Netflix Priority Code

I love Netflix. I don’t actually know what I did for Movie and TV entertainment before netflix (well, OK, I went to Blockbuster).

Netflix often sends out little “priority codes” to it’s subscribers to share with their friends and family and the like.

The thing is, you don’t actually need one of those codes to get a free trial at Netflix.

With the link below, you can get a free trial to Netflix without a priority code.
I love my Netflix account. I signed up for a free trial about a year ago, and have never regretted the decision. The streaming movies feature is amazing, and I get 3 disks a month, for a decent price.


Netflix Free Trial Coupons

Netflix doesn’t offer many coupons from what I can tell, but they do give you a sweet free trial when you use the link below!

netflix coupons

netflix priority code


At shoppers are looking for “Netflix Coupons” to save money on their purchases.

Netflix Coupons

If you can’t buy it, then rent it. With NETFLIX, the largest online DVD rental service, you can now rent, receive, watch, and exchange the DVDs that you want. And now, with its new streaming feature, you can instantly watch the latest movies and TV episodes in your PC, Mac, or on your own TV.

This is done through an Internet connected Netflix ready device. This excellent feature, however, is just a bonus to the DVDs you receive by mail. It can be enjoyed by any NETFLIX member without additional fee. Be sure to get deals and discounts from NETFLIX by checking out the coupons below.

NetFlix Review

NETFLIX offers plans that will let you rent one to eight DVDs at a time. Most of these plans permit you to do unlimited DVD exchanges every month. Moreover, all these plans allow you to watch instantly on your PC and all unlimited plans enable you to instantly watch on your TV. You surely will be overwhelmed by the wide range of choices available. It has more than 100,000 titles on DVD which range from classics to new releases to TV episodes and many more.

If you want to try NETFLIX, you can do so for two weeks without any fee. And if you enjoyed it, you just need to choose your plan and your membership will continue automatically. You can also cancel your membership anytime you wish to and you’re free from cancellation fees.



10 Best Coupon Codes

Netflix Qwikster?

Update: this isn’t happening. Good.

So big news out yesterday in the frugal entertainment world….the old Netflix DVD-to-your-home business is being spun off to a whole new brand: Qwikster

You’ll now see two charges on your credit card or bank statement if you subscribe to both DVD-rentals and Netflix instant streaming.

The Netflix streaming service (which my wife loves) will be retaining the Netflix brand, while the DVD-by-mail service will be adding video games (sorry GameFly!) under the new Qwikster name.

That all being said, is anyone planning to cancel their Qwikster (DVD) service? Which one of the two do you get more use out of? I know in our household my wife using Netflix instant streaming pretty much daily, while we will sometimes go a month or more without watching a DVD. So my guess is if we cut one it would be the DVD-by-mail option. I’ll bet we are not alone in that.

So, are you going to cancel your now Qwikster account?

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