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CourseSmart Promotion Code

CourseSmart Promotion Code
Instructors and students will definitely love CourseSmart’s huge savings of up to 50% on
course material, compared to printed versions. Since there is instant access to these e-
Textbooks, there is no need to wait or pay for extra shipping costs. You can also enjoy great
features such as highlighting, note-taking, and quick search – right at your fingertips. On top
of these, there will be no more heavy bags to carry around. CourseSmart will offer discount
coupons very soon. You have the option to buy an online subscription with time limit, or a
downloadable version.

CourseSmart Review

Learning has taken a giant leap with CourseSmart’s digital learning experience. Instructors
and students will both love the convenient access to more than 6,000 of their textbook titles –
in eTextbook, ready-to-download format. Not only will you learn anytime, anywhere, but you
also save trees used on traditional books. Founded by five higher education textbook
publishers, it brings people to better exposure and access to digital learning. CourseSmart
site lets you look for that favorite title, as a student or a teacher. Just enter the course name,
author, keyword, title, or ISBN on the search field. Instuctors will love instant access to review
and compare materials in their discipline, and students will love the web functionality of the
site, making them take instant notes as well. Overall, CourseSmart is an ideal alternative to
a lower education cost, without sacrificing quality.

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Hours: Online 24/7; Email 24/7

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