7 Ways Geeks Blow Their Chances With Women

I’m guilty of all of these… : (

1. Making fun of them when they use Internet Explorer

OK, we all know that Firefox rules….but 90% of the rest of the world doesn’t. Women are sensitive about these sort of things. They know you are a computer guy, and when you insult how they interact with your world, it hurts their feelings and they feel dumb (that was almost a word for word quote from a girlfriend of mine once). Of course they are stupid for using IE…but I’ve learned to keep your trap shut.

2. Making fun of their PC

Just because you love Apple, doesn’t mean all women do.

3. Making fun of their Razor

4. Making fun of them because they use MySpace

Feel free to chuckle a little bit though when she tells you about the time her account got hacked and she sent all her high school friends porn links.

5. Bring up anything you read on Digg

She will have absolutely no clue what you are talking about. Unless it’s a cute puppy picture, don’t risk it.

6. Rant for an hour about Ron Paul

Yes, Ron Paul is great. But just send her a link…let her find out for herself. You ranting and raving for an hour strait will just turn her off. Sorry, you’re not as good at spreading the freedom message as Ron Paul. So let his video’s do the talking.

7. Spending more time with the computer than living human beings

We spend way too much time on the computer. But let me ask you this woman, can you give me instant access to any information like my internets can? Yeah? Didn’t think so.

* I’m a geek who screwed up real bad and lost over $300,000 trading stocks (not with Zecco) and currencies from age 20-23. I’m 24 now and trying to get my act together. If you want to follow my crazy journey, feel free to subscribe! *

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  • http://none Mike

    Well, i have absolutely no respect for people who get in debt, and this goes to show you people who spend money they dont have do a lot of other stupid things too. Perhaps its a gene we can abolish one day. Morons.

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  • Jake

    Haha, the funny thing is I do most of these things with my girlfriend :D

  • mitch

    haha i do too