
  • Cable work over copper wiring. Cable is also known for its speed, but FiOS runs at the speed of light. Cable still runs much faster than Satellite does. Cable and Satellite are much more reliable because they can be used in more areas than FiOS can. In more rural areas, FiOS might not operate, but Cable has a higher likelihood of running in said area. Cable is similar to Satellite in that it is more likely to run in less populated areas where FiOS will not run. Cable TV was introduced in the 1950s with long antennas that signaled to a cable system, which was connected to the main tower. Cable works by sending signals along the telephone wires outside of your house. These cables will reach a signal tower that will send and receive signals from your television.
  • Satellite is the most reliable of the three major TV programs. Satellite is the most popular because of its price range. Satellite TV was introduced in the 1990s where the satellites were originally huge dishes that occupied most of the viewers’ back yard. They evolved to smaller and smaller dishes and are the most popular form of TV programming today. Satellite TV works by sending a signal from a satellite station, to a satellite in space, back to your home. This is not as fast as cable or FiOS because the farther away the home satellite station is from your house, the slower or more expensive your connection may be.

FiOS often has the fastest and highest quality connection, if it is in an area where FiOS is offered. Cable also has high quality and speed, and is much more reliable. Satellite is less fast, but is by far the most reliable of the three choices. Before deciding a TV type, the most important thing is to find which of the options are offered in the area you live in. All three forms of TV programming can be great or terrible depending on this. In a rural setting, satellite would be the best choice, since FiOS and cable are less likely to get a signal. In a suburban area or in a city complex, FiOS or cable would be a much better option.

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