Channeling Stocks – Is a Scam?

channeling stocks Channeling Stocks has been advertising on CNBC for what seems like an eternity.

I remember back in around 2002, seeing their commercials and trying out the service for a few months. I was pretty disappointed. I found their picks decent for further analysis, but honestly I did better finding my own trades. Plus, especially with their picks that are not traded very heavily, their own service influences the stocks too much. IE, when a thinly traded stock gets picked, the next day its up big….but only because channeling stocks recommended it.

Better Choice than Channeling Stocks

A better choice is another CNBC regular….but this one isn’t an advertiser. It’s the now ubiquitous, Jim Cramer and his Action Alerts Plus service. It’s actually a really neat service. I used it back in my day trading days to get trade ideas with quite a bit of success. In fact, if I had actually stuck to his trades, I would have done quite well. Works great when using Zecco to trade with.

Check out a better service, Action Alerts Plus: Click Here

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  • http://na Dr Stan Rocklin

    Thanx for publishing your misgivings about channeling stocks. I am thinking of joining them, but am looking for any negs. on them on the web.
    Thanx agn.

  • Frankie2

    Channeling Stocks is an age old scam. Same pump and dump run by tons of websites except they are smarter (about not violating SEC rules) and been around longer.

  • ocean60

    I subscribed to channeling stocks a few years ago. They chronically mislabelled downwardly trending descending triangles, wedges, head and shoulder, triple tops as "channeling" stocks. The staff seemed to know nothing of these trending patterns and were essentially well intentioned amateurs. Stay away!

  • RadClimber

    I also trialed I agree with the above description. Upon further analysis I often found that they were misidentifying patterns and that my own picks were much better looking than theirs.

  • Ben

    Not sure what you guys are talking about.
    I’ve tried both sites, and I am actually still a member of WaveStocks as it’s cheaper over time. They do the same thing.

    A scam? Hardly.

    They pick stocks in a channel pattern… it’s easy to do, but can take hours and hours to find them, going through thousands of charts. These guys just do that for you, for a fee. That’s all.

    I’ve had great success with both sites. It’s great for folks to get in quick and make a nice 10+% within days or a week or two. And as for liquidity issues? Don’t know what you mean there either. The last report I saw on had all but two stocks listed NYSE/AMEX and traded several hundred thousand per day.

    Yes, you can do this yourself. That’s not the point. You can also build a house yourself… you pay others to do it for you so you don’t have to spend that time.


  • richard kanold

    Cancel my Trade tobe Free acct.

  • Sammie

    I am a member of both and Both are quite valuable to me.

    If you guys want to try one, Wave is a bit cheaper and does have a monthly option, so you can see what they do and decide if you want to stay or not.

    I like both of them.

  • Kanu

    None of the post could justify why Channeling stock is scam. I have used channeling stock service, I discontinued because last several years I have concentrated my trading only in tech and financial sector narrowing down to less than 10 stocks.
    But channeling stock clearly shows the chart and you can see the channel pattern, they identify stocks which trade in those channel range. These are long term trades, besides past pattern does not guarantee future trend. There is a possibility that a stock can break out from that channel pattern but then that goes for any TA. So there is nothing scam or wrong about channeling stock or wave stock, the question is whether it is suited for your individual trading style.

  • http://na Dr Stan Rocklin

    I am back, now going on 2 years later. I have found ETFs, TQQQ, SQQQ, URTY AND SRTY to be wonderful. I buy them on dips and sell them on peaks. I am up $100,000 for the year to date (6/26/10) and do this only occasionally. SQQQ and SRTY are inverse funds, so when the peaks hit and I sell either TQQQ or URTY, I often jump in and buy the inverse funds.
    I feel more comfy sitting on the inverse funds because I KNOW the market will take its wild dips more than I know the market will take a wild rise. Seems like it can crash fast, but takes longer to come back up. Good luck & happy trading.

  • mdwin01

    Does anyone have historical data for channeling stocks ? Especially for high volatility sideways markets?

    I do have a backtest for almost 2 years from one source that I’m optimizing right now… but my dataset contains very directional markets – end of 2008 to begining of 2010 – very steep bear market and a very steep bull market.

  • Deb

    For channeling stocks it’s ok… if you’re buying and selling equities only. But for options… it’s not a good site at all. I just joined and all the stocks that are listed that have options have next to no volume in the options. Which makes movement nil to little. Not worth the money if options are what you focus on like I do.

  • Michael

    Obviously, You’ve found something a bit wiser. Pls do tell. Pls!

  • Michael

    I am sure many of you have probably not head of but they base their picks on insider buying. Seems to work great, but it’s probably a good thing most have not heard of it.

  • steve

    Michael, did you develop that site yourself? Your comment sounds like a pitch.

  • Greg

    I have tried and found their picks to be right on the money close to 75% of the time. They have options, as well as rolling and channeling stocks.

  • tim q

    I tried also and had nothing but disasterous results, it is a scam there nothing more then a pump and dump orginization.
    I feel pretty much like a fool being taken in by this garbage i should have known better. They will give there sales pitch on 80% winners there closer to 90% losses.
    Grab a dart board you will fare much better then channeling stocks

  • Billntx

    FINVIZ.COM has channeling stocks for free.

  • Terence Robinson

    First I would like to say I have never made money on trading stocks, and the main reason being is that if I buy a sotck and it goes down I just can’t handle the miserable feeling of losing money so I sell and take a thousand loss and just right it off in taxes even though I have a substantial amount of cash 0ver 100,000, I dont believe in holding long term been hurt doing that and never agian the stock went down and never came back (AOL), but I am not giving up, I am going to try buying on the dip and sell on a rise I don’t think I need some pump and dump company to tell me what to trade I will do my own research and choose my own stocks I have one in mind I have been watching the stock and starting monday I will be looking for it to trade then wait for a couple of days for it to rise it is on an up trend and I feel good about it. I can’t tell you the stock but sometimes it has a dip of about six points so I will put in a buy order for a thousands shares on a four or five point dip and wait if it gets executed I will sell at anything over a two point gain wish me luck guys if I can make this work it will be wonderful.

  • Chaos

    Terence Robinson, why should we wish you luck when you refuse to tell us the name of the stock?