is looking for fresh ideas and new stories

While Scott Mitchell the Debtkid continues to make progresses in paying off all his debts and grow his business, I am charged to take care and revive this blog website.  

My mission is to make this site useful for anyone to manage their financial matters, including making, spending and saving money. Yes, assuming and paying off debts is still going to be very important part of this blog website.

In the future, I will write about my own money story. But first just a few words about myself: I came to the US as a student about 23 years ago with two suitcases and $80 in my pocket. Today I own several houses, a couple websites, and some other investments.

In between, there are few things I have learned that could benefit people, there are a few people who influenced me and whom I would like to introduce to our readers, and there are a few books I would recommend people to read.

And I cannot do this by myself. If you have an interesting story that is related to making, spending and saving money, I would like to invite you to write about it. For the serious writers, we will even pay for the exclusive articles. Send your samples and we will talk.

If you have a stimulating question and comment on the stuff you read in this site, I encourage you to state it so to start a discussion.

So, bring your fresh ideas and new stories. Hopefully, our efforts can benefit our readers in their lives.

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