Actions Alerts Plus by Jim Cramer Review 2011

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Action Alerts Plus is an online subscription service from Jim Cramer.  The subscription allows users to gain full access to Jim Cramer’s portfolio and sends an email to the subscriber before Cramer makes the trade.  This provides great benefits to the user because they able to trust his recommendations for trading stocks.  I subscribed to the service back in 2004-2005 when I was still trading. I thought it was a neat service and if I was activly investing now, I would use it (now I just have an account at Zecco).

The portfolio he shares with the users is for the purpose of charities.  He is attempting to raise money for various charities while showing thousands of subscribers how to make wise and educated trades.  Action Alerts Plus shows clients the how and why to make specific trades.  It is informative and user friendly for the novice to the learned stock trader.  The “plus” program gives users the ability to see all of his trades before he makes them, not just the ones for charity.

Jim Cramer has been a hedge-fund manager for over 10 years and is a permanent writer for  He has created a set of do’s and don’ts that have proven successful over the last decade.  His investing disciplines help lead him and his subscribers in an educated and researched decision process.

The Action Alerts Plus provides the user with three main benefits:

  1. The user is informed by a group of leading stock traders and researches that have done all the ground work.  There is trust and dependability backed by scientific research and years of continual development.  The user has full access to Jim Cramer’s portfolio which enables him or her to view all of his recommendations.
  2. The user receives emails immediately before Mr. Cramer makes a move.  If the user applies the knowledge and logic behind the information in each email, he or she will gain the skills and understanding of why he does what he does.  Eventually, the user can venture out on their own and attempt the same methodology Mr. Cramer uses.
  3. Each week, the user will receive a “Weekly Roundup” email describing the events that happened throughout the week.  This enables the user to see where the market has come from and where it’s headed when it opens the following Monday.  The user is given the opportunity to discover the top selling stocks and be prepared.

Action Alerts Plus is like hiring a one-on-one personal coach in the stock exchange market.  Subscribers are essentially mentored by one of the nation’s top money analysts and stock advocates.  The program is designed to educate and train individuals at any level of trading.  It is slow moving and will demonstrate the methods and logic behind smart and purposeful moves in the stock market.

Currently, Action Alerts Plus is offering a free trial to give those interested a chance to check out the program.   They are also offering $50 off the annual subscription price which adds greater motivation to giving it a try.  Subscriptions may be purchased for 1 year at $399.95, 3 months at $129.99 and 1 month for $49.95.
Try Action Alerts Plus for 2 weeks FREE:


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  • Wei Li

    thanks for providing free 14-day trial. I might be interested in subscription later.

  • Joe

    Thanks for your complete BS ‘review’. I’ll go to the site if I want to read an ad for it. Try including something critical and maybe people with half a brain would take some of it seriously.

  • Meghan T.

    I used Jim Cramer’s Action Alerts plus alerts, and really wasn’t satisfied overall.

    I sometimes found myself in a very bad situation with Jim Cramer’s Action Alerts because it would not give me a timely exit strategy. Just my opinion

  • Doug Stewart

    I’m just hoping to get the latest list.

  • Doug Stewart

    I rely heavily on the list of stocks.

  • terry cole