Dear IRS, I’m STILL waiting for my Adoption Tax Credit!

Dear IRS, (You read Debtkid, right? If not, you totally should. Good stuff here.)

I’d like to know, why it is unacceptable for me to withhold paying my taxes beyond the due date, however, the IRS is at liberty to delay payment of a refund due indefinitely and without interest.  What’s up with that?

We’ve got a whomping refund due this year as a result of the outstanding adoption tax credit. This will pay off our only remaining debt—an adoption loan, plus fund our emergency fund, and maybe even get us started on our savings for our trip to Sudan.

But alas, no news.

Actually, we’ve had news a couple of times. “Where’s my Refund” told us that the check would be here by June 7th, and then a few weeks later was changed to say we’d be receiving a letter asking for more information (apparently the 300 page return and documentation that we sent them was insufficient?).

The letter arrived, but said our return was under review and we would receive either our refund or a request for more documentation by July 7, at the earliest.
July! ::whine::

I want to be debt free! Now!

Looking at the bright side, I suppose if they keep dragging their feet on this, I might have it paid off the old fashioned way by the time the refund check gets here.



A Very Impatient Taxpayer

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  • David

    was direct deposit not available?

  • Ginger

    I would be calling the IRS and escalating the issue, and if that did not work I would be calling my congressperson to see if that did. Even if you sent in your taxes by the last date allowed, that mean you will be waiting almost two months.

  • Todd

    Jessica, We feel your frustrations. We sent our taxes in the first of April. Next we recieved the first of 3 letters so far stating that we were under review. We re-submitted all of our tax info along with a the neccesary adoption info. My wife just spoke with someone a second time and she was told that it is basically sitting in a large pile of these adoption credit refunds, and when it finally gets to the desk of the person that checks it, whe could have our deposit sent out right away. The problem is they were completely unprepared for handling these rufunds. Now we are looking at maybe July. This is very upseting to us as we have plans for this money. Good luck to you and all the other families that are being treated like tax cheats or something. We are going to notify our congressperson.

  • Matthew

    I believe you have just hooked me into your blog. I found your blog as I was Googling mine to see if it had made it to page one of Google, which it did. Not far down was yours. Very interesting story. Looking forward to diving into your blog to see what it’s all about. My wife and I use to be big into trading, did really well and then of course we let our emotions get the best of us. We were fortunate enough to get all that debt eliminated. Most of our debt came from several unexpected events, which is where we stand today. My blog tells the story in a very unique way that has never been done before. Hope you enjoy

  • daisylocs

    I too feel your frustration. I submitted a tax amendment and waited 12 months before any action was taken. This was after contacting a Tax Advocate to intercede on my behalf. The amendment has gone through in my favor and I am still waiting for my refund, twelve weeks after the amendment was approved.

  • Jessica w

    David, direct deposit isn’t available for most of us applying for adoption tax credit as we qualify for “automatic audit” they basically get to hold this up as long as they want. I’ve called several times to escalate and they tell me that I will receive a request for more information or a status update in 45 days. I do have a little consolation–I learned this week that they pay interest for any refunds owed but not paid by June 1. Based on the balance of my refund, the interest check will be pretty huge… which is something you as a taxpayer should be outraged about, IMO.

  • Jessica w

    12 months? Holy #%(&)#%!!! We submitted two amendments with our return this year. :::ughhh!!:: Calling my congressman now…

  • Renee

    My sister was disallowed her credit for education expenses and almost a year later she received the money. Then when she filed her 2010 taxes she received a 1099-INT for the interest income she received from the IRS. She was outraged, but I just wanted you to be prepared for that, as well!

  • Kathy

    In 2009 the IRS decided that we did not have any children. Considering I have been claiming my children for 15 years this was a bit of a surprise. It isn’t like I had one les child – I had 5 less children! We filed an ammendment and are still waiting for the rest of our return. Even weirder is that they had no problem once again acknowledging my children in 2010. As a side note – 2 of our children are adopted and 3 are biological.

  • Michael Thomas

    We are also still waiting and keep getting a letter saying we are under review. We have two adopted kids and one bio. Waiting on almost 20K! Filed in March and its August so I am guessing we are about half way : )

  • Andy

    Filed in March and still waiting. Last month they said this month. Talked to another lady this month…guess what she said? Yep, next month. I guess they are just trying to get you off the phone. I’m not mad about the delay – after all the gift is an unexpected blessing. I’m mad about the incredible inefficiency and complete disorganization. How can a business like this possibly be effective? I’m thinking the government is the last place we should look to help our economy because of its inaptitude.

  • amy

    We, like so many adoptive families, are in this same boat. We filed on time, received a partial refund of what they owed us (the part not having to do with our adoption), were told they needed more info. (which we had already sent), we sent it again, and we were supposed to hear by 9/1/11. Clearly, the 9/1 date meant nothing. I have heard rumors that they will pay interest to those being held up. Does anyone know if this is true?

  • Ben @ BankAim

    How much is the adoption tax credit? My wife and I are looking to adopt our next child. Just had our 3rd a few months ago and wanted to adopt the 4th.