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blockbuster promo codeUpdate: With many of blockbuster’s stores now closed, I’d highly recommend netflix over Blockbuster online at this point. Click here for a free trial of Netflix.

Not only do you get movies delivered right to your mailbox, you can also return them to your local store. This is the main advantage has over its competitors. And it’s a big promo code

Blockbuster Total Access Promo Code

blockbuster promo code
But, you should never pay full price to start the service. Make sure and use a “Blockbuster Promo Code” that I keep updated below.

I actually worked at Blockbuster when I was in High School. It was quite the experience. The nice things was that you get 5 free movies a week, the bad news was that you could get late fees on your free movies. Crazy, I know. I was always so upset when I got late fees on free movies.

Well, there are no need to worry about late fees with the delivery service, which is nice.

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