Astrive – Worst Private Student Loan?

Getting a private student loan is easy (with the right credit score or co-signer of course).

Getting a good student loan, with a decent interest rate however is not so easy.

Astrive does alot of advertising, including TV advertising. To me that’s a big turn off right off the bat. But lets take a little closer look at Astrive student loans.

Astrive loans are private student loans

Private student loans can be used for any “school related” expenses. But the truth is that many private student loans are just personal loans in disguise. They carry high interest rates based mostly on your credit score, and the credit score of your co-signer (which you will likely need to get approved).

If you or your co-signer have great credit score (to get your score, only get it from MyFico), your interest rate shouldn’t be too bad.

better alternative to Astrivehot student loan

The company I would recommend for a private student loan is Lending Club. You’ll need a good credit score (660 or higher) and the repayment plan is three years, but if you don’t want to extend your loans forever, it’s a great option.

Top Student Credit Card

You need ONE best credit card in college. I would recommend the Discover Student Card. I had this in college and loved the rewards. Plus it’s clear which is pretty sick. Click here to apply.

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  • Christopher

    Help :) sooo lost when it comes to this subject. Im a geek who just wants to sit in the library all day and night with a bag of taco bell and laptop. Sleep usually is not by choice but eyes burning from dehydration.

    Ok so i love to study. and i want to get a college education to go with my real world and library.web surfing education. I dont want to work if i dont have to. i know there is funding out there to pay for cost of living and food but dont know where to get it from. I applied for fafsa but dont know the ins and outs of that. like how to get the most money from using the fafsa. and sallie mae loans. Dont misunderstand, i do want to work but my idea of work is being a scientist. Doing research all day long is fun for me. so id like to have a job doing that once im qualified. till then i dont want the annoying distraction of a job. unless i can do an online work from home job.
    anyways i can tell you more about me if your interested. hopefully you can help. im trying to not go the military route cause it would only be for the money. thanks for your time.

  • Stephany

    I have credit card debt which has accumulated over the years. I’ve used my credit cards to pay for school related stuff and other non related expenses. Im strongly considering getting a private student loan because I’m tired of the monthly payments and I cant make such payments at the moment, I’d rather concentrate on school and defer those payments til after graduation. Now, I’ve read that private student loans have to be “school related”, how do they verify how im going to use the loan money?

  • mkarlarose

    I used the wrong website in my first post…sorry I am very new to blogging.

  • amy crothers

    does anyone know how to consolidate an Astive loan with a federal loan? cant d it one Direct Loans b/c Astrive is a private loan. Stuck with 2 loans now!!