Go-Nowhere Generation Going to North Dakota?

I found  an interesting piece on Yahoo! entitled Go-Nowhere Generation: Why Young People Are Stuck.

According to the article, young people, 20-somethings in the US are 40% less likely to move to another state than the same age generation in 1980s.  Staying connected with their friends and family through various  social networks, the young people are becoming less brave and venturous.

This is puzzling as this generation is in most need of  jobs.  The unemployment rate of workers aged 18 to 24 is 16.8%, more than double the national average, across all age groups.

A few states are highlighted in the article as they have plenty of jobs and provide incentives for people to move there:  South Dakota, Kentucky, Missouri, Oregon, South Carolina.

But in the article, a more dramatically successful story happened to a couple, Brittani and Nick who moved to Williston, North Dakota.

Back at hometown in Trevors City, Mich.,  Brittani was taking three minimum-wage jobs in order to attend college.  She gave up schooling after one year.  Her fiancé, Nick was also earning minimum wage.

Two weeks after they moved to North Dakota, their situation has tremendously improved: Brittani found a real job as a bank teller and Nick found a managerial job and brought home four times as much money as he used to.

This is nice, for the young couple anyway.

Indeed, it pays to move around.  But what is the major economic driver in North Dakota that offers young people good fortune?  Anyone knows?

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