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Seeing as I haven’t had a date in ohh, I don’t know, 3 years, you’d think I might try an online dating service like eHarmony. I’ve actually heard really good things about eHarmony, but being a the cheapskate that I am, there is no way I’m going to pay full price for the service!

So, enter the “eHarmony promotional code”! Yay for promo codes. I’m always looking for a deal, coupon, or way to save money and good thing eHarmony delivers some savings here.

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My eHarmony experience

eharmony review

I ain’t gonna lie. I tried eHarmony a few years back….had I been in a more “normal” place in my life, It actually probably would have worked for me. I even met up with a few of the girls I met there, and one I even keep in touch with today. Had I not been losing so much money day trading, it could have worked.

I would recommend giving eHarmony at least 6 months though. Not only do you save quite a bit of money that way, at least in my experience, I was still getting TONs of new matches after months on there. So there you go.

If you have a eHarmony Promo Code that has worked for you, please share it in the comments so others can benefit! Thanks! ~~ DK

eHarmony Review & History

Updated November 22nd 2008

eHarmony began in 1997, founded by Neil Clark Warren, PhD. Warren had been a psychologist and author for over 35 years. He had authored multiple books giving advice to readers on how to improve their relationships. During his years of counseling thousands of marriages, he was determined to find a way to create longer lasting, more fulfilling marriages in America. He was devastated by the climbing divorce rate and then number of unhappy married couples. As he continued to observe marriages, he noticed a dividing line. He discovered the line between couples satisfied in marriage and those gravely disappointed in marriage was an issue of compatibility. That theory was researched, challenged and in the end, is the philosophy by which eHarmony operates.

Dr. “Love”

eharmony marriage Essentially, Dr. Warren observed specific traits rooted in the idea of compatibility. He noticed that typically those experiencing difficulty in their relationships, fundamentally had different levels of compatibility. The differences in those with opposing compatibility, continued to worsen in their attempts to “get along” and make the marriage work.

The theory was tested along with Dr. Buckwalter, a research professor at the University of Southern California. The mission of the research was to identify the main traits that existed between those with the most successful relationships. After many years of research and observing successful marriages, the two doctors determined which key factors of personality would be the most compatible with another.

eharmony blog eHarmony launched their website in 2000 and quickly became the leading relationship-building website. The websites primary approach was not to see what people wanted in a relationship, but to find who they would be the most compatible with. Dr. Waldorf stated, “It’s not about matching people who like certain hobbies… it’s about compatibility.” Compatibility is what will make or break a relationship, according to the founder.

No Browsing, Just Matching

Many competitors’ websites simply allow individuals to browse through pictures of others, look at their interests, income and other personal information. Their decision is left to the person searching without guidelines or boundaries. There’s no research, no logic and no substantial reasoning behind making their decisions. eHarmony requires all users to take a questionnaire before proceeding into the matching process. The questionnaire (takes about an hour to take) asks specific questions to get to the core of the individual; what are their core beliefs, values, expectations, emotional stability and so on. The system then searches and finds other individuals, whose traits would be highly compatible.

Free Communication

After the completion of the questionnaire, the individual may build greater parameters based on distance, if there are any children involved, religious association and personal habits (smoking, drinking, gambling, etc.). The questionnaire is free to take and will even give you the results. There is a small fee for continuing with the service. The newest promotion is free communication throughout the weekend before Thanksgiving 2008 (Friday-Sunday).

eharmony love eHarmony makes it their practice to track their successes. Dr. Carter, in 2004, presented his findings at an American Psychological Society meeting, based on the last four years of the websites’ effectiveness. He stated that, “over 90% of eHarmony couples had marriage quality scores which were above average when compared to couples who had begun their relationship elsewhere.” eHarmony’s advertising is flooded with testimonials; TV commercials, web advertising and print ad’s celebrate the success of thousands of couples. The ad’s show a couple and give their meet up date (on eHarmony) and their wedding date, sending the message that it really works.

eHarmony began with rigorous research and remains committed to continually challenging and maturing the philosophy it is built upon. Continual research currently maintains the high success rate. Since eHarmony expanded into the global market, they have had to conduct greater research to meet the differences in societies around the world. The compatibility of couples in America will not match the compatibility of couples in Australia or in European countries. This global expansion has called for greater management of the various website versions of eHarmony.

eHarmony Labs

eHarmony has developed a sister company, eHarmony Labs, which is fully dedicated to the ongoing research and study of the dynamics of relationships. The website’s purpose is to “conduct top-caliber research on the ignition, growth and maintenance of close relationships.” It has a committed research team made of some of the country’s top leading Doctors of psychology and research. The website uses voluntary participants to take part in ongoing research studies. eHarmony Labs links the success of relationships with science as a foundation. Its slogan is “Who knew science and love were so compatible?”

eHarmony Marriage

eharmony A new addition to eHarmony’s family is eHarmony Marriage. eHarmony Marriage strives to build “stronger, healthier and more enjoyable” marriages. The main claims of eHarmony Marriage are to give couples the tools to: communicate more effectively, rediscover satisfying sex and romance, resolve conflict with compassion and enjoy greater appreciation and understanding. The website follows the same format as eHarmony; the couple takes a marriage questionnaire and then provides the users with multiple reports on communication, conflict/resolution, and others.

Couples may sign up on the website for continual resources on improving various aspects of marriage. The couple’s marriage profile will evolve and build; there are online video exercises and an advice corner for questions and answers. eHarmony Marriage is essentially like having a marriage counselor around 24/7. This resource is one of the best investments a married couple can make.

eHarmony Partners

This month, November 2008, eHarmony announced the introduction of a same-sex service in 2009. The company faced a lawsuit from the New Jersey Attorney General in 2005 based on discrimination. eHarmony settled out of court in order to not complicate matters. The new site is expected to be called eHarmony Partners.

eHarmony believes they offer answers for people longing to settle down and make a lifelong commitment in marriage. They teach and support the practice of abstaining from sex till marriage and hold to a more conservative approach in regards to their philosophy of romantic relationships.

The two doctors, Dr. Warren and Dr. Buckwalter have both stepped away from the daily affairs of the business but have great oversight and a say in the decisions made. It is their core belief that long-lasting, satisfying relationships are possible, even in the face of world filled with divorce. Their mission of inspiring people to seek out strong, lasting relationships has inspired and helped thousands worldwide at obtaining that goal.

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