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From the dawn of Starbucks, we have all had the coffee itch and constantly need our fix. Gevalia Kaffe, is one of the most popular coffees in Europe and has been satisfying the taste of coffee lovers and connoisseurs for many years. Today they have over 30 different kinds of coffee and 13 varieties of tea. Instead of creating thousands of stores in Europe or the United States, Gevalia sells to both businesses and customers online. This way you are able to customize your roasts or blends and it can be sent right to your door. If you have been around the coffee culture, you know they are very particular about the taste of their coffee. Gevalia has gotten highly positive reviews from customers who find they enjoy the taste, as well the ability to make and drink it in their home. I will talk about the quality and taste, various buying programs, and what you can do to get your hands on this individually packed bag of goodness.

Quality of Gevalia

The quality of Gevalia coffees has a very natural flavor without being too bitter or too sweet. You can order the beans vacuum-packed ground or whole-bean, in flavored, unflavored, caffeinated or un-caffeinated. The rich flavors of the coffees are seasonal, so they are only offered at certain times of the year. In spring you might want the Pecan Torte, or the Pumpkin Spice in fall. There are some roasts that are offered all year round, but the seasonal blends are a delicious addition to subscribing online. If quality is what you’re looking for Gevalia seems to have everything you need to indulge in your passion of fine coffees and teas.

Gevalia Coffee Programs

There are a few programs on the Gevalia website that offer different variations of coffee delivered to your door. If you want a ½ pound of coffee each month it is $14.95 including shipping and handling then Gevalia Kaffe is for you. If you sign up for this program you get a free stainless steel coffee maker and coffee scoop. Gevalia lets you choose from over 40 exceptional coffee varieties. Limited Edition is another program that offers some of the rarest, most sought after coffees in the world, from colibri azul from Nicaragua, or Toraja from Indonesia. This program also includes the free coffee maker as well as free samples of new roasts and blends for $39. If you are into exotic coffees this program sounds like a fun idea. As I mentioned before, the seasonal flavors are also available in a program that will run about the same as the limited edition coffee $35. In this program you will get what the seasonal blend is, plus some coffee editions and surprises.

Buy Gevalia Kaffe

Gevalia offers two great amenities that I don’t see Starbucks and other coffee shops offering, quality of the roast, and convenience of your home. If these are aspects of coffee you wish you had, then Gevalia is worth looking into. It may be time to put the Yuban down and go to your computer. There a lot of options to choose from and the people at Gevalia are eager to help. I am impressed with their business model and the taste of their brew.

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  • Samantha

    Starbucks surely not, however, wonderful local companies such as Camano Island Coffee Roasters (in the US) not only roasts its own wonderful gourmet beans, but does provide online signup of it’s coffee club for roughly the same price as Gevalia.

    The organic blends local companies provide is also superior (at least IMHO) to that of the large Kraft subsidiary. If interested, one can signup to Camano Islands coffee club through this link:

    I use both, but I find the organic and free trade companies all that more satisfying and more bang for the euro.


  • David

    I Don’t Drink Coffee Myself,But My Wife Does.Started Buying Her Dunkin Doughnuts Coffee Couple Years Ago But Is Getting Expensive.Came Across The Gevalia Free Coffee Maker Deal And Thought What Could It Hurt.So Became A Member And All Is Awesome.My Wife Thinks I Am Great.She Loves The Coffee.The Coffee Maker Is Of Good Quality,She Love The Carafe. Thanks To Gevalia Coffee. Have Recomended It To Must Everyone I Know.

  • Dave

    Terrible customer service.

    DO NOT LEAVE A CREDIT CARD # WITH THEM!!! They will charge your account without your approval.

  • anonymous

    I had a friend over and served her Gevalia Rainforest Organic. The next day she texted me from work, “Thanks a lot. Now my Starbucks tastes like sewer water.”

    I agree, Gevalia’s customer service is awful awful awful compared to the feel-good slick products and ads. About 5 years ago, they would blow me away with great service – polite, quick, easy – but started going downhill (I think outsourced, badly) until last year I had to cancel out of frustration with the phone servers calling me “Ma’am” in that rude tone that makes it sound like an insult. One guy read back my itemized upcoming order 3 times, each time with different products. It was like talking to a wall until I finally told him to just cancel my membership, which he seemed happy about as he quickly said, “Allright, Ma’am” and hung up.

    However, recently I finally ran out of coffee and broke down to try again. It’s just so good! Gladly, I have noticed at least a little improvement, particularly in the use of the website which lets me avoid customer service, when it works! E-mailing them is still annoying as they tend to zip out generalized responses without answering your question, but with a few repeated nags I finally got an adequate response, albeit cold and disappointing (feel-good-wise). Also their website as of last year would fight you with all kinds of glitches. Happily the exact comments I sent them about flaws in the site were fixed.

    But I’m hooked on it – the best coffees I’ve had, and nothing else tastes any good anymore. Try the Limited Editions, they are amazing. And read the descriptions to see what kinds you prefer – they are nose-on with letting you know the boldness, intensity, acidity and flavors. I’ve tried lots and found some I like, some I don’t, but they are always just as described. Shipment day is like a mini-holiday at our house! PS – I also love Indian Malabar, which is a natural half-caff.